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UNITED STATES, Boyd's local post

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Boyd City Express and Boyd's Dispatch

1844-1860 Eagle on a globe, inscription 'Boyd's City Express', various types

Genuine Image obtained from a Siegel auction
(All genuine stamps)

I know that forgeries/ reprints have been made by at least two forgers: Scott and Taylor. I'm only certain that the above stamps are genuine. There are also many types of the genuine stamps.

(on letter, note the cancel 'PAID JTB')


Forgeries made by Scott:

(Forgeries made by Scott)

1874 New design

With inscription '2c':

Genuine stamps

(Reduced size)

Without any value indication:


This stamp also exists with the adress '1 PARK PLACE' erased (made from envelopes):

Genuine stamps


1878 Man (Mercury) walking with flag

Image obtained from a Sandafayre auction
(Boyd's Dispatch 1 Park Place)

Several sub-types of this stamp exist.


1864 Eagle in ellipse

Scott's reprints of these envelopes

I've been told that this is a tete-beche reprint of a Boyd's City Post envelope made by Scott, I have no further information at this moment:

Scott reprints, reduced sizes

Scott reprint

Another reprint:

(Another reprint)

1867 Eagle, new design


There are three types of the above envelopes: 1) with inscription '39 FULTON ST.', 2) with the adress erased and 3) with inscription 'No1 PARK PL'.

What is this?

(Inscription 'Delivered by BOYD'S CITY DESPATCH NEW YORK')

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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Preview of Stamps Catalogue CD : VOLUME 1