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UNITED STATES LOCALS Cheever to Cummings

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ATTENTION: many of the local stamps of the United States are reprints!

Cheever & Towle 7 State St. City Letter Delivery, Boston

Bundle of letters in circle (a similar design was issued by Hale & Co).

Genuine stamp

(Probably a forgery)

  2 c blue

There are 6 different kinds of reprint/forgeries of these stamps.


1849 issue "Reprint"

Chicago Penny Post

Beehive in an oval, surrounded by ornaments


Many forgeries exist (at least 8?), I don't think the images below are genuine. The genuine stamp should have the colour orange-brown, it was issued in 1862.

(there is a dot behind 'PENNY' in the above stamp)

(I've been told that this is a reprint)

Note the wrong colours and the strange upper shape of the second 'C' of 'CHICAGO' in the following 'reprints':

(Reduced sizes)

Cincinatti 'City Delivery'

Cincinnati City Delivery 64 west 3D St

This stamp was issued in 1883, it is not very rare (remainders exist and were sold to stamp collectors).


City Despatch post (New York)


For stamps in this or similar designs click here.

Taylor made forgeries of these stamps in various colours, I suspect the next stamps to be such Taylor forgeries:

Taylor forgeries?

City Dispatch

(Genuine, image obtained from a Siegel auction)

This stamp was issued in 1851, in St.Louis, only two stamps have survived (this one and one on a letter).

Another stamp with inscription 'CITY ONE CENT DISPATCH' seems to have been issued in Baltimore (colour: black on lilac), I do not have a picture of this stamp (it is extremely rare).

City Despatch Post Office

(Genuine on letter, reduced size, image obtained from a Siegel auction: http://www.siegelauctions.com/1999/817/yf817145.htm )

Two stamps with this inscription were issued in New Orleans; black on green and black on lilac. They are extremely rare.

City Dispatch Delivery (woman symbolising justice, Philadelphia)

(Reduced size)

Only the 1 c black was issued, this stamp is not very rare. All other colours are reprints or forgeries? I have seen the values: 1 c lilac, 1 c black on green and 1 c red.


City Express Post

(The only copies of the black and red on yellow stamps, both on letter, reduced sizes)

(a black on lilac stamp on letter)

Issued in 1846. Inscription 'CITY Express Post 2 cts' black with ornamental border or 'CITY EXPRESS POST' with a dove (black on lilac or red on yellow). They were issued in Philadelphia and are extremely rare. The black stamp and the red on yellow stamp are unique. There are only 6 black on lilac stamps known to exist. The pictures above are obtained from a Siegel auction: http://www.siegelauctions.com/1999/817/yf817147.htm

For a stamp with inscription 'CITY EXPRESS POST' in the value 1 c see under Adam's City Express Post.

City Letter Express

Image obtained from a Siegel auction

This stamp was issued in 1868. Stamps in a similar design exist for the Carnes City Letter Express.

City Letter Express

(1 c red, reduced size)

(the unique 2 c on letter)

Issued in 1856 for Newark, extremely rare. Two values exist 1 c red and 2 c red (only one known to exist). The design is similar to the Metropolitan Express (see there). Above pictures obtained from a Siegel auction: http://www.siegelauctions.com/1999/817/yf817148.htm

City Mail Free Stamp

Image obtained from http://www.siegelauctions.com/2000/830/y830119.htm

Issued for New York in 1845, extremely rare, only 6 stamps are known to have survived. The only value issued was black on grey (no value indication).

Clark & Co. Mailbox, one cent

(Genuine, reduced size, image obtained from a Siegel auction)

This stamp was issued in 1857 in red on yellow in New York (no other colours!). Note that similar stamps exist with the inscription 'Brady & Co'.

Forgeries or reprints:

1 c green, reduced size
(reprints, forgeries?)

Clarke & Hall

(Reduced size, image obtained from a Siegel auction)

THis stamp (1 c black on lilac) was issued in 1851. These stamps are extremely rare, only 5 stamps have survived.

Clarke's Express (New York)

(Genuine, reduced sizes, images obtained from a Siegel auction)

Around 1865 this stamp with the design of George Washington was issued in two colours: blue and black. Both are extremely rare.

Clinton's Penny Post Philadelphia

(Reduced size)

Only a 1 c black was issued. This stamp is extremely rare (only two? copies have survived). I presume the above stamps are forgeries. Due to the amount of forgeries, this issue was longtime presumed to be a bogus issue. I do not know how many forgeries exist (at least five different types). I've also seen a bogus colour in red.


Cook's Dispatch

(Genuine, image obtained from a Siegel auction)

Only 5 stamps of this green stamp are known to exist (3 on cover). They were issued in 1853 in Baltimore.

Cornwell Post Office Madison Square

(Genuine, reduced size, image obtained from a Siegel auction)

Two stamps were issued, a red one and a red on blue one (both no value indicated). They were issued in 1856 in New York.

The above forgery was printed by Thomas Woods in 1866 for George Hussey. A total of 3000 of these forgeries were printed.

Cressman & Co's Penny Post Philad'a

(Genuine, reduced size, image obtained from a Siegel auction)

In 1856 Cressman & Co's Penny Post issued two stamps: a gold on black stamp and a gold on lilac stamp. I think the next stamps are forgeries (note the position of the 'D' of 'PHILAD' with respect to the 'P' of 'POST'.

Another forgery:

Crossby's City Post

(I've been told that this stamp is genuine)

(Reduced sizes, the block at the right shows the printer's name: J.W.Scott)

Issued in 1870, the only value that exist is a 2 c red. This stamp is not very rare in unused condition, it was printed by J.W.Scott & Co (!). Nevertheless forgeries exist:

Forgeries, examples:

(Taylor forgeries in violet and green, I've also seen the red colour of this forgery)

For other Taylor forgeries in other colours (brown and blue) click here. The Taylor forgeries resemble quite closely the genuine design, except that the letters are slightly different (see for example the 'O' of 'CROSBY').

(Other forgery, similar in design to the Browne&Co local stamps)

I have also seen the above forgery in the colour black.

(A bogus issue for Crossby's Special Message Post 29 William St.)


Cummings City Post

(Genuine stamps, reduced sizes, images obtained from a Siegel auction)

Cummings' City Post operated in New York and started issuing stamps in 1844. Three values in the above design were issued: 2 c black on lilac, 2 c black on green and 2 c black on yellow. At least five different kinds of forgeries exist. I have my doubts about the following stamps:

1844 2 c black on green

(Forgery, reduced size)



(genuine, reduced size, image obtained from a Siegel auction)

The above oval stamp is extremely rare (about 5 stamps exist), these stamps also seem to exist with 'CUMMINGS' erased, but I have never seen this.

Another design was also issued by Cumming's Post: a flying angel(?), 2 stamps in the colours black on green and black on olive. Sorry, I have no picture of these stamps.

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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