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GERMANY (Local Issues) Breslau

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1867 Bogus issue

("Vereinigtes DIENST-MANNS- Institut", genuine bogus issue, reduced sizes)

('BRESLAU Dienstmann' genuine bogus stamps)

Some stamps with inscription "BRESLAU Dienstmann" and "BRESLAU DIENSTMANNS Institut" exist, both in the values 1/2 sgr black on yellow, 1 sgr black on red, 1 1/2 sgr black on green, 2 sgr black on blue, 2 1/2 sgr black on orange and 5 sgr black on lilac (or red). These stamps were issued for stamp collectors, so can be considered as a bogus issue. Nevertheless, forgeries exist:

(Forgeries, with the word "BRESLAU" in thinner letters)

(Forgeries, with the word "BRESLAU" in smaller letters)


I don't know who made these forgeries. However, if I interpret the following text from the book 'Les Timbres de Prusse' from Moens correctly, they could have been made by Ferdinand Elb:
"En 1867, c'était le bon temps où régnait triomphalement la carotte que cultivaient avec un certain succès les Elb et tutti quanti. On pouvait encore à cette époque créer des émissions qui, grâce à l'insouciance d'un grand nombre d'amateurs faisaent leur chemin sans rencontrer trop de difficultés.
Si nous avons bonne mémoire, les produits d'une soit disant compagnie de la ville de Breslau, sont l'oeuvre d'un nommé A. A..... Il y eut une émission en Avril 1867 et qui voici:"

Here another set printed in two colors



The stamps 2 p blue (inscription "HAMBURG" or "STADTBRIEF" at the bottom), 10 p red and 10 M green (value in center) of Hamburg were also used in Breslau.

Like Hamburg stamp but other value:

2 p olive "Hammonia Stadtbrief", Hamburg alike
Note the different colorshades and the "O" of 'BEFORDERUNG".

  2 p green (inscription "STADTBRIEF" at the bottom)

Like the 2 p Hamburg stamp, design slightly changed (Woman's head, inscription "HAMMONIA BRIEFBEFORDERUNG"), there are extra ornaments at the top and bottom of the stamp

Breslau stamp


  2 p blue

The Hamburg stamp in a very similar design.


Privat - Stadbrief - Beforderung HANSA

1893 value in circle

(Reduced size)

  1 1/2 p blue
  2 1/2 p orange


1893 Arms of Breslau in circle

2 1/2 p red 2 1/2 p orange

  1 p blue 
  1 1/2 p blue
  1 1/2 p grey
  2 1/2 p red
  2 1/2 p orange
  10 p brown

Specialists distinguish two types with smaller or larger inscription of the values 1 1/2 p, 2 1/2 p and 10 p:

(1 1/2 p two types)

Envelopes in the same design:


1897 Commemorative stamp of Emperor William I inscription "JUBILAUMSMARKE HANSA Pr.Stb.B.i. Breslau 1797 1897"

(No value inscription, reduced size)

  2 1/2 p brown, gold and blue
  2 1/2 p black, gold and brown
  (2 1/2 p, no value inscription) black, gold and brown

Similar stamps were issued for Konigsberg.


1897 Jewish new year, inscription "STADTBRIEF BEFORDERUNG HANSA" and jewish text

  1 1/2 p green


Neue Stadtpost Breslau

1896 Value in rectangle

  1 p green (Zeitung Drucksachen Beforderung, no 'Breslau' indicated)
  2 p blue (Stadtbrief Beforderung Breslau)


1896 Pigeon with letter

3/4 p green

(2 1/2 p, reduced sizes)

  3/4 p green
  1 1/2 p violet
  2 1/2 p red (Neue Stadtpost)
  2 1/2 p red (Neue Privat Stadt Briefbeforderung)


Breslauer Stadt Post Courier

1896 Posthorn, inscription "BRESLAUER STADT POST COURIER"

(2 1/2 p two types and 10 p, reduced sizes)

(The 2 types of the 1 p, reduced sizes)

  1 p green (2 types, plane background and lines)
  2 1/2 p brown (2 types, plane background and lines)
  10 p blue

The type with the lines was issued in 1897.

Overprinted with red bar

  2 1/2 p brown
  10 p grey

Overprinted with red bar and surcharged
  '2 1/2' on 10 p grey


(Label, inscription 'COURIER BRESLAUER STADT-POST Schweidnitzer - Str.31.')


Arnold Freund Neue Breslauer Express - Packet - Beforderung

In 1886 some parcel stamps were issued by Arnold Freund, in the values 5 p green, 10 p blue, 30 p red and 50 p orange:

(Arnold Freund, reduced sizes)

These stamps exist with overprint 'H.KIENITZ GORLITZ' (issued in 1887 in Gorlitz):

(Reduced sizes)

Also, in 1890 parcel stamps were issued by V. Sobiepanski in the values, 5 p red, 10 p blue, 20 p green, 30 p yellow and 50 p brown.


Breslauer Packetfahrt Gesellschaft

The Breslauer Packetfahrt Gesellschaft issued stamps in 1896 till 1906 in three different designs and many values:

(Reduced sizes)

Different type with wheel and crown in the center


Breslauer Transport-Bureau (1890?) V.SOBIEPANSKI

I've seen the values 5 p red, 10 p blue, 20 p green, 30 p orange and 50 p brown.

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer