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Note: on my website many of the pictures can not be seen! They are of course present in the cd's;
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ATTENTION: many of the local stamps of the United States are reprints!

Broad - way Post Office

Genuine stamp, image from a Siegel auction

Two stamps were issued in black on gold (in 1849?) and in black (1851?). The two images above were found on http://alphabetilately.com/US-trains-00.html (a splendid website with plenty of information on US locals with trains on it). Many forgeries exist, examples:

Forgery! (Hussey?)
(A Hussey forgery?)

I think the stamp above is printed by Thomas Woods for George Hussey in 1866. Note that the word 'POST OFFICE' is written too low and that the 'B' of 'BROADWAY' is much 'flatter' than in the genuine stamp. The 'O' in 'BROADWAY' should be elliptic (and not round).

(Reduced size)

(Taylor forgery)

I've been told that the above stamp is a Taylor forgery.


(Forgeries in the wrong design)

Bronson & Forbes City Express Post

Image from a Siegel auction Genuine with fake cancel, from a Siegel auction

Image found on http://alphabetilately.com/US-trains-00.html. This local post operated in Chicago in 1856-57, two values were issued: black on green and black on lilac. Be careful, many forgeries exist (the above pictures are genuine, however, the red handstamp is faked). This post didn't use cancels normally, but a black circular datestamp is known.

(Reduced size, genuine)

Forgery or reprint?:


Brooklyn City Express Post

Dove carrying letter in an oval (1853)

(Genuine stamps)

Genuine, image obtained from a Siegel auction 2 c black on blue
(Reduced sizes)

  1 c black on blue
  1 c black on green
  2 c black on blue
  2 c black on red
  2 c black on lilac
  2 c black on orange

In the next stamps, the word 'CITY' is very near to the words 'BROOKLYN' and 'EXPRESS', forgeries?:

Other forgery:

A forgery made by Scott:

Scott forgery

Other stamp that I do not quite trust:


(Image obtained from a Siegel auction)

1852 Only the values 1 c black (Brown & Cos) and 2 c black (Browne & Cos) were issued.

(Forgery of the 2 c value)

1 c green 2 c brown
(Reprints? Reduced sizes)

I have also seen the values 1 c red, 1 c green, 1 c orange and 2 c brown. These are probably reprints.

Browne's Easton Despatch post

(Genuine, image obtained from a Siegel auction)

Only the 2 c black on red was issued in 1857. The above stamp in red is probably a reprint, I have also seen a 2 c black on violet forgery:


(Another forgery, reduced size)

Another type was issued with the same inscription, but the border with stars.

(Genuine, reduced size, image obtained from a Siegel auction)

A stamp with George Washington was also issued with inscription 'BROWNES Easton Despatch TWO CENTS' (colour black). A forgery of this stamp was made by Scott; according to the image of this forgery given in 'Philatelic Forgers, Their Lives and Works' by Varro E. Tyler, the 'S' of 'BROWNES' is not placed above the 'P' of 'Despatch'.

Brown's City Post

(Image obtained from a Siegel auction)

Inscription 'From Brown's Stamp Depot'; these stamps were made for stamp collectors.

There seems to be a bogus issue with a devil and pitchfork on it (sorry, no picture available yet), but I have never seen it.

Bury's City Post

Two stamps were issued; 1 c embossed on blue (star in ellipse) and 1 c black on blue (star in circle).

Bush's Brooklyn City Express

(Genuine, reduced size, image obtained from a Siegel auction)

It seems that there exists only one stamp of this local delivery service (it was only discovered in 1950). It was issued somewhere between 1848 and 1850.

California City Letter Express

No side ornaments
(Genuine, reduced sizes, images obtained from a Siegel auction)

These stamps are extremely rare; they exist in red, blue and green (there also seem to exist three different types).

California Penny Post Co.

(Genuine, reduced size, image obtained from a Siegel auction)

In the above design was issued a 3 c, 5 c and 10 c (all in colour blue) in 1855.

Other stamps issued by this company:

(Genuine, reduced sizes, images obtained from a Siegel auction)

Besides stamps some envelopes were issued as well.

I presume that the following designs are bogus issues:

(Reduced size, note the missing 'e' in 'Penny')

I have also seen postal stationery of this company.

Carnes San Francisco Letter Express, bear and star

1864, no value in outer corners

Image obtained from a Siegel auction Maybe genuine?


I have seen a similar stamp in black, but it is a reprint or forgery. Stamps with 'CARNES' removed from the design were issued by the 'City Letter Express' (see there). Scott seems to have made 'reprints' (I've seen one cancelled with a blue cross), if anybody has information on how to distinguish these reprints, please contact me.

1864 With value in the corners


5 c red
(Reduced sizes)

  5 c red
  5 c bronze
  5 c gold
  5 c silver
  5 c black
  5 c blue

I have seen bogus colours such as black on blue, lilac, green and yellow. I do not know if these stamps were ever genuinly used. I know that the forger Taylor made forgeries of these stamps (at least in the colours red, green and orange), if anybody has information concerning the distinguishing characteristics of these forgeries, please contact me!


Star very weird, bear looks like a pig

G.Carter's Despatch

(on letter, reduced size)

(On letter)

Only a 2 c black was issued.

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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