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BREMEN Miscellaneous

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Note: on my website many of the pictures can not be seen! They are of course present in the cd's;
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Envelopes for local postage

1853 Inscription 'STADT POST AMT BREMEN', key and crown in the center, in the left bottom corner of the envelope 'FRANCO'

Envelope, (reduced size)
(Envelope, reduced size)

  (1 Grote) on white paper
  (1 Grote) on bluish paper

Warning: these envelopes have also been forged! Reprints also exist of these envelopes. Fournier offers forgeries of these envelope cuts (2, I presume the two different paper colours) for 2 Swiss Francs in his 1914 pricelist. I don't know how to distinguish these forgeries from genuine cuts, but I think that the 'R' of 'BREMEN' is placed too far to the right; a prolounged line from the left side of the shield would not touch the 'R' in these forgeries. Are the next stamps forgeries?:

(Suspected items!)

The next items are forgeries, they are cancelled with a '22?' numeral cancel. Note the impossible existance of two joining cut squares in the last image:

Francois Fournier also made forgeries of this envelope (only the cutout I presume), he offers 2 varieties as first choice forgeries in his 1914 pricelist for 2 Swiss Francs.

Fiscal stamps

1863 Declarations - Abgabe

(Reduced size, 'Declarations - Abgabe')

With coloured background (rouletted)  
  1 g red
  2 g red
  6 g red
  12 g red
  36 g red (larger size)
  1 T red (larger size)
  5 T red (even larger size, other design)

With lined background (1865, rouletted)
  1 g red

With white background (1866)
  1 g red (rouletted or perforated)
  3 g red (rouletted or perforated)
  6 g red (rouletted or perforated)
  12 g red (rouletted or perforated)
  36 g red (rouletted or perforated, larger size)
  1 T red (perforated, larger size)

Value in 'Pfennig' or 'Mark' (1872, perforated)
  1 p blue
  5 p blue
  10 p blue
  20 p blue
  50 p blue
  1 M blue
  5 M blue
  20 M blue



  1 g orange
  3 g orange
  6 g orange
  12 g orange

Other larger design
  36 g orange
  1 T orange

Value in 'Pfennig' or 'Mark' (1872)

  1 p green
  5 p green
  20 p green
  50 p green
  1 M green (larger size)


1873 FEUER-VERSICHERUNGEN' (fire insurance, 22 values)

In a small design were issued: 5 p, 10 p, 15 p, 20 p, 30 p and 50 p (all in colours orange and black). In a larger design (see picture above) were issued: 1 M, 2 M, 5 M, 10 M, 20 M and 30 M.



(Reduced sizes)

The following values exist: 2 g blue, 4 g red, 6 g green, 8 g lilac, 10 g orange, 4 g black on red, 34 g green on green, 36 g brown, 54 g violet and orange, 1.2 T red and brown and 1.22 T black and orange on blue.
In the new Mark currency were issued in 1874 the values (colour green, value in black)
3 p, 6 p, 9 p, 12 p, 15 p, 30 p, 1.20 M, 2 M, 2.70 M and 7.20 M.


1874 'STEMPEL ABGABE', arms in a circle in the center

In the above design were issued: 25 p, 40 p, 50 p, 80 p and 1.50 M (all in colour grey).


1895 New design, arms in an ellipse in the center

The following values exist: 10 p, 20 p, 30 p, 40 p, 50 p and 80 p (all in colour red), 1 M grey, 2 M grey, 5 M grey, 10 M grey, 20 M green, 20 M grey, 30 M lilac, 30 M grey, 50 M red and 50 M grey. I have seen the values 40 p and 50 p with overprint 'GOLD' (probably issued in 1923 to indicate the gold-currency).


New design, value in the center arms at the sides (date of issue unkown to me)

I have seen the values 1 M grey, 2 M brown, 3 M brown, 10 M red, 20 M lilac and 20 M blue.


Other fiscal stamps exist for Bremen, for example 'URKUNDEN' (1885, 3 p, 6 p, 9 p, 12 p, 15 p, 30 p, 1.20 M, 2.70 M and 7.20 M), 'PROTESTEN',


Local stamps

The following local stamps of Hamburg were also used in Bremen, in the small design 2 p blue, 10 p red and 1 M green (text instead of woman in center) and 2 p olive in the larger design:

Stamp of Hamburg Stamp of Hamburg

1896 Local issues for Bremen, inscription 'Privat Brief Beforderung Bremen'

  2 p brown
  3 p blue
  5 p green
  10 p red

Postcard in the same design:

(Reduced size)

1899 Postage due stamps, inscription 'PRIVAT - BRIEFBEFORDERUNG BREMEN NACHPORTO', imperforated

(Reduced size)

  1 p red
  3 p red
  4 p red
  5 p red
  6 p red



It seems that some stamps with inscription 'PACKETFAHRT BREMEN' with a horse exist in 5 blue and 10 p brown and postage due stamps (NACHPORTO' in 5 p black and 5 p blue.

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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