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GERMANY (Local Issues) Berlin, part 2

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Berliner Hansa Verkehrs Anstalt

1886 Inscription "HANSA"

3 p green "Hansa Berliner Verkehrs Anstalt"

  2 p blue (anchors at the sides and value at the bottom)
  2 p yellow (anchor at the bottom and value at the sides)
  3 p red (anchors at the sides and value at the bottom)
  3 p green (anchor at the bottom and value at the sides)

The 2 p yellow and 3 p green were only valid for 1 day! The 2 p blue and 3 p red exist in two types, with and without dots in the corners:

(Without and with dots in the corners)

Usually these stamps are perforated, but I have seen imperforate stamps of the values: 2 p yellow, 3 p green and 3 p red. The 2 p blue and 3 p red (both in the type with dots) exist on normal paper or thin paper.

Postcards, example:

I have also seen a "HANSA ZETTEL" with a impression similar to a 3 p red stamp, it was cancelled in 1886.

(Cancelled to order? with "HANSA 8 19.NOV.86II Berliner Verkehrs-Anstalt")


1886 Mercury, perforated or imperforated

10 p green 3 p red, imperforated

  2 p blue
  3 p red
  10 p green

These stamps are perforated 11 1/2. Reprints exist (perforated and, if my information is correct all imperforate stamps are reprints).

(3 p with cancel, reduced size)


I have seen postal stationery in the values: 2 p blue, 3 p red and 10 p green.

Druckschriften Expedition

1873 Value in an ellipse, inscription "Druckschriften-Expedition BERLIN"

  2 p black on lilac

Postal stationery from this company:


3 pfennig black "Correspondenz = Karte" in a similar design

The text of this card is: 'J.J. Schreiber's Brief- und Druckschriften- Expedition Berlin Mandat.'.


Lloyd, Deutsche Privat-Post

1886 Inscription "Lloyd", letter with number, perforated or imperforated

2 p red

  2 p red
  3 p green
  10 p brown

These stamps have either perforation 11 1/2 or are imperforate.

Postcard in the same design, example:

Postcard Postcard, zoom-in

Berliner Privatpost Spedition A.G.

1895 Bear with value

(Reduced sizes)

  1 p blue
  2 p green
  3 p brown
  10 p red

These stamps have perforation 11 1/2. A 10 p red postcard exists in the same design, the inscription reads 'Expreß: Privatpost: Kartenbrief'. I have also seen envelope cuts of the 2 p green and 3 p brown. Other example: overprinted with black ink and a 3 p german stamp attached (cut from the postcard):

1896 Large stamp with woman, inscription "INTERNATIONALE MODE AUSSTELLUNG MESS PALAST BERLIN 1896"

(Reduced size)

  2 p green and red
  3 p violet and yellow

These stamps have perforation 11 1/2.


Berliner Verkehrs Anstalt

1895 Number

(Reduced sizes0

  1 p red
  1 1/2 p green
  2 p orange
  5 p blue

These stamps have perforation 11 1/2.

Guterverkehr Stadt- Berlin

(railroad parcel stamp)

This railroad parcel stamps was issued in 1944, several values exist: 10 p orange, 30 p green, 40 p blue, 60 p green, 80 p lilac, 1.20 Mviolet, 1.50 M red, 1.60 M violet, 1.80 M blue, 2 M green, 2.40 M brown and 10 M grey.


"Eigene Briefbeforderung Allgemeine Fleischer Zeitung"

Private stamp for a butcher(?) association:

The above stamp seems to have been issued in 1887, another stamp in a different design was issue in 1888 (sorry, no picture available yet).

Privatpost Courier

These stamps were issued somewhere from 1906 to 1908. The company didn't deliver many letters due to legal problems with the state post. It seems, that besides the shown 5 p blue, also a 3 p brown and 10 p red were issued (I haven't seen them).

Warmuth Packet Verkehr

This parcel company issued 4stamps in the below shown design (5 p lilac, 10 p red, 20 p blue and 50 p grey). In 1890 3 new values in different designs were issued (sorry, no picture available yet).

(Reduced size)

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