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Perfins "S.A." or "O.S."

Some stamps were perforated with "S.A." or "O.S." to serve as official stamps, examples:

('OS' and 'SA' perfin)


For Railway stamps, click here.

Departemental stamps

49 of the 54 departments of the government of South Australia used overprinted stamps with the letters of the department in red, black or blue in order to prevent misuse of these stamps. All these stamps are quite rare, and forgeries of the overprints exist.

The following letters exist:
"A." (Architect), "A.G." (Attorney General), "A.O." (Audit Office), "B.D." (Barracks Department), "B.G." (Botanical Gardens), "B.M." (Bench of Magistrates), "C." (Customs), "C.D." (Convict Department), "C.L." (Crown Lands), "C.O." (Commissariat Officer), "C.S." (Chief Secretary), "C.Sgn." (Colonial Surgeon), "C.P." (Commissioner of Police), "C.T." (Commissioner of Titles), "D.B." (Destitute Board), "D.R." (Deeds Registration), "E." (Engineer), "E.B." (Education Board), "G.F." (Gold Fields), "G.P." (Government Printer), "G.S." (Government Storekeeper), "G.T." (Goalwa Tramway), "H." (Hospital), "H.A." (House of Assembly), "I.A." (Immigration Agent), "I.E." (Intestate Estats), "I.S." (Inspector of Sheep), "L.A." (Lunatic Asylum), "L.C." (Legislative Council), "L.L." (Legislative Librarian), "L.T." (Land Titles), "M." (Military), "M.B." (Marine Board), "M.R." (Manager of Railways), "M.R.G." (Main Roads, Gambierton), "N.T." (Northern Territory), "O.A." (Official Assignee), "P." (Police), "P.A." (Protector of Aborigines), "P.O." (Post Office), "P.S." (Private Secretary), "P.W." (Public Works), "R.B." (Road Board), "R.G." (Registrar General), "S." (Sheriff), "S.C." (Supreme Court), "S.G." (Surveyor General), "S.M." (Stipendiary Magistrats), "S.T." (Superintendant of Telegraph), "T." (Treasure), "T.R." (Titles Registration), "V." (Volunteers), "V.A." (Valuator Auctioneer), "V.M" (Vaccinations) and "W." (Waterworks).



'B.D.'  Barracks Department 'C.T.' overprint 'C.L.': Crown Lands'C.O': Commissariat Officer 'C.P.': Commisoner of Police 'C.P.': Commisoner of Police 'G.P.' Government Printer H.A. 'I.S.': Inspector of Sheep 'P': Police 'S.M.' Stipendiary Magistrates 'T': Treasure

Postcards etc:


Cut from a postcard.

(Cut of this postcard)

(reduced size)


Fiscal stamps


1902 Portrait of King Edward VII (?), inscription "STAMP DUTY", large sized stamps

  1 p violet and green
  1 p brown (1904)
  6 p brown and green
  1 Sh red and green
  2 Sh light green and green
  2 Sh 6 p blue and green
  2 Sh 6 p violet and green (1904)
  5 Sh brown and green
  10 Sh orange and green
  10 Sh brown and green (1904)
  15 Sh lilac and green
  50 Sh green
  50 Sh bronze and green (1904)
  1 Pound bronze and green
  1 Pound brown and green (1904)
  5 Pounds silver and green
  10 Pounds gold and green

  2 p on 1 p brown

A new serie was issued in 1916 with text only:

The following values were issued: 1/2 p brown ("ONE HALF PENNY"), 1 p blue, 1 1/2 p ("THREE HALF PENCE"), 2 p green, 3 p green, 6 p violet, 1 Sh lilac, 2 Sh orange, 5 Sh brown, 10 Sh blue, 1 Pound brown, 2 Pounds blue, 5 Pounds silver.
Also a "1 1/2 d" on 1 p blue surcharged stamp?
In 1966 these stamps were re-issued in the $ currency: 1 c brown, 2 c yellow, 5 c lilac, 6 c violet, 8 c grey, 10 c brown, 20 c lilac, $1.50, $2, $5 and $10.


Issued around 1950 in the values 1 p green, 3 p lilac, 6 p, 1 Sh and 2 Sh 6 p blue. Re-issued in 1960 in $ currency: 1 c green, 2 c, 5 c, 10 c, 50 c and $1.


Issued in 1939 in the values: 1 p brown, 3 p blue, 6 p, 1 Sh and 5 Sh. Re-issued in 1960 in $ currency: 5 c, 10 c, 50 c and 1$.


1931 1 Sh blue, another 3 Sh orange should exist.



There also exist some beer duty fiscal stamps (sorry, no picture available). Many ordinary postage stamps could also be used for fiscal purposes (Postage & Revenue).



Stamps in the above design (with Queen Victoria) could be used for postal and fiscal purposes.


  2 Sh 6 p violet
  5 Sh red
  10 Sh green
  15 Sh orange
  1 Pound blue
  2 Pounds brown
  50 Sh red
  3 Pounds green
  4 Pounds yellow
  5 Pounds grey
  5 Pounds brown(1896)
  10 Pounds brown
  15 Pounds grey
  20 Pounds lilac

These stamps exist with overprint "SPECIMEN". The higher values are almost only used for fiscal purposes.

Parcel Stamps

J.R. Cocking parcels express

This company seems to have issued labels from 1895 to 1900 in Adelaide.

Besides the 4 p blue and 6 p red, I have also seen a 6 p blue stamp from this company (design same as the 6 p red).


Mc Culloch & Co Parcel Express, click here.



Combe, Green & Co., Parcels Express

Example of a parcel stamp of this company from 1890:


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