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Bogus issues of S.Allan Taylor

S.Allan Taylor was the leader of the 'Boston gang'; a group of forgers located in Boston (see 'Philatelic forgers, their lives and works' by V.E.Tyler, 1976, for a short review of his life). Taylor operated from about 1862 to 1891 and made many forgeries and bogus United States stamps. Many of these exist printed in a variety of papers and in a wide range of colors.

(Bogus issue made by Taylor with his self portrait: Kers City post, for an imaginary local post in Canada)

The stamps of Kers City Post, presumably a Canadian local post, but in actuality the post never existed and these stamps are completely bogus fabrications of S. Allan Taylor. The man shown here is a self-portrait of Taylor. These bogus stamps must have been issued in or before 1864, since it is already listed in the 'Standard Guide to Postage Stamp Collecting' by Bellars and Davie (issued in London, 1864 by John Camden Kotten), it is listed under New York in this catalogue. I have seen the 2 c blue, 2 c red and 5 c red.

Another design for the Kers City Post exists with arms in the middle (black on red, sorry, no picture available yet).

E.D. Prince Letter Despatch, I have seen this stamp in black on green aswell

(2 c green, slightly different design)

(J.M. Chute Letter Despatch, reduced sizes)

J.M. Chute was actually a forger (see 'Philatelic forgers, their lives and works' by V.E.Tyler), closely collaborating with Taylor. The above 'local stamps' are presumed to be made by Taylor.

(Little Wanderers Aid Society)

The 'Little wanderer' is supposed to portrait Taylor as a boy. Besides the 2 c grey, I have seen 10 c red and 10 c black on yellow.

I've been told that the next stamps are bogus local stamps made by Taylor as well. I have no further information concerning these stamps.

(Smith Express)

N.Y.City post with sun, I've also seen a red on blue and black on blue stamps (all in the value 2 c)

(Bowery Post-Office, I've also seen this 2 c bogus stamp in green and brown)

(Bowery Post Office 2 c green, slightly different type, maybe made by a different forger?)

(Donaldson's Paid Despatch made by Taylor)

('Le Beau City Post', image of a cat?)

(Tabernacle Fair Post Office: Bogus issue of Taylor)

Besides this Tabernacle Fair Post Office, Taylor also seems to have made a 'Warren Ave. Church Fair P. O.' cinderella in green on grayish paper (sorry, no picture available yet).

'Hourly Express Post Letter Stamp One Cent'; two types, different colours

The 'Hourly Express Post Letter Stamp' is probably made by Taylor. Though I have seen it in the nicely illustrated book 'The world of classic stamps 1840-1870' by James A. Mackay (a picture of this stamp can be found in this book, with the text: '1 c, Hourly Express Post, 1859').

('Squire's City Express Post': star in an ellipse)

In the above design ('Squire City Express Post') I have also seen 2 c orange and 2 c violet.

I have been able to find theWarwick stamps below in an old catalogue of 1864, but they could be produced by Taylor (other sources say they are produced by Hussey, probably both forgers were active in this field; only look at the large number of different types for these stamps):

(Reduced sizes)

'Warwick's City Dispatch Post 2 c', a local fantasy supposedly to have operated in New York In the 'Standard Guide to Postage Stamp Collecting' by Bellars and Davie, 1864 are listed 2 c black on yellow (chain border), 2 c black on yellow (diamond border), 2 c black on yellow (border of straight lines) and 2 c red. But other values exist (for example the 6 c black on green or 6 c black on red, see pictures above). It must have been made before 1864.

(Bogus Arthur's City Post of Taylor)

(Hartford Daily Mail, 1 c violet, I've also seen the value 1 c green)

(N.Y.City Post, portrait of Washington, I have also seen this stamp in black)

I've been told that Taylor also made bogus issues for: Down's Dispatch, Dutch Flat Express, Gunn's Despatch and Page & Keyes City Letter Express.

Bogus Confederate stamps made by Taylor

(Wilmington bogus issue, I have been told these stamps were made by Taylor)

Forged 'Carrier Stamps'

Some forgeries of the Carrier Stamp of 1851 with the portrait of Washington facing the right hand side instead of the left hand side made by the forger Taylor:

I have seen the colours green, brown and blue on yellow (others might exist).

Forgeries made by Taylor

Besides making stamps for local service that had never existed, Taylor also forged real local stamps.

Taylor forgeries of Bouton Manhattan Express, reduced sizes

(Taylor forgery of 'Boyce's City Express Post' with no background lines behind the '2 Cts')

Taylor also made bogus colours of this Boyce stamp (all in the value 2 c): black on grey, black on yellow and black on red.

(I've been told that the above 'Broadway Post Office' is a Taylor forgery of a genuine local stamp)

City Despatch Post (portrait of Washington) forgeries

(Crosby's forgeries, quite closely resembling the design of the genuine stamp, except for the colour)

Taylor forgery!
(Franklin City Despatch post, bogus issue of Taylor)

A forgery of the stamp of the 1847 Franklin City Despatch Post issue is shown above. I have also seen 2 c black on blue and 2 c red in the same design. They don't resemble at all the genuine stamps issued for the Franklin City Despatch.

(Dupuy & Schenk forgery)

(Gordon's City Express forgeries, most likely made by Taylor)

I have seen the above forgeries in the colours black, brown, red, black on violet and black on green.

(Grafflin Despatch Baltimore Taylor forgeries)

I've been told that the above Grafflin Despatch forgeries were made by Allan Taylor. I've seen the colours black, red, brown, green and violet of these forgeries. Of course, any colour other than black is bogus.

"Reprint", dove black on yellow
Taylor forgery of 'Overton & Co Letter Express'

Taylor forgery of a 'Messenkopes Union Square' local stamp

(Union Despatch, horse in circle, forgery of Taylor)

(Union Despatch, horse 5 c, reduced size, forgery)

Though not listed in most catalogues, the Union Despatch stamp seems to have existed genuinly in Chicago. The genuine stamp has the same design as the above forgeries; two values exist: 5 c red and 20 c green. According to a Siegel auction, the genuine design has faint vertical lines in the vignette background around the head of the horse. Genuine stamps also show at least a part of the rouletted perforation. Only six 5 c red stamps and two 20 c green stamps are known to exist. I have even seen two 5 c green tete-beche forgeries.
I have seen a red forgery of the Union Despatch printed together with a Boyd's City Express stamps (eagle value 2 c red, same colour).

Robison & Co Taylor forgery

(Russell 8th Ave forgery)

(Taylor's Westervelt's forgeries)

Dutch Flat Express:

(Reduced size)

Taylor made bogus stamps of the Dutch Flat Express (genuine envelopes in a similar design seem to exist, but I have never seen them). I have seen these Taylor products in many colours: brown, red, brown on yellow, red on yellow, blue on lilac, red on red, black on blue and black on red.


Bogus issues and forgeries made by Taylor for countries other than the US

Taylor also made some bogus issued for countries other than the United States; for example a Dominican Republic bogus stamps of 2 r in red (made in collaboration with J.M.Chute), another one for Guatemala and a 10 c Prince Edward Island bogus stamp (with the image of a ship). He also seems to have made a bogus stamp for Ireland with inscription 'Repub. Hiber' (I have not seen this stamp).

Bogus stamps for the Bancroft's City Express in Montreal, Canada. Note the striking resemblance of the design (same person) with a USA Whitteley's bogus issue.

Dangerous Taylor, 'first printing' forgery

More information concerning this forgery can be found on the excellent website http://www.hawaiianstamps.com/bgforgery.html. Taylor also made a 'second' printing forgery of this stamp. Both these forgeries are engraved. Furthermore a lithograped forgery of this stamp made by him exists.

(Forgeries of the Edinburgh & Leith Parcel Delivery Co made by Taylor)

For more information about these forgeries click here.


Bogus German locals:

'Marz-Verein von 1863 Hamburg:

(Marz-Verein von 1863 Hamburg, reduced sizes)

I have seen many colours of this 'stamp': red on yellow, black on violet, red, black on blue, black on green, green, black on red, black etc. I've been told that these are bogus issues made by Taylor.

Unlisted designs of W.Krantz HAMONIA (bogus issue by Taylor):

(Bogus issue of Krantz, note that the 'N' in 'KRANTZ' is inverted in the first stamp)

Many colours exist, I have seen (partly with inverted 'N' in 'KRANTZ'): 1 Sch black on blue, 1 Sch black on grey, 1 Sch black on lilac, 1 Sch black on violet, 1 Sch blue, 1 Sch green on blue 1 Sch brown, 2 Sch black on yellow, 2 Sch black on blue, 2 Sch black on red, 2 Sch black on violet, 2 Sch black on orange, 2 Sch blue and 2 Sch green on blue.

(Other fantasy design made by Taylor, sitting woman in the harbour, inscription 'Hamonia von W. Krantz Hamburg FRANCO', reduced sizes)

I have also seen the colour black on lilac in the above bogus design.

Websites, literature

http://www.collectionscanada.ca/bulletin/015017-9903-01-e.html, information concerning Taylor and his rare first journal: S. Allan Taylor (1838-1913) The Stamp Collector's Record. Montreal: S.A. Taylor. issue no.1 (February 15, 1864).

Philatelic forgers, their lives and works' by V.E.Tyler, 1976, for a short review of Taylor's life.

Other literature: 'Bogus United States Stamps - Produced by S. Allan Taylor' by Judy M. Kersey, published in 1983. 12 pages. I haven't had a chance of reading this book myself.

'Philatelic Fantasies of British North America' by David Sessions (1999), 134 pages. I also did not see this book myself.

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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