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C.M.Seltz (Stamp Forger)

Frederick H.King

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Seltz was a collaborator of 'The Boston Gang' (under the guidance of S.A.Taylor) and might have even been an invented person.

A message from the Stamp Collector's Record, reproduced in the 'Stamp Collector's Magazine' of Nov. 1. 1867, page 172 reports his death resulting from working too hard on a stamp book.....:

A MARTYR TO PHILATELY.— It is with feelings of deep regret that we are called upon to announce the decease, after a short illness, of Mr. Frederick H. King (better known as C. M. Seltz), which occurred on the evening of Sunday, the 13th August, after an illness of eight days' duration. The causes which resulted in his untimely end are, unfortunately, too clear. For a month or two past Mr. King has been assiduously engaged in the preparation of his handbook, the which he not only edited, but 'set-up' the typographic forms with his own hand, so that the book was in every respect particularly his own production. Naturally of a delicate constitution, his overtasked energies at last succumbed, inflammation of the brain supervened, and, after a brief illness, his labours, his hopes and his cares were for ever at an end. - Stamp Collector's Record.

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