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GERMANY (Local Issues) Koln..Ludwigshafen

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1886 Arms in ellipse

(Reduced sizes)

  2 p blue


  '2' (red) on 2 p blue


1886 Arms in a circle

2 p orange

  2 p red
  2 p brown
  2 p orange


1887 Control stamp, inscription "PRIVAT - BRIEF - VERKEHR CONTROL"

  1 M black

This stamp was also used in Frankfurt a/M.


1887 Woman 'Colonia'

2 p orange "COLONIA"
(Head in circle, with pearls)

(Head in ellipse, no pearls, reduced size)

  2 p orange (head in ellipse, no pearls)
  2 p orange (head in circle, with pearls)


1894 Value in circle, inscription "KOELNER PRIVATPOST"

(Reduced size)

  10 p green


1897 Arms of Koln, inscription "KOLNER PRIVAT-POST"

2 p blue

(Reduced size)

  2 p blue
  2 p violet
  2 p violet on red (exists imperforated)

Postcards, example:

Postcard and cut from a postcard.


Circular Beforderung

1888 Woman's head, inscription "CIRCULAR BEFORDERUNG KOLN"

(Reduced sizes)

  1 p brown
  1 p red and green

I've seen the 1 p brown imperforate and perforated, the 1 p red and green only perforated.


1889 Triangular stamp with head of Mercury, inscription "INTERN. BRIEF & CIRCULAR VERKEHR KOLN"

(Reduced sizes)

  1 p blue
  2 p red


Some parcel stamps were issued for the "EXPRESS PACKET VERKEHR" Arthur Vrancken Koln in the values 5 p grey, 10 p red, 20 p blue, 30 p lilac and 50 p brown:

(Arthur Vrancken Coln)


This city is nowadays situated in Russia.

1894 Arms of Konigsberg, inscription "HANSA PRIVATSTADTBR-BEFORDERUNG", no city name indicated

  2 p blue
  3 p red
  10 p brown


1897 Large stamp with head of emperor William I, inscription "JUBILAUMS-MARKE HANSA Konigsberg i/Pr"

  3 p brown, gold and blue
  3 p black, gold and blue

Similar stamps were issued for Breslau.


1899 Sitting woman, inscription "PRIVATSTADT BRIEF BEFORDERUNG HANSA", no city name indicated

  3 p lilac

KREFELD (see Crefeld)



1896 Inscription "EXPRESS STADTBRIEF BEFORDERUNG EXPRESS", a letter in the center of a triangle, no city name indicated, the design is the same as the stamps of Halle

  3 p red

The stamps in the same design from Halle were also used in Liegnitz. The same design, but with inscription 'COURIER' was used in Hagen.


Some parcel stamps were issued in Limbach, A first serie with inscription "EXPRESS PACKET VERKEHR DICK & STUTZ LIMBACH Sa" in the values 5 p brown, 10 p blue, 20 p green, 30 p yellow, 45 p lilac, 50 p brown, 70 p red and 100 p blue was issued in 1891.

('G' on Dick & Stutz of Limbach, reduced size)

These stamps exist overprinted with a 'G' to be used in Goesnitz (see picture above).

Another company issued parcel stamps in this town in 1891 with inscription "OTTO KOHLER'S EXPRESS PACKET VERKEHR LIMACH SA" in the values 5 p blue, 10 p red, 20 p brown, 30 p grey and 50 p green.


Deutsche Privat-Post, see Berlin.


for local issues of Lubeck click here.


1895 Stamps of Mannheim, overprinted "L'HAFEN"

  2 p blue



  2 p blue
  10 p brown

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer