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SCOTT reprints and forgeries

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Scott (the same one from the catalogues!) made a number of reprints and forgeries of United States locals. He also made a deceptive forgery of the 5 c Jefferson Davis confederate stamp.

The most succesful forgery Scott made was a forgery of the 5 c Jefferson Davis stamp confederate stamp. It was made from pieces of the original plate and therefore looks very deceptive. The value part had been redrawn (since Scott got the printing plates of an unissued 10 c in which he removed the value label and put back another 'FIVE CENTS' label). These forgeries are quite common. The Dietz handbook says that the distinguishing characteristics of this forgery are: 'the outer framing line (of the forgery) is three times as thick as that on the genuine stamps; and, the center bars of the 'F' and 'E' of 'FIVE' (in the redrawn portion) are noticeably shorter than in the originals'. Even perforate specimens exist of this forgery. This forgery is also known as the 'New York' forgery. This forgery is also mentioned in 'Album Weeds' as the second forgery, it has been printed probably somewhere around 1900.

(Scott forgeries)

(Distinghuishing characteristics of the Scott forgery)

Scott's reprints of local stamps

This section is not yet catalogued by me, I'll give an example of a tete-beche(!) reprint of a Boyd's City Post envelope:

(Reduced sizes)

Scott reprint of a Boyd's City Post envelope

(I've been told that this is a Scott reprint of a Hussey local stamp)

Scott's forgeries of local stamps

Scott forgery of a local Brainard & Co stamp in blue, note the broad 'A' of 'ALBANY', the 'S' of 'ST' and the serifs of the 'D' of 'Doll', Scott also made a forgery in black

Scott forgery of a Brooklyn City Express 2 c black on blue stamp

Scott forgery of a East River P.O. stamp

I've been told that the next stamp is a bogus issues made by Scott, it has the inscription 'JONES CITY EXPRESS POST' and the head of Washington, the value is 2 c black on lilac:

There exists a local stamp with inscription Jones City Express and the head of George Washington, but the design is completely different:

(Genuine Jones City Express, reduced size, image obtained from a Siegel auction)

(Scott forgery of 'Overton Letter Express', I've also seen the value black on yellow)

Reprint of the Squier&Co's Letter Dispatch made by Scott

Scott forgeries of the local Boten issues of Hamburg

Scott made at least 116 different Hamburg boten forgeries (many different colours). He offered them for 50 US$ cents (all 116 of them together) according the 'Philatelic Fogers Their Lives and Works' by Varro E. Tyler.

Scott forgeries of Hawaii

2 c blue, forgery 5 c blue, forgery 13 c blue, forgery 13 c blue, forgery

The Scott forgeries of the 2, 5 and 13 c of the 1851 issue of Hawaii (Hawaiian postage) can be easily recognized by inspecting the corners of the ornaments (below the 'P' and 'e' of 'postage' and above the lower '13' and 's' of 'Cents'. There are leafs in the corner that are not connected to the central design.

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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