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UNITED STATES LOCALS Cuttings to Essex Letter Express

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ATTENTION: many of the local stamps of the United States are reprints!

Cutting's Despatch Post

(Image obtained from a Siegel auction)

This stamp was issued in 1847 in Buffalo, with a design of a man riding a horse: 2 c black on red. Only 1 (maybe 2) stamps are known.

Davis Penny Post (Baltimore)

(Genuine, image obtained from a Siegel auction, reduced size)

Of this stamp only a dozen stamps have survived, it was issued in 1856. Only this black stamp was issued. Some erroneous stamps exists with 'PENNQ' instead of 'PENNY', example:

('PENNQ' error, image obtained from a Siegel auction)


De Ming's Penny Post

(Genuine, reduced size, image obtained from a Siegel auction)

There are only 4 genuine stamps known of this stamp (according to the Siegel auction), with 3 on cover. They were issued in 1854 in the colour black on grey.

Forgeries of this stamp (even in wrong colour):

Douglas City Despatch

In the above design was issued (1 c) pink and (1 c) blue (both issued in 1879 in New York).


(Douglas City Dispatch 251 Broadway)

In the above design exist: 1 c red, 1 c orange and 1 c blue. These stamps ought to be perforated, but imperforate stamps exist (remainders) and are not very expensive.


Dupuy & Schenck Penny Post, Beehive

Genuine, image obtained from a Siegel auction
(Reduced size)

Only a 1 c black was issued in 1846 in New York, all other colours are probably forgeries (the above one is genuine). The cancellation is 'PAID' in red colour. Note that the above stamp has an extra thin outline as the outer border. Examples of forgeries:

(Forgeries/reprints? made by Scott)

(Forgeries made by S.Allan Taylor)

(Forgery made by Hussey)

(A more recent forgery)

Eagle Post at Adams Express and 48So.3rd

(Genuine, image obtained from a Siegel auction)

The above stamp (circular design with no ornaments) was issued in 1848 in Philadelphia. It is extremely rare (4 stamps are known according to the Siegel auction). The other stamps of the Eagle Post are relatively more common.

(Could be a forgery or a reprint)

Another circular design was issued with triangular ornaments all around the circle (see picture above).


Two stamps were issued in the above design: blue on blue and red on blue (both 1850).

(brown on yellow, bogus colour)

(Label? inscription 'EAGLE CITY POST, Letters &c. served four times daily, from Adams' Express, 80 Chestnut St. by the proprietor, formerly of the American Mail Company.)


East River P.O 23 Ave.D. or 18 Ave.D.


(Genuine, reduced sizes, 23 and 18 Av. images obtained from a Siegel auction)

The genuine stamps should be black on green (issued somewhere in the early 1850's); two types exist: with frameline around the stamp and inscription '23 Av.D.' and without frameline and inscription '18 Ave.D.'. There are many forgeries (at least 9? diffferent types), among them forgeries made by Taylor and Scott. The stamps below are probably reprints or forgeries:


(I have seen the above type in black on white, yellow, blue or lilac
there are two breaks in the upper frame line in all the copies I've seen)

Scott forgery

1852 Ship with inscription 'EAST RIVER P.O. 23 AVENUE D.' (1 c black):

Forgeries exist of this stamp, (by the way, I'm not sure if the above stamp is genuine):

Forgery! Forgery!


Empire City Dispatch (New York)

(Empire City Dispatch Co. 23 Dey Street New York)

This stamp was issued in 1881 and is not very rare unused (it was almost immediatly forbidden by the government, according to the Scott specialized catalogue). I do not know if used stamps exist.


Essex Letter Express (New York)

(Genuine stamp, reduced size, image obtained from a Siegel auction)

The only stamp that was prepared (but probably never used) had the colour black on red (issued in 1856). This stamp is very rare.

The following stamps are all reprints or forgeries:

Ship, "Reprint", 2 c red

Note the slanting 'S' in 'CTS', I've also seen the value 2 c black on violet..

(Note the 'SX' below the ship in this forgery, made by Hussey)

I know that the forger Taylor also made a forgery of this stamp (with 'ESSEX' and 'EXPRESS' closer to the ellipse.

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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