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SAXONY (Sachsen) forgeries of the first issue, part 3

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Saxony forgeries of the first issue, part 1, Saxony forgeries of the first issue, part 2 or Saxony forgeries of the first issue, Sperati forgeries or Saxony forgeries of the first issue, Peter Winter forgeries

Genuine stamps:

I've been told that this stamp is genuine Certified genuine



A whole sheet of 'reprints' made for the 'Philatelia 1. Nationale Briefmarken-Messe Berlin 8.-10. 11. 1990'. There is a large star in front of the word 'DREI'.

'Reprint' sheet made in 1990

Another whole sheet of 'reprints'; the 'D' of 'DREI' always has an open top. The breaks and defects are always the same for the same position in the sheet.

Forgery with very badly done lettering, for example the 'R' of 'DREI' or the second 'S' of 'SACHSEN'.

Forgery with no shading in the "3".

Modern forgery with gum and "COPY" written at the back.

Illustration from a French stamp album Illustration of a Moschkau catalogue.
Three forgeries with inscription "PFENNICE" (with a "C" instead of a "G"); the first ones pretending to be misprints in blue, green and black. There are some differences between the 'misprints' and the 'normal' stamp (for example the 'misprint' has a dot behind "FRANCO" and the right bottom ornaments damamed). Also note the forward slanting first "S" in "SACHSEN". The black stamp was obtained from https://www.stampcommunity.org/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=12758 They all appear to originate from an illustration in a French stamp album (first image). Also a scan from a Moschkau catalogue (image obtained from Gerhard Lang).

Dangerous forgery, resembling Plate 3, Position 5 of the genuine stamps. The following distinguishing characteristics are given in the Georg Buhler book "Sachsen 3 Pfennig rot" (1978): 1) The "H" of "SACHSEN" has a scratch in the lower left leg. 2) The upper right ornament has a 'flag' in the upper right part. 3) The upper right corner has a scratch. 4) The inner outer frameline has an extra break in front of the "D" of "DREI".

Peter Winter forgery?
Other forgeries

Illustration from a Maury catalogue, image obtained from Gerhard Lang
Quite badly done forgeries; the first one fetched 533 US$ in an online auction. Some kind of a cut from a postcard with an image of a Saxony 3 p stamp (second image). Even with perforation (third image). All these forgeries appear to be of the same origin, possibly from Maury (the same illustration appears in a Maury catalogue, image obtained from Gerhard Lang).

A commemorative sheet with 3 'reprints' from 1960 and a label for a stamp exhibition in Glauchau where the same 'reprint' was used 10 years later.


A forgery with a (probably bogus) "ZEITUNGS.." cancel. Next to it the same(?) forgery with a grill cancel.

It looks like this is one of the VF cancelled forgeries?, which exist for many other countries.

A primitive forgery in black on lilac instead of red color.


Böhm forgeries:

In the book by Walter Opitz and Heinrich Köhler (1921)is written (source: https://www.stampsx.com/forum/topic.php?id=398&highlight=&page=127&s=55361ef6ee752019cf69c0f7eb10fdaa)
"Gefährliche Fälschungen 3 Pfennige Sachsen. In der allerletzten Zeit wurden eine größere Anzahl außerordentlich gefährlicher 3 Pfg.-Sachsen, die sozusagen sämtliche Echtheitsmerkmale aufweisen, angeboten.
Meist waren es breitrandige Stücke mit sichtbaren Trennungslinien. Stempel: LEIPZIG OCT. 50, teilweise auch Gitterstempel und Gitternummernstempel, sogar Paare wurden angeboten.
Da selbst erste Prüfer schwanken, ist es geboten, den Markt darauf aufmerksam zu machen, vor allem aber das gefährliche Fälschungsnest zu entdecken. Ein gewisser Böhm in Chemnitz ist als Fälscher bereits verhaftet worden."
I have not seen such a Bohm forgery. Apparently the centre of the "H" of "SACHSEN" is slangting in this forgery.

This might be a Bohm forgery (see the discussion on the above mentioned website), although it was offered as genuine on a Siegel auction in 2017.


Miscellaneous: Inscription "DRESDEN" instead of "SACHSEN", Local issue of the city of Dresden, issued in 1900 to commemorate the 50th birthday of the first stamps of Saxony:

This stamp was printed in sheets of 20 as the original Saxony stamps

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