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There exist some bogus issues of the Confederate States. For example the Confederate Blockage issue that exists in many values.

Bogus? Flag, inscription 'C.S. of A. POSTAGE'

According to Album Weeds, this flag issue exists also in green and black (I have only seen this blue and a black stamp).

Inscription 'Blockade Postage to Europe CONFEDERATE STATES N.A.'

These stamps are phantasy products. There are many different kinds of these labels, including perforated ones (though I have not seen them personally). More information, including the different types and values can be found on Richard Frajola's website: http://www.rfrajola.com/csa/blockade/blockade.htm.


Charleston P.O. Paid, fort

I have also seen a 2 c brown in the above Charleston design. Album Weeds says there also exists a 1 c in this bogus design.

'Columbia P.O. Five Cents Postage Paid'

I have also seen a 5 c black on green in the above design.

(Richmond City-Post bogus, crossed canons)

(Richmond Postage, flag, also exists in blue and green, and Lynchburg VA Paid)

Sparta Alabama W.Beard P.M, bogus issue, I've also seen a 2 c blue on yellow

Statesville N.C Prepaid bogus issue, I have also seen this stamp in blue

(Bucks Richmond Express, Confederate states only)

I have also seen a 1 c black and a 5 c red in the above design, a 25 c should also exist but I have not seen it. They are mentionned in Album Weeds to be a bogus issue. In my 'Standard guide to postage stamp collecting' by Bellars and Davie (issued in 1864 in London), the values 1 c slate-brown, 2 c rose, 5 c brown, 10 c blue, 15 c green and 20 c vermilion are mentioned. The Richmond issue was considered as genuine in this catalogue (and mentioned together with the Baton Rouge, Memphis, Mobile, Nahsville and New Orleans issues). More information on this issue can be found on Richard Frajola's website: http://www.rfrajola.com/csa/bucks/bucks.htm, where he describes 8(!) different types of these stamps.

(C.S. Postage Selma ALA.P.O.)

(Wilmington, reduced size)

(Wilmington bogus issue, I have been told these stamps were made by the forger Taylor)

Much more information about the Wilmington stamps can be found at http://www.rfrajola.com/csa/wilmington/wilmington.htm, it seems that there are many different types and values of this forgery.

'PAID F.BRADLEY PM' (no townname indicated, picture obtained from Frajola's website)

For more information see the site of Richard Frajola: http://www.rfrajola.com/csa/memphis/bradley.htm, only one type of this stamp seems to exist from F.Bradley.


'Florida Express' (horse), picture obtained from Frajola's website

There are 6 different types of the Florida Express stamps, see for more information Richard Frajola's website: http://www.rfrajola.com/csa/florida/florida.htm.

'Post Office Houston Tex'

'Galveston Post Office'

(Galvesteon 10 c blue, reduced size)


Other bogus issues are: 'PAID EH LAKE' (no townname indicated), 'Madison Fla Paid', 'Montgomery PO PAID T.WELCH P.M.', 'Savannah P.O.', 'St.Elmo Tenn.' and 'Vicksburg'. More information can be found on the website: http://www.rfrajola.com/csa/boguscsaindex.htm.

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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