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Currency: 12 Pence = 1 Shilling ; 20 Shillings = 1 Pound

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The stamps of Great Britain never have any country name; they can be recognized by the king or queen in the period concerned.

Early Queen Victoria issues

Queen Victoria, penny black and similar types:

Great Britain Penny Black forgeries, part 1
Great Britain Penny Black forgeries, part 2

Queen Victoria, small sized stamps:

1) Great Britain, Queen Victoria 1855-1876, part 1
2) Great Britain, Queen Victoria 1855-1886, part 2

Queen Victoria, Large sizes:

Queen Victoria, Large sizes, forgeries
Great Britain, Queen Victoria, forgeries of the 5 Pound issue

Later Queen Victoria issues, King Edward VII and King George V

1887 and later issues; Queen Victoria (1887) Jubilee issue, King Edward VII

10 p red and lilac

King George V (1911-1935)

1/2 p green

Official Stamps

Official stamps, various stamps of Great Britain overprinted, examples:

9 p blue and lilac "GOVt PARCELS"

Later issues

Great Britain, 1937 onwards

Later issues, though the later issues are outside the scope of this catalogue I'll give the stamps of this period here for clarity (also because they don't bear any country name).




Great Britain Local issues part 1 (delivery companies)
Great Britain Local issues part 2 (circular delivery companies)


Great Britain Cancellations

Fiscal stamps

Telegraph Stamps

Examples of telegraph stamps (official and private)

Miscellaneous (postage due stamps, telephone stamps, college labels, newspaper tax, Ruhleben prisoner camp stamps and unissued airmail stamp)

(Example of a postage due stamp)

Watermarks on stamps of Great Britain

Great Britain Postal Stationery

British Post offices in Turkey

British Post offices in Morocco

Railway Stamps

Random examples:

Complete list:

Great Britain Railway stamps / parcel delivery stamps
Great Britain Railway stamps, Barry Rlw to Deeside Rlw
Great Britain Railway stamps, Dublin and Drogheda to Great North of Scotland Rlw
Great Britain Railway stamps, Great Northern Rlw to Lancashire and Yorkshire Rlw
Great Britain Railway stamps, London, Brighton and South Coast Rlw to LLanelly Rlw
Great Britain Railway stamps, Lynn and Fakenham Rlw to Midland and Great Northern Rlws
Great Britain Railway stamps, Monmouthshire Rlw & North of Inverness. Rlw
Great Britain Railway stamps, North London to Yarmouth etc. Rlw
Great Britain Railway stamps, unified Scottish design

De La Rue proofs

Left, with inscription "IMPERIUM". Right: "THOS. DE LA RUE & Co.LTD. LONDON".

Cut from a postcard from South Australia. Since no country name is indicated, it is often thought to be from Great Britain.

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