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ATTENTION: many of the local stamps of the United States are reprints!

Teese&Co Penny Post Philad'a

(Reduced size)

Only a blue stamp was issued in 1852. They are not very rare. The red stamp is a reprint or forgery. I know that Hussey and Taylor made forgeries of this stamp.


Telegraph Despatch (Philadelphia)

(1 c, image obtained from a Siegel auction)

Issued in Philadelphia in 1848 in the values 1 c (black on yellow) and 2 c (black on yellow, one example known only)

SR 3rd Ave Post (New York)

Image obtained from a Siegel auction

(On fragment of letter, together with an US stamp, image obtained from a Siegel auction)

This local post was established somewhere in 1855 or 1856. The following colours exist (all 2 c): black on green, blue on green, black on brown, black on yellow, black on blue and black on lilac. More information can be found on the website: http://www.siegelauctions.com/enc/carriers/thirdave.htm. It seems that these stamps are always cut to shape.

I presume the next stamp is a forgery:


Union Despatch (Chicago)

(Genuine, image obtained from a Siegel auction)

(Reduced size, genuine, image obtained from a Siegel auction)

Though not listed in most catalogues, the Union Despatch stamp seems to have existed genuinly in Chicago. Two values exist: 5 c red and 20 c green. According to a Siegel auction, the genuine design has faint vertical lines in the vignette background around the head of the horse. Genuine stamps also show at least a part of the rouletted perforation. Only six 5 c red stamps and two 20 c green stamps are known to exist. I have even seen two 5 c green tete-beche forgeries. Click here for Taylor forgeries of these stamps.

(Union Despatch, horse in circle, forgery made by Taylor)

Union Square P.O. New York

(Reduced sizes)

Issued in 1852 in 1 c (black on green) and 2 c (black on lilac). These stamps are not very rare unused. I know that forgeries exist (I have no further information).


W.F.&Co's Expres (see under 'Publishers Paid Stamp')


Walton&Co's City Express Post (Brooklyn, 1846)

Genuine, image obtained from http://www.siegelauctions.com/1999/817/yf817278.htm

Walton & Co issued only one stamp: the 2 c black on lilac. The only cancel I have seen is 'PAID W.W.' in two lines. I have also seen these stamps cut to an oval shape on letter.

(A bogus Walton & Co stamp in a completely different design)


Washington Despatch (Washington and Baltimore)

1856 Man on horse

Type I Type II
(images obtained from a Siegel auction)

  1 c violet (inscription 'WASHINGTON CITY' at bottom)
  1 c red (no name at bottom)

This local post was founded by Mr. Wiley. There are two types of the 1 c red; in type I the message (or whatever the man is holding in his hand) is pointing towards the 'O' of 'ONE', in type II this message points to the 'N' of this same word.

I presume the next stamps are forgeries, some of them have the inscription 'WASHINGTON' in white letters at the bottom (without the word 'CITY'), I have also seen orange stamps like this.

with inscription 'WASHINGTON' without inscription 'WASHINGTON'

Other forgeries (at least 6 different types), also with inscription 'WASHINGTON CITY' are known to exist (sorry, no picture available yet).


For stamps of Wells Fargo click here

Westervelt's Chester N.Y.

Warning: most of the Westervelt's stamps were mainly issued for stamp collectors!

1863 Inscription 'Westervelt's POST, Chester, N.Y.'

(Genuine, reduced size, image obtained from a Siegel auction: http://www.siegelauctions.com/1999/817/yf817280.htm#west )

This stamp exists in the colours black on buff and black on lavender.

Could be a Hussey forgery
(I do not know if these stamps are genuine)

The forger Hussey made forgeries of the above stamps. The next stamps are forgeries:


Around 1864 Head of an Indian

(genuine, on cover with an US stamp, image obtained from a Siegel auction)

According to the Scott catalogue this stamp should have the colour: red on pink. I presume the next stamps in black are forgeries or reprints:


I have been told that the following stamps have been made by the forger Taylor:

(Taylor forgeries, there is no dot behind 'POST')

I have also seen the above Taylor forgeries in the colours: red on blue and green on yellow.

Other forgery:

1865 Head of General Grant

(Genuine? reduced size)

These stamps were issued in black on yellow, black on green and black on lilac.

Westervelts post also issued envelopes with an eagle in an ellipse.



This stamp was issued in 1853. There seem to be 2 types: stamps with inscription 'WEST TOWN' and stamps with inscription 'WEST-TOWN' (with a '-'). The colour should be gold (and not red-brown!). I know that the forger Taylor made forgeries of these stamps.


Whittelseys Express (Chicago)

(Genuine, image obtained from a Siegel auction)

(Genuine, reduced size, images obtained from a Siegel auction: http://www.siegelauctions.com/1999/817/yf817282.htm )

The only stamp issued was a 2 c red in 1857. Only 4 used stamps and a few unused stamps (including a block of 4) are known of this local post (according to the Siegel auction website).

The next stamps are probably all forgeries:

George Washington
Whittelseys Express forgeries?

(A 'PENNY POST' bogus stamp in a very similar design)

Note that in some of the above stamps the '2' is white in colour. There was never a blue stamp issued.

2 c red

Is the above stamp a bogus issue for Whitteley's Express? Note the striking resemblance with the other image of a 'Bancroft's' bogus local issue for Montreal (Canada).

Wood & Co (Baltimore)

A stamp with inscription 'WOOD & Co. City Despatch BALTIMORE' was issued in 1856 in the colour black on yellow (sorry, no picture available yet). Only 4 stamps are known to exist (all on cover); source: http://www.siegelauctions.com/1999/817/yf817283.htm#296 .

W.Wyman 9 Court St & 3Wall St. 20 Stamps for One Dollar', mail from Boston to New York (1844)

Image obtained from a Siegel auction Genuine, image obtained from a Siegel auction.

More information about this stamp can be found on: http://alphabetilately.com/US-trains-00.html (the images of the genuine stamps are from this website, who in turn got them from a Siegel auction). There seem to exist only 34 covers with this stamp. Many forgeries exist (at least 6 different types of forgeries)! The genuine stamps are always in black.

(Reprint of W.Wyman local stamp made by Hussey)

Probably a forgery
(Probably a forgery or another Hussey reprint?)

I have seen forgeries in fancy colours: black on yellow, orange etc.

Zieber's Dispatch (Pittsburgh)

The image of this stamp was found on :http://www.siegelauctions.com/1999/817/yf817285.htm#298. The only value issued was a 1 c black on blue in 1851. Only two stamps are known to have survived upto now. The stain on the stamp is due to the accid cancel which was used (all according to the same website).

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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