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Boyd City Express and Boyd's Dispatch - D.O Blood & Co

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ATTENTION: many of the local stamps of the United States are reprints or forgeries! I have never seen an area with more forgeries, reprints and even bogus issues than the locals and carriers of the United States. If I do not specifically state that an item is genuine in this catalogue, then I'm not sure that it is!

Specialist distinguish between postmaster issues (official issues before the general issues of the United States in1847), locals, carriers, express company labels etc. A usefull introduction on locals, carriers etc. can be found on: http://www.pennypost.org/Collecting%20US%20Locals%20by%20Hahn%201976%20Updated.pdf.

The most common locals are those of Blood's, Boyd's, Hussey's and Swart's. Most others are rare to extremely rare. I have decided to list these stamps anyway (even if only a few copies are known), so collectors can be warned against the many forgeries of these stamps.

In the following table I have tried to assemble all the locals, carriers, postmaster and bogus issues known to me.
NameYear of issueCityStatusRemarks
3rd Ave Post SR  Local 
8th Avenue Post office paid?New York?Colour red, see under Russell
Adams & Co Express1854 Local 
Adam's City Express1850New YorkLocal 
Allen's Dispatch1882   
Alliance Business College???Bogus?
American Express Company1856New YorkLocal 
American Letter Mail Co1844New YorkLocal 
Annapolis1846AnnapolisPostmasterCould be bogus
Athens1861Athens GaConfederate 
Auner's Despatch Post  LocalExtremely rare
Bakers City Express Post1849 LocalVery rare
Baldwin's Railroad Postage??? 
Barnard's Cariboo Express  Local 
Barnard's City Letter Express1845 Local 
Barr's Penny Dispatch1855   
Baton Rouge1861Baton RougeConfederate 
Bayonne City Dispatch1883 Local 
Beaumont1861Beaumont TexConfederate 
Beckman's City Post1860CharlestonSemi-officialExtremely rare
Bentley's Dispatch1857New YorkLocal 
Berford & Co1851 Local 
Bicycle Mail Route1894Fresno and San FranciscoLocal 
Bishop's City Post1854ClevelandCarrier 
Blizzard Mail to N.Y.P.O1888New YorkLocal 
Boscawen stamp1846BoscawenPostmasterOnly one copy known to exist
Bouton Manhattan Express1848 Local 
Bouton City Dispatch Post1848 Local 
Bowery Post Office??BogusMade by S.Allan Taylor
Boyce's City Express Post  Local 
Boyd's City Express New YorkLocal 
F. Bradley PM Paid?-BogusBogus confederate stamp
Brady & Co1857New YorkLocal 
Bradway Despatch MillvilleLocal 
Brainard & Co New YorkLocal 
Bridge Despatch?Columbia and Wrightsville?Bronze on orange or bronze on yellow
Bridgeville1861Bridgeville AlaConfederateExtremely rare
Brigg's Despatch  Local 
Broadway Post-office1849(?)New YorkLocal 
Bronson & Forbes1856-57 Local 
Brooklyn City Express1853BrooklynLocal 
Brown(e) & Co1852 Local 
Brown(e) & Mc Gills1857LouisvilleCarrier 
Brown's City Post  ?Made for stamp collectors
Browne's Eastern Despatch Post1857 Local 
Buchanan (James M.)1846BaltimorePostmaster 
Buck's Express Richmond?-BogusBogus confederate stamp
Bury's City Post  Local 
Bush's Brooklyn City Express1848-50BrooklynLocalExtremely rare
C.&W. Bridge Despatch??Bogus? 
California City Letter Express  Local 
California Penny Post Co  Local 
Mc Callaway1861Memphis TennConfederate 
Carnes1864San FranciscoLocalBear
Carrier's Dispatch1856BaltimoreCarrier'Eye' stamp, actually a 1 c coin
Carter's Despatch  Local 
Central Post Office   1 c black on yellow
Charleston1861Charleston SCConfederate 
Charleston P.O Paid?-BogusPicture of fort
Cheever & Towle BostonLocal 
Charlton (C.H.)1861Knoxville TennConfederate 
Chicago Penny Post1862ChicagoLocal 
Cie Franco Americaine   Steamship to right in oval, listed in Cd 2
Cincinnati City Delivery CincinnatiLocal 
City Dispatch1841New York  
City Dispatch1851St.LouisLocalOnly two copies known
City Dispatch1847New Orleans  
City Dispatch Delivery1860PhiladelphiaLocalFigure of justice in oval
City Express Post New York?Numeral of value in octagon
City Express Post PhiladelphiaLocalExtremely rare
City Express Messenger?Australia-Issued in Australia
City Letter Express  Local 
City Letter Express1856NewarkLocalExtremely rare
City Mail Free Stamp1845New YorkLocalExtremely rare
City Post1854CharlestonSemi-officialExtremely rare
Clark & Co1857New YorkLocal 
Clark & Hall1851St.LouisLocalExtremely rare
Clarke's Express1865(?)New York Local Extremely rare
Clinton's Penny Post185?PhiladelphiaLocalOnly two genuine stamps, many forgeries
Coleman W.D.1861Danville VaConfederateExtremely rare
Colman & Law1861Gonzales TexConfederateExtremely rare
Columbia P.O. Postage Paid?-Bogus 
Cook's Dispatch1853BaltimoreLocalOnly 5 stamps known
Cornwell Post Office Madison Square1856New YorkLocal 
Crawford PM1861Athens GaConfederate 
Cressman & Co's Penny Post1856PhiladelphiaLocal 
Crosby's City Post1870New YorkLocalNot very rare in unused condition
Cumming's City Post1844New YorkLocal 
Cutting's Despatch Post1847Buffalo NYLocalOnly 1 copy (maybe 2) known


NameYear of issueCityStatusRemarks
Davis (R.E.)1861Pleasant Shade VaConfederate 
Davis Penny Post1847BaltimoreLocalExtremely rare
De Ming's Penny Post1854Frankford, PaLocal 
Donaldson's Despatch??BogusMade by S. Allan Taylor
Douglas City Dispatch1879New YorkLocal 
Down's Dispatch??Bogus? 
Dupuy & Schenck1846New YorkLocal 
Dutch Flat Express??BogusMade by S.Allan Taylor (after a similar envelope)
Eagle City Post1847Philadelphia?Adam's Express 80 Chestnut st.
Eagle Post Paid PhildelphiaLocalat Adam's Express 48 So. 3rd.
East River P.O. 18 Ave D. PhiladelphiaLocalSteamship
Emory1861Emory VaConfederate 
Empire City Dispatch1881New YorkLocalNot rare
Essex Letter Express?EssexLocal 
F.B.S (Friend's Boarding School)1877Barnesville, OhioLabel? 
Faunce's Penny Post1885Atlantic CityLocal 
Florida Express?-BogusBogus confederate stamp
Floyd's Penny Post1860ChicagoLocal 
Flynn's Penny Post  ? 
Franklin City Despatch Post1847New YorkLocalBogus designs exist
Frazer & Co1845CincinnatiLocal 
Fredericksb'g1861Fredericksburg VaConfederate 
Freeman & Co1855?New YorkLocal 
G.&H. Paid1849San FranciscoLocal 
Glen Haven Daily Mail1848Glen Haven N.YLocal 
Galatin1861Galatin TennConfederate 
Galveston?-BogusBogus confederate stamp
Goliad1861Goliad TexConfederate 
Gordon's City Express1848New YorkLocalRare
Government City Dispatch1851BaltimoreCarrierMan on horseback
Grafflin's Despatch1856BaltimoreLocal 
Mc Greeley Express1898AlaskaLocal? 
Greenville1861Greenville AlaConfederateExtremely rare
Grove Hill1861Grove Hill AlaConfederateExtremely rare
Gumm's Despatch Paid  ? 
Guy's City Despatch1879PhiladelphiaLocal 
H&B (Hackney & Bolte)1886Atlantic CityLocal 
Hale & Co1844BostonLocal 
Hall & Mill's Free Despatch Post1847New YorkLocal 
Hall & Neill's Free Despatch Post??? 
Hampton T.A.1847PhiladelphiaLocal 
Hanford's Pony Express1845New YorkLocal 
Hanley's Express Post Letter Stamps  ? 
Harris G.S1847PhiladelphiaLocalExtremely rare
Hartford1844Hartford ConnLocalMan walking with bag of mail
Hartford Daily Mail--BogusMade by S.Allan Taylor
Helena1861Helena TexConfederateExtremely rare
Hill's post1849BostonLocalVery rare
Hinckleys Express Co1855New YorkLocalNever put into use
Homan's Empire Express PAID1852New YorkLocalExtremely rare
Honour's City Post1849CharlestonCarrier 
Hopedale Penny Post1849Milford, MassLocalvery rare
Hourly Express Post Letter StampBefore 1864-BogusMade by S.Allan Taylor
Houston Tex Post Office?-BogusBogus confederate stamp
J.A.Howell's City Despatch184?PhiladelphiaLocalExtremely rare
Hoogs & Madison Dispatch Post?-Bogus issueNo picture available yet
Hoyt's Letter Express1844RochesterLocalVery rare
Humboldt Express1863NevadaLocal 
Hussey's New YorkLocal 
Independance1861Independance TexConfederate 
International Letter ExpressBefore 1864-Bogus 
International ExpressBefore 1864-Bogus 
Mc Intires City Express1859New YorkLocal 
Jefferson Market Post Office1850New YorkLocalExtremely rare
Jenkin's Camden Dispatch1853Camden N.J.Local 
Johnson (J.P.)1861Pittsylvania CH VaConfederateExtremely rare
Johnson (M.F.)1861Tellico Plains TennConfederate 
Johnson BoxBefore 1864PhiladelphiaLabel'To the Post Office Every 2 Hours'
Johnson & Co1848BaltimoreLocalExtremely rare
Jones City Express1845BrooklynLocal 
Kellogg's Penny Post & City Despatch1853ClevelandLocal 
Kers City PostBefore 1864Supposed to be in CanadaBogusMade by S. Allan Taylor
Kidder's City Express Post1847New YorkLocal 
Kingman's City Post??Bogus issueWith image of train
Kingman's City Post1851CharlestonSemi-officialExtremely rare
Kingston1861Kingston TennBogus Confederate 
Knoxville1861Knoxville TennConfederate 
Kurz E.H.L. Union Despatch1853New YorkLocal Extremely rare
Mt Lebanon1861Mt Lebanon LaConfederate 
Le Beau City Post??BogusMade by S. Allan Taylor
Ledger Dispatch1882BrooklynLocal 
Letter Express Free1844-Local 
Lenoir1861Lenoir NCConfederate 
Livingston 1861Livingston AlaConfederate 
Lynchburg1861Lynchburg VaConfederate 
Lynchburg VA Paid?-BogusBogus confederate stamp
Lockport1846Lockport NYPostmaster 
Locomotive Express Post1847New YorkLocalExtremely rare
Macon1861Macon CaConfederate 
Magic Letter Express1865Richmond VaLocalExtremely rare
Marion1861Marion VaConfederate 
Martin's City Post    
Mason's1850New OrleansLocal 
McIntire City Express1859New YorkLocal 
McMillan's Dispatch1855New YorkLocalExtremely rare
Mearis M.W. 1846BaltimoreLocalRare
Memphis1861Memphis TennConfederate 
Menant & Co?New OrleansLocal 
Mercantile Library Delivery Stamp1870New YorkLocal 
Messenkopes1849New YorkLocal 
Metropolitan Express1855New YorkLocal 
Metropolitan PO1852New YorkLocal 
Millbury1846MillburyPostmasterHead of Washington
Mill's (G.A.) Free Despatch Post1847New YorkLocal 
De Ming's Penny Post PhiladelphiaLocal 
Mobile1861Mobile AlaConfederate 
Moody (J.A.)1861Victoria TexConfederate 
Moody Penny Despatch1856ChicagoLocal 
Murr's Express Utah??Bogus? 

NameYear of issueCityStatusRemarks
Newburgh American Express?Newburgh?Crossed American flags in circle (blue on red)
New Jersey Express?New Jersey?Envelopes?
New York City Express Post1847New YorkLocal 
New Smyrna1861New Smyrna FlaConfederateExtremely rare
Mc Nish1861Nashville TennConfederate 
New York Post Office1845New YorkPostmaster 
New Haven1845New Haven PostmasterEnvelopes only
NY City Post?-BogusMade by Taylor
Overton & Co Letter Express1844New York and BostonLocal 
Page & Keyes, City Letter Express??Bogus?2 c blackon lilac, 2 c black on blue
Pence D.1861Rheatown TennConfederate 
Penny Post1850BostonCarrier 
Penny Post??BogusWith portrait of Washington
Penny Express Company1866?? 
Petersburg1861Petersburg VaConfederate 
Pinkney's Express Post1851New YorkLocalExtremely rare
Pips Daily Mail?New YorkLocal 
Pomeroys Letter Express1844New YorkLocal 
Post Office Despatch1852BaltimoreCarrier 
Prices City Express1857New YorkLocal 
Price's Post Office1854New YorkLocalVery rare
Priest Despatch1851ChicagoLocal 
Prince J.H. Letter Dispatch1861Portland (Maine)LocalSteamship
Prince E.D. Letter Dispatch?-BogusSteamship
Providence1846ProvidencePostmaster'Post Office Prov. R.I.' in an ellipse
Providence Despatch1849ProvidenceLocal 
Publishers PAID STAMP W.F. & Co's Express1876San Diego?Local 
Reed's City-Despatch Post1853San FransiscoLocalExtremely rare
Richmond City Post?-BogusBougs confederate stamp
Richmond Postage?-BogusBogus confederate stamp
Rickett & Hall1857BaltimoreLocalExtremely rare
Riddell (J.L.)1861New OrleansConfederate 
Roadman's Penny Post  ?Surrounded by a chain border
Robinson & Co1855New YorkLocal 
Roche's City Dispatch1850Wilmington DelLocalExtremely rare
Rogers' Penny Post1856NewarkLocalOnly one stamp known to exist
Russell Post Office1854New YorkLocal 
St.Louis bears1845St.LouisPostmaster 
St.Louis City Delivery1883St.LouisLocal 
Salem1861Salem VaConfederateExtremely rare
Selma Ala PO CS Postage?-BogusBogus confederate stamp
Smith's City ExpressBefore 1864?BogusSeveral bogus labels
Souter and Co City Letter Express  ?Head to right in oval
Sparta Alabama W.Beard P.M?-BogusBogus confederate stamp
Spartanburg1861Spartanburg SCConfederateExtremely rare
Spaulding's Penny Post1847BuffaloLocalExtremely rare
Spence & Brown Express1848(?)PhiladelphiaLocalExtremely rare
Squier & Co1859St. LouisLocal 
Squire's City Express Post?-Bogus (Taylor)Star in ellipse
Stait W. of the City Despatch?New York (?)?'48 S 3rd St. will call for contributions, by authority of the cheap postage committee'
Stait's Despatch???'STAIT'S DEPATCH S.Third Street PAID'
Staten Island Express Post1849New YorkLocal 
Statesville N.C. Prepaid?-BogusBogus confederate stamp
Steinmeyer's City Post1858CharlestonCarrier 
Stringer & Morton's City Despatch1850BaltimoreLocal 
Sullivan's Dispatch Post1853CincinnatiLocal 
Swarts1849New YorkLocal 
Tabernacle Fair?-BogusMade by the forger Taylor
Teese & Co1852PhiladelphiaLocal 
Telegraph Despatch1848PhiladelphiaLocalRare
Thompson and Co?Albany?American Express, no value
Tuscumbia1858Tuscumbia AlaPostmasterEnvelope
United States City Despatch Post1841New York  
Uniontown1861Uniontown AlaConfederate 
Union Despatch?ChicagoLocalMany forgeries exist
Union Square New YorkLocal 
US Mail Prepaid1846New YorkCarrier 
US Penny Post1849St.LouisCarrier 
W.F.&Co's Express1876?LocalSee under Publishers' Paid Stamp
Walton&Co City Express1846Brooklyn NYLocal 
Wand & Davis' Express??Bogus? 
Warwick City Dispatch Post??BogusMade by Taylor?
Washington Despatch1856Washington and BaltimoreLocalAlso exists with 'Washington City' erased to be used in Baltimore
Weldon?-BogusBogus confederate stamp
Wells Fargo and Co1861 Local 
West Town PhiladelphiaLocal(Boarding School)
Westervelt's Post Chester NYLocal 
Whittelseys Express1857 Local 
Wilmington Paid?-BogusBogus confederate stamp
Winan's City PostBefore 1864?Bogus 
Wood&Co1856BaltimoreLocalExtremely rare
Wyman W.1844Boston to New YorkLocalTrain with carriage
Zieber's Dispatch 1851PittsburghLocal Extremely rare

Sanitary fair stamps and Bazaar post

Sanitairy fair stamps are unofficial stamps issued by the Sanitary Fair Commission in order to raise funds for the Union troops (sometimes these stamps are considered as a forerunner of a red cross issue). The first sanitary fair stamp was issued in 1863 with inscription 'Young Ladies of Brooklyn Bazaar'. Examples:

I have seen forgeries of this stamp
(Images obtained from a Rumsey auction, I have seen forgeries of this stamp)

There are other sanitary fair stamps with inscription 'NATIONAL SAILORS FAIR' (10 c green, issued in 1864, sorry no picture available yet).

Image obtained from a Shreves auction
Bazaar Post Office

The above stamp was issued in 1864 for a army relief bazaar in Albany, New York. A 10 c red and 10 c black exist. I have seen reprints (forgeries?) in the colours blue, black, green and red. Stamps with inscription Tabernacle Fair were made by the forger Taylor.

(Image obtained from a Siegel auction)

Some other bazaar stamps with inscription 'Bazaar Post Office' stamp were issued in 1864 with an eagle in the design (value 10 c; colours blue, red or black).

Again another design with an eagle with the text 'CENTRAL FAIR POSTAGE SANITARY COMMISION' was also issued in 1864 (values 10 c blue, 20 c green and 30 c black).
Be careful when acquiring cancelled stamps (these stamps are worth about 10 times more in cancelled condition). Even quite recently (October 2002), unused stamps were for sale on E-bay, to show up one month later in cancelled condtion on the same internet auction platform ! (source: http://www.pcug.org.au/~sheryll/Forgeries/Fraud/Forgeries_article_Fraud.htm ).

Image obtained from a Shreves auction

Finally there exist some Soldier Fair stamps:
1) Inscription 'SOLDIERS FAIR Springfield Mass' (value 10 c lilac, 1864)
2) Inscription 'SOLDIERS FAIR STAMFORD' (value 15 c brown, 1864)

Forgeries exist, examples:

(Forgeries of the Stamford Soldiers Fair, reduced sizes)


Express company labels


(Fiske & Rice's Express, train: express company label, found on http://alphabetilately.com/US-trains-00.html )

At least one forgery is known of the Fiske&Rice label.

'Bigelow's Express', image found on http://alphabetilately.com/US-trains-00.html

Bigelow's Express operated in Boston (1848-51), it then sold its route to Fiske&Rice (see label above). No forgeries are known of this label.



(Reduced size)

Essays of local stamps

(Essay with image of Franklin, inscription 'ALBANY OFFICE POSTAGE' and another essay in the same design)

Later issues

1960, triangular stamp, 'Shrub oak (N.Y.) local post', trees

Army Frank Stamps

(Reduced sizes)

The above stamps with inscription 'ARMY FRANK OFFICIAL BUSINESS ONLY', are bogus issues. They were made by a certain Major Brewster Cox Kenyon in 1898. Remainders were sold in 1903. They only exist in the colours blue, red and brown (as above shown).

College Labels

The next stamp has the inscription 'COLLEGE STAMP', I have no further information about its origins:


Larry Lyons: 'Identifier for Carriers, Locals, Fakes, Forgeries and Bogus Posts of the United States' (3 volumes)

Donald Scott Patton: 'The Private Local Posts of the United States', (1967)

I have unfortunately not yet been able to read one of the above books myself.

Scott Specialized Catalogue.

The carriers and locals society website: http://www.pennypost.org/

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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