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GERMANY (19th century local issues), overview

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As you might notice, many of the images of the local stamps in my catalogue are still missing. If anybody has pictures of stamps not yet present in this catalogue, please contact me!

The German law did not prohibit private delivery of mail inside the town borders. Many local mail delivery companies were started as a consequence of this. Some were very succesful, others less. A law of 20 December 1899 stated that all local (or private) issues of Germany would be forbidden from 1 April 1900 onwards. Many of the still remaining local posts issued so-called 'Abschiedsausgaben' (farewell issues). A special stamp at a reduced rate of 2 p was introduced to compensate for the loss of the local services:

(Reichspost 2 p stamp, used to replace the local stamps of many companies in 1900)

Many more local stamps, prices and useful information can be found in
1) Michel's 'Spezial-Katalog der deutschen Privatpostmarken' (in German), 1990 Schwaneberger Verlag Gmbh Munchen
2) 'Glasewald privatpostmarken katalog' (in German), published in 1953
3) 'Handbuch der Deutschen Privat-Postwertzeichen' by Schmidt 1939

I have obtained some of the images with permission from the site www.privatpost-merkur.de / www.privatpost.info.

Most of the German local stamps are quite rare. The more common ones are from Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Some of them were also produced for stamp collectors, such as the stamps of the Hamburger Boten and Bochum.



HAMBURG: private issues (Boten issues), part 1
...................... private issues (Boten issues), part 2
...................... other private issues



Some 'hard to identify' locals of Germany:


1 1/2 p green, Flensburg/Trier

'MERCUR PRIVAT - STADT - BRIEF -EXPEDITION', Hanover private issue

(Heidelberg, reduced size)

(Merkur, Danzig, reduced size)


2 p red, Magdeburg
(Courier, Magdeburg, also exists perforated)

2 p brown, Magdeburg 2 p brown, Magdeburg
(Courier Privat Stadtbrief Beforderung, Magdeburg)

(Courier, Privatstadtbrf. Befoerderung, Stettin)

Stamp of Leipzig
(Courier, Leipzig)

(Spandau: 'Courier Stadt Brief Beforderung')

(Schonebeck: 'Privatstadtbrf. Beforderung Courier')


Halberstadt Kiel or Dusseldorf
(Halberstadt and Kiel-Dusseldorf)

(Courier, Privat-Stadtbrief-Beforderung, Magdeburg and Danzig)

(Jumping horse, 'BRIEFBEFORDERUNG COURIER' and 'COURIER-POST', Dortmund, reduced sizes)



2 p olive "Hammonia Stadtbrief"
(Hamburg issue)

(Stamp of Hamburg with overprint used for Brunswick)

(Hamonia, W. Krantz, Hamburg)


2 1/2 p red
(Breslau, Lubeck and Stettin)

(Posen, 'HANSA PRIVATSTADTGBR.-BEFORDERUNG' and 'HANSA Packet - Gepack- u. Brief- Beforderung.')

(Konigsberg and Lubeck)

('Hansa Privat-Brief-Verkehr', Dresden, 'Privatstadtbriefbeforderung Hansa', Konigsberg)

(Hansa Stadtpost, Bromberg)

(Hansa, Bromberg; reduced sizes)

The following stamp was used in many cities (with different values and colours), the 2 p blue was used in Heilbronn and Ulm, a 2 p light blue in Augsburg, a 2 p yellow in Bamberg and a 2 p blue in a slightly bigger size in Furth. Some non-issued values exist for Karlsruhe (3 p orange, 10 p violet and 15 p violet):

Herion's private post was used in many cities, example:

(Muhlhausen and Augsburg)

(Herion Stadt Brief Packet Beforderung; Muhlhausen and Augsburg)

Other 'hard to identify' stamps:

(Wiesbaden 'Privat Packet Beforderung)

(Privat-Brief Beforderung, arms, Mainz)

(Privat Briefbeforderung, statue, Essen)


Beuthen, stamp with inscription 'Flora':

(Beuthen, 'Flora')

Metz, Colmar and Freiburg: 'STADT BRIEF BEFORDERUNG':

(Metz, Colmar and Freiburg)


(Reduced size)

Dusseldorf: 'BRIEF-BESTELLUNG KRAUS', lion with letter:

(Reduced size)

Neue Privat-Stadt-Briefbeforderung, pigeon with letter, Breslau:

(Reduced size)

(Dresden parcel stamp; inscription only 'PFENNIG' and value)


Bogus stamps:

Inscription 'Stadt Express EIN EIN', with large '1' in the center

"Stadt Express" unknown stamp
(Reduced size)

This is supposed to be a local issue for Berlin. It is entirely bogus and made by the forger Ferdinand Elb (source: 'Philatelic Forgers, their lives and works' by Varro E. Tyler). There should be three values 1/2 Sgr, 1 Sgr and 2 Sgr, but I have only seen the 1 Sgr value. At least four types of forgeries were made of this bogus stamps, probably one of them by the Spiro Brothers. I do not know if the two above stamps are the 'original' or one of the 'forgeries'.

(Mystery: TW TEKEL? KEHL EILT, flying pigeon, I'm not even sure that this is a German stamp)

Postal stationery, examples:

Mannheim issue
(Reduced sizes)

I have seen many stamps with inscription 'Mobelmesse STUTTGART', example:

These stamps seem to have been issued for a furniture fair; I have seen the values: 3 p brown, 3 p black on green, 3 p black on lilac,5 p orange, 5 p black on red, 5 p black on yellow, 6 p orange, 10 p violet, 10 p green on yellow, 10 p orange, 15 p orange on yellow, 20 p orange, 20 p brown on yellow, 25 p black on lilac, 25 p black on yellow, 30 p black on green, 30 p orange on yellow, 30 p green 30 p blue (different design), 50 p blue on grey and 50 p lilac.

Some ship company stamps:

(Oberelbesche Dampfschiffahrt-Ges. e. G.m.b.H, reduced sizes)

('Lauenburger Dampschiffs Fracht-Marke HAMBURG', reduced sizes)

Bogus ship company labels; 'Ne. Sachs. Bohm D.S.E.G. Exped. Ab. Marke'.

(Steamship, inscription 'Ne. Sachs. Bohm D.S.F.G. Exped. Ab. Marke.')

These stamps are bogus, three values exist: 5 kr (=1 gr), 10 kr (=2 gr) and 15 kr (=3 gr). There even seem to exist forgeries of these bogus stamps!

For stamps with inscription 'Ed. Hofer Leitmeritz Express Compagnie' see under Austria.

Some stamps wiht inscription 'PACKETFAHRT JNSTITUT ROTE RADLER' exist in the values 5 p green, 10 p red and 40 p yellow. I have only seen the 10 p red value. Since the cancel below indicates 1907 I presume they were issued around that time.

(Reduced sizes, with cancel 'Packet Fahrt Rote Radler 4-MRZ. 1907)

(Kurierpost Briefmarke Lauterbach Hessen, I don't know anything about this stamp)

Other curious item 'Kinder Post 20 Pf.'


Some local stamps of Schliersee, issued during the inflation period (1923):

(A local stamp of Halle a.d. Saale of 1923, inscription 'Gebuhr bezahlt taxe percue')

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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