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SAXONY (Sachsen) forgeries of the first issue, Peter Winter forgeries

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Saxony forgeries of the first issue, part 1, or part 2 or part 3, or Sperati forgeries

Genuine stamps:

I've been told that this stamp is genuine Certified genuine


Peter Winter forgeries:

I have seen Peter Winter forgeries with the same cancel as in the third forgery shown above "HAYNICHEN 30 VI 7 65", but placed in a slightly different position. I have also seen whole sheets of Winter forgeries (4 rows of 5 stamps, also some with the "HAYNICHEN" cancel). My own copies of these forgeries have the word 'replik' printed on the backside (but this need not always be the case). These forgeries were made in the 1980's, they look very 'modern made'. Winter must have printed millions of them, since they are very common (even in complete sheets of 20).

(Two forged stamps on a forged envelope, all produced by Peter Winter)

Probably a forgery with the rare 'dot in O of FRANCO' variety Note broken bottom right of lower left stamp Very short right leg of "N" in "SACHSEN"
(The "R" and "E" of "DREI" are not touching at the bottom in the above forgeries, note the strange second "S" of "SACHSEN" and the slanting "A" in "FRANCO", all the above stamps are probably made by the same forger, possibly Peter Winter). The whole sheet was obtained from https://www.stampsx.com/forum/topic.php?id=398&highlight=&page=3&s=55361ef6ee752019cf69c0f7eb10fdaa Note the broken bottom right of the 4th stamp on the 4th row (identical to the House of Stamps 1985 catalogue which shows Peter Winter forgeries).

This might be a sheet with Peter Winter forgeries?

Another sheet of 'reprints', also made by Peter Winter?

Another forgery probably taken from the bottom right of a forged sheet (with very wide margins to the right and bottom). Possibly a Peter Winter product.

I've been told that this is a reprint from original plates, but it is actually a forgery (most likely from the same origin as the stamps shown above):



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