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GERMANY (Local Issues) Essen .. Flensburg

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Note: on my website many of the pictures can not be seen! They are of course present in the catalogue;
contact me if you want to purchase it.


1887 Carrier riding on an insect

  2 p black and green
  3 p black and blue
  5 p black and red
  10 p black and violet

Surcharged and overprinted with thick lines left and right

(Reduced size)

  '2' on 5 p black and red
  '3' on 10 p black and violet


Reprints with wrong perforation (11 1/2 instead of 12 1/2) or imperforated exist (see pictures above).

(Reprint with inverted surcharge)


1888 Head of Mercury, perforated or imperforated

30 p grey "Head of Hermes", imperforated

(Perforated, reduced size)

  20 p green
  30 p grey
  40 p black
  50 p brown
  100 p red


1888 Arms of Essen, perforated or imperforated

   2 p brown
   3 p red
   3 p lilac
   5 p green
   10 p yellow

1888 Value in square, perforated or imperforated

(Reduced sizes)

  20 p black on yellow
  30 p black on green
  40 p black on violet
  50 p black on yellow
  100 p black on lilac


1888 Messenger with letter standing on globe

3 p red and brown

  2 p orange and blue
  3 p red and brown
  5 p red and violet
  10 p red and green

Reprints of these stamps exist. I have also seen the 2 p and 3 p with inverted center:

2 p value with inverted center.

Some reprints were made for the 'Naposta 74' stamp fair which was held in Essen of all four values in imperforate condition in a mini sheet together with some other reprints relating to Essen stamps.


1888 Large stamp, arms in center, "BRIEF -VERKEHR ESSEN" at both sides

(Reduced size)

  3 M black and blue
  5 M black and blue
  10 M black and blue

Reprints of these stamps exist.



1897 Inscription "PRIVAT BRIEFBEFORDERUNG" statue, no city name indicated

  2 p red
  2 p brown


1897 Inscription "COURIER PRIVAT BRIEFBEFORDERUNG", arms of Essen

  3 p blue
  3 p green 


1888 Control stamps, also valid in Auerbach i.V.

  100 p brown
  100 p red
  150 p orange
  150 p green
  200 p violet
  200 p blue
  200 p brown
  500 p yellow
  500 p grey
  1000 p red
  1000 p yellow

Many other stamps were issued, with inscription "EXPRESS PACKET VERKEHR", "DRUCKSACHEN", "EILBOTE", "ANWEISUNG", "WAAREN-PROBE", "Auftrag" and "Eingeschrieben"

Examples. Very similar stamps were issued for Auerbach.


1897 Head of Mercury, inscription "PRIV. STADT - BRF - u.. PCKT - BEFORDERUNG MERCUR", with cross below Mercury, perforated

  1 1/2 p green
  2 1/2 p orange (1899)
  3 p red
  10 p blue

I have seen a postcard 2 1/2 p red, in the same design, the inscription reads: 'Privat-Stadtbrief- und Packet-Beforderung Mercur-karte'.


1897 As before, but now with star below Mercury, perforated

1 1/2 p green, Flensburg/Trier

  1 1/2 p green
  3 p red

The 3 p red and a 2 p green in the same design were also used in Trier.



50 p brown.

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer