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GERMANY (Local Issues) Dresden, part 1

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Bogus issue (1865), inscription "DRESDEN EXPRESS - COMP."

A bogus issue was made for Dresden in 1865, it has the arms of Dresden with value in 'PFENNIGE', Neugroschen or 'GROSCHEN' and 'EXPRESS - COMP', the values 3 pf green, 5 pf orange, 1/2 Ngr, 1 Ngr red, 1/4 gr green, 1/3 gr lilac, 1/2 gr orange, 1 gr red, 2 gr blue and 5 gr brown exist. Envelopes of the 1/2 Ngr orange also exist.

A label exists from this company (bogus?) with inscription "EXPRESS COMPAGNIE DRESDEN Abonnement 1 Ngr. Bis zu Entfernung von 1 Viertelstunde." (see image above). A smaller label is attached to the left of it with inscription "EXPRESS - COMPAGNIE DRESDEN FREI per Expressen". The main label has text on the back as well "Jeder Dienstmann hat diesen Coupon statt eines Neugroschen in Zahlung anzunehmen und dem Auftraggeber dafur eine Tagesmarke als Garantie zu behandigen. Die Nichtabgabe der Tagesmarke is Unterschlagung.".

Another bogus issue from the same company and with inscription "RAYON" was also issued in the values 1 Ngr red, 2 Ngr black on blue or grey, 2 1/2 Ngr black on red, 2 1/2 Ngr black on grey, 3 Ngr black on yellow (RAYON I or RAYON III) amd 5 Ngr black on green (5-10 Pfd or 60-100 Pfd). There are two types of these stamps, with different shape of the values (forgeries of bogus issues?). For example the 5 Ngr exists with the lower '5's inverted. In the 2 1/2, the "2"s either have a straight or wavy bottom. See also http://www.philateria.com/html/express-compagnie.html.

Bogus envelopes were also issued:

Bogus envelope!


The "EXPRESS VERKEHR" company of E. GEUKE & Co issued parcel stamps from 1885 to1900:

"EXPRESS-VERKEHR LEIPZIG- BERLIN- DRESDEN E.GEUKE & Co"; I have seen 10 p red, 30 p brown and 50 p grey in this design.

"EXPRESS PACKET VERKEHR E.GEUKE & Co", '5' on 50 p perforated. I've also seen the values 5 p green, 10 p red, 20 p blue, 25 p brown and 50 p grey in this design. I've also seen a 100 p red in a slightly different design (same text, star in center, but design rotated 90 degrees).

30 p brown and blue.

(inscription only "PFENNIG" and value)

Parcel stamps with inscription "Dresdner Packetfahrt" were issued in 1900. Parcel stamps were also issued by 'Packetfahrt der dresdner transport u. lagerhaus a.g. Dresden', 4 with inscription and 4 without any inscription except "PFENNIG".

"Dresdner Packetfahrt Dresden Wienerstr.2", reduced sizes

The following values exist (all with value in black): 5 p green, 10 p red, 20 p blue, 30 p yellow, 50 p red. In 1907 the following values in (still with value in black ) were added: 5 p yellow, 10 p yellow, 20 p yellow, 20 p green, 25 p yellow, 25 p green, 35 p yellow and 50 p yellow.

1907 issue, inscription "DRESDNER PACKETFAHRT PHILIPP & Co DRESDEN"; 10 p red, I've also seen the values 5 p green and 20 p blue. The values 25 p brown, 30 p orange and 50 p red should also exist.



Later issues, examples:

(reduced size)

(Images obtained from http://magazzuphil.com, inscription 'GEMEINNUTZIGER VEREIN STADTBRIEFBEFORDERUNG DRESDEN'). Similar stamps were issued for Leipzig.

Germany local issues (before 1900) Dresden, part 2: Dresdner Verkehrs - Anstalt Hansa


Stamps with inscription "Visirmarke" or "Visiermarke" and "K.S. POLIZEI - DIREKTION DRESDEN" or "Konigl. Polizei Direktion Dresden" are fiscal stamps. Click here to see more information.

Examples of fiscal stamps of Dresden

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