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Cancellations: all the stamps from 1840 to 1842 were cancelled as follows (so-called Maltese cross)

2 p blue Maltese Cross cancel

Maltese cross with number '3'

Perkins, Bacon and Petch, printers of these stamps, recommended the use of black for the cancels of the 1 p black, but the black cancel was not satisfactory because inadequate cancels could not easily be detected. The ink for the cancellation was then changed to red, but could be readily removed with a solvent. Within a year, the stamp became red with a more fugitive ink, and the cancellation became black.

2p blue on letter with zoom-in:

2 p blue on letter

Later cancellations:

(Brunswick star cancel, reduced size)

Numeral cancels:

Torrington cancel


Numeral obliterators were issued to replace the Maltese Cross obliterators. England's obliterators were oval, Scotland's rectangular and Ireland's was in the form of a diamond. A number was assigned to each office of importance and incorporated in the canceler.

(Reduced size)

Glasgow cancels

The above cancels are so-called duplex-cancels, next to the cancel with the number the city and date is indicated. Some examples of duplex numbers that I have seen:
1 : Aberdeen
3 : Abington
46 : Banbury
114 : Dundee
131 : Edinburgh
132 : Brighton
152 : Cardiff
154 : Bury
159 : Glasgow
177 : Cheltenham (I've seen a sideways duplex cancel)
234 : Lamsamlet
303 : Folkstone
324 : Guernsey
376 : Honition (I've seen a sideways duplex cancel)
387 : Huddersfield
409 : Jersey
444 : Leamington
488 : Lynn
498 : Manchester
603 : Oxford
616 : Pulborough
660 : Portland
683 : Salisbury
700 : Sheffield
723 : Southampton
799 : Tipton
805 : Torquay
860 : Wellington
923 : Worthing


Special cancels of stamps used in British colonies

  098 : Platres (Cyprus)
  942 : Larnaka (Cyprus)
  969 : Nicosia (Cyprus)
  974 : Paphos (Cyprus)
  975 : Famagusta (Cyprus)
  981 : Limassol (Cyprus)
  982 : Cyrenia (Cyprus)
  A   : Jamaica (?)
  A01 : Kingston (Jamaica)
  A02 : Antigua
  A03 : British Guiana 
  A04 : British Guiana
  A05 : Bahamas
  A06 : British Honduras
  A07 : Dominica
  A08 : Montserrat
  A09 : Nevis
  A10 : St. Vincent
  A11 : St. Lucia
  A12 : St. Christopher
  A13 : Virgin Islands (Tortola)
  A14 : Tobago
  A15 : Grenada
  A18 : Antigua
  A25 : Malta (from 1860 onwards)
  A26 : Gibraltar (from 1860 onwards)
  A91 : Virgin Islands
  B56 : Hongkong
  B57 : Hongkong
  B62 : Hongkong
  D47 : Cyprus
  D48 : Army headquarters of Cyprus
  G   : Gibraltar (from 1857-59)
  M   : Malta (1857-59)
  M   : Macao (from 1860 onwards)

The cancels A27 to A83 were used in Jamaica.

(A01 : Kingston, Jamaica and 'A02' Antigua)

('942': Larnaka, Cyprus)

('A25' Malta cancel and 'A26' Gibraltar cancels)

('G' Gibraltar and 'M' Malta cancel)

('A70' What is this?)

Special cancels of stamps used abroad:

The Following cancels were used in British postal agencies abroad:
  582 : Naguabo (Porto Rico)
  B01 : Alexandria (Egypt)
  B02 : Suez (Egypt)
  B32 : Buenos Aires (Argentine)
  C   : Constantinopel (Turkey, nowadays called Istanbul)
  C28 : Montevideo (Uruguay)
  C30 : Valparaiso (Chile)
  C35 : Panama (Columbia)
  C36 : Arica (Peru, since 1884 Chile)
  C37 : Caldera (Chile)
  C38 : Callao (Peru)
  C39 : Cobija (Bolivia, since 1884 Chile)
  C40 : Coquimbo (Chile)
  C41 : Guayaguil (Ecuador)
  C42 : Islay (Peru)
  C43 : Paita (Peru)
  C51 : St. Thomas (Danish West-Indies)
  C56 : Carthagena (Colombia)
  C57 : Greytown (Nicaragua)
  C58 : Havana (Cuba)
  C59 : Jacmel (Haiti)
  C60 : La Guaria (Venezuela)
  C61 : San Juan (Porto Rico)
  C62 : Santa Marta (Colombia)
  C63 : Tampico (Mexico)
  C64 : Vera Cruz (Mexico)
  C81 : Bahia (Brasil)
  C82 : Pernambuco (Brasil)
  C83 : Rio de Janeiro (Brasil)
  C86 : Port Plate (Dominican Republic)
  C87 : St. Domingo (Dominican Republic)
  C88 : Santiago (Cuba)
  D14 : Singapore (Straits Settlements)
  D17 : Penang (now Malaysia)
  D22 : Ciudad Bolivar (Venezuela)
  D26 : St. Thomas (Spanish steamboat)
  D27,D28,D29 and D30 : China
  D30 : Hiogo (Japan)
  D74 : Pisco (Peru)
  D87 : Iquique (Chile)
  E53 : Port au Prince (Haiti)
  E88 : Colon (Columbia)
  F69 : Savanilla (Columbia)
  F83 : Arroyo (Porto Rico)
  F84 : Aquidilla (Porto Rico)
  F85 : Mayaguez (Porto Rico)
  F87 : Smyrna (Turkey)
  F88 : Ponce (Porto Rico)
  G06 : Beyrout

From 1858 to about 1865 some British ships carried number cancels; the cancels A79 to A99, B03, B12, B16 to B18, B27 to B30, B56 to B57, B61 and C79 seem to have been used for this purpose, examples: A79-A87; A88 (China), A92 (Halifax, Nova Scotia) and A39 (Sydney, New South Wales).

Other numeral cancels are: B31: Sierra Leone, B53: Mauritius, B54: Seychelles, British Naval Stations in Mauritius and Seychelles: B62 and B64, C29: Jarrow and F89: Savanilla (Colombia).

The cancel C43 was later used on Peruan stamps, I have seen it as late as 1900.

Several British post amts in China and Japan used stamps of Hongkong (see there).

Examples of stamps used abroad:

('B32': Buenos Aires)

'F87': Smyrna cancel
'C' cancel: Constantinopel, (now called Istanbul) and 'F87' Smyrna, Turkey

B02 Suez, Egypt
'B01'cancel: Alexandria, and 'B02': Suez, (Egypt)

(C28 : Montevideo, Uruguay)

('C30' Valparaiso, Chile)

('C36' Arica and C38 : Callao, Peru)

('C41' Guayaguil, Ecuador)

('C60' La Guaria)

Ciudad, Bolivar (Colombia)

'C51' cancel; St.Thomas, Danish West Indies
Stamp of Great Britain used in St.Thomas (Danish West Indies), 'C51' cancel and 'St.Thomas'

(C61 : San Juan, Porto Rico)

(C81 : Bahia, Brasil and C83 : Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)

(E53 : Port au Prince, Haiti and 'F88' : Ponce, Porto Rico)

(G06 : Beyrout and normal Beyrout cancel)

Great Britain stamps cancelled in Bolivia, could be forged cancels!
(Great Britain stamps cancelled in Bolivia)

(Stamp of Great Britain, used together with a stamp of Peru)

(Army post office Bloemfontein, South Africa)

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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