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GERMANY (Local Issues) Breslau

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('Vereinigtes DIENST-MANNS- Institut', genuine bogus issue, reduced sizes)

('BRESLAU Dienstmann' genuine bogus stamps)

Some stamps with inscription 'BRESLAU Dienstmann' and 'BRESLAU DIENSTMANNS Institut' exist, both in the values 1/2 sgr black on yellow, 1 sgr black on red, 1 1/2 sgr black on green, 2 sgr black on blue, 2 1/2 sgr black on orange and 5 sgr black on lilac (or red). These stamps were issued for stamp collectors, so can be considered as a bogus issue. Nevertheless, forgeries exist:

(Forgeries, with the word 'BRESLAU' in thinner letters)

(Forgeries, with the word 'BRESLAU' in smaller letters)

I don't know who made these forgeries.


The stamps 2 p blue (inscription 'HAMBURG' or 'STADTBRIEF' at the bottom), 10 p red and 10 M green (value in center) of Hamburg were also used in Breslau.

Like Hamburg stamp but other value:

2 p olive "Hammonia Stadtbrief", Hamburg alike

  2 p green (inscription 'STADTBRIEF' at the bottom)

Like Hamburg stamp, design slightly changed (Woman's head, inscription 'HAMMONIA STADTBRIEFBEFORDERUNG

(Reduced size)


  2 p blue

Privat - Stadbrief - Beforderung HANSA

1893 value in circle

(Reduced size)

  1 1/2 p blue
  2 1/2 p orange

1893 Arms of Breslau in circle

2 1/2 p red 2 1/2 p orange

  1 p blue 
  1 1/2 p blue
  1 1/2 p grey
  2 1/2 p red
  2 1/2 p orange
  10 p brown

Specialists distinguish two types with smaller or larger inscription of the values 1 1/2 p, 2 1/2 p and 10 p:

(1 1/2 p two types)

Envelopes in the same design:

1897 Commemorative stamp of Emperor William I inscription 'JUBILAUMSMARKE HANSA Pr.Stb.B.i. Breslau 1797 1897'

(No value inscription, reduced size)

  2 1/2 p brown, gold and blue
  2 1/2 p black, gold and brown
  (2 1/2 p, no value inscription) black, gold and brown

Similar stamps were issued for Konigsberg.

1897 Jewish new year, inscription 'STADTBRIEF BEFORDERUNG HANSA' and jewish text

  1 1/2 p green

Neue Stadtpost Breslau

1896 Number

(Sorry, no picture available yet)

  1 p green (Zeitung Drucksachen Beforderung, no 'Breslau' indicated)
  2 p blue (Stadtbrief Beforderung Breslau)

1896 Pigeon with letter

3/4 p green

(2 1/2 p, reduced sizes)

  3/4 p green
  1 1/2 p violet
  2 1/2 p red (Neue Stadtpost)
  2 1/2 p red (Neue Privat Stadt Briefbeforderung)

Breslauer Stadt Post Courier

1896 Posthorn, inscription 'BRESLAUER STADT POST COURIER'

(2 1/2 p two types and 10 p, reduced sizes)

(The 2 types of the 1 p, reduced sizes)

  1 p green (2 types, plane background and lines)
  2 1/2 p brown (2 types, plane background and lines)
  10 p blue

The type with the lines was issued in 1897.

Overprinted with red bar
  2 1/2 p brown
  10 p grey

Overprinted with red bar and surcharged
  '2 1/2' on 10 p grey


(Label, inscription 'COURIER BRESLAUER STADT-POST Schweidnitzer - Str.31.')


In 1886 some parcel stamps were issued by Arnold Freund, in the values 5 p green, 10 p blue, 30 p red and 50 p orange:

(Arnold Freund, reduced sizes)

These stamps exist with overprint 'H.KIENITZ GORLITZ' (issued in 1887 in Gorlitz):

(Reduced sizes)

Also, in 1890 parcel stamps were issued by V. Sobiepanski in the values, 5 p red, 10 p blue, 20 p green, 30 p yellow and 50 p brown.

The Breslauer Packetfahrt Gesellschaft issued stamps in 1896 till 1906 in three different designs and many values:

(Reduced sizes)

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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Preview of Stamps Catalogue CD : VOLUME 1