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George Hussey not only owned a local stamp delivery company. He also let the printer Thomas Wood print imitations and reprints of other local stamps (between 1854 and 1866).

50 William St. N.Y. or 82 Broadway, letterbox or temple


Genuine Genuine
Temple: 50 William St. Two types: with or without small line above the 'I' of 'DELIVERY'

Temple: 82 Broadway

Genuine Genuine


1863 Mercury and horse


  5 c black on red
  10 c gold on green
  15 c gold on black
  20 c black
  25 c gold on blue
  30 c gold on red
  50 c black on green

Reprints exist.


Husseys Bank & Insurance Special Message Post 54 Pine St.

1) Closes 11 A.M.

2) 'Closes 11 A.M.' at the left (1863-65)


3) 'Closes at 11 A.M.' at the left

4) 'Closed 11 A.M.' at the right


(I've been told that this are reprints made by Scott)

The above reprints for J.W. Scott can be distinghuished from the original by a 4 mm break in the bottom frame line under the '54'.


Image obtained from a Siegel auction


'Hussey's 54 Pine St.'

(Genuinly used stamp)

'Time posted 50 Wm. St.':

(Reduced sizes)

Reprints/Forgeries made by Hussey of other local posts


(Dupuy & Schenk forgery)

The above forgery of the Cornwell Post Office Madison Square was printed by Thomas Woods in 1866 for George Hussey. A total of 3000 of these forgeries were printed.

Hussey 'reprint' of a Jenkins' Camden Dispatch

(A Hussey forgery of the 'Moody Penny Dispatch Chichago')

Reprints made by Hussey of "Bouton's Rough and Ready City Dispatch Post":

(Reduced sizes)

(Note the 'SX' below the ship in these forgeries of the 'Essex Letter Express', made by Hussey)

(Letter Express Free forgery made by Hussey)

(Reprint of W.Wyman local stamp made by Hussey)

(Forgery of an American Letter Mail Co stamp made for Hussey)

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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Preview of Stamps Catalogue CD : VOLUME 1