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SAXONY (Sachsen) forgeries of the first issue, part 2

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Saxony forgeries of the first issue, part 1, or part 3, or Sperati forgeries or Peter Winter forgeries

Genuine stamps:

I've been told that this stamp is genuine Certified genuine


Fournier forgeries:

Fournier forgeries. Note that the second forgery has no number in the 'number' cancel. Such a cancel does not exist; it always has a number or is fully covered with lines (Vollgitterstempel).

I think the first stamp above is a Fournier forgery. It has the same cancel as in 'The Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries': "SEBNITZ i/S 15 3 52 6-2 V". According to 'The Forged Stamps of all Countries' by J.Dorn, the line under the word "DREI" is interrupted below the start of the "R" and the "I" (while in the genuine stamps, it is only interrupted below the 'I').
Fournier based his forgery on a Oswald Schroeder forgery (made between 1877 and 1880) with the same distinghuishing characteristics. By the way, the Schroeder forgery is often referred to as Engelhardt Fohl forgery (it was produced on the order of Fohl, source 'Philatelic Forgers, their Lives and Works' by Varro E. Tyler). The second stamp is a Fournier forgery.

Other Fournier forgeries with a "SEBNITZ i/S 15 3 52" or "SEBNITZ i/S 15 9 53" cancel. The first two have an additional "FAUX" overprint (from the 'Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries'). I've also seen a similar forgery with a changed date: "SEBNITZ i/S 15 7 51 5-3 V." cancel.

Some of the cancels Fournier used on forgeries of Saxony (taken from a Fournier album), by the way, the above Sebnitz cancel does not seem to be in this album:

Numeral cancel "6", "LEIPZIG 11 MAI 63" and "LEIPZIG 5 1/2 - 6" as used by Fournier, reduced sizes

This forgery has the cancel 'LEIPZIG 5 1/2 -6'; it could be a Fournier forgery.

Sheet of four forgeries, showing two different designs:

Extra lines below 'N' of 'FRANCO'

The first design (upper left and lower right stamp) show a peculiar top of the "R" of "DREI". The other two stamps (upper right and lower left) have some slanting lines in the frame below the "N" of "FRANCO". Below the block are shown three other forgeries with the same distinghuishing characteristics.

A whole sheet of these forgeries, consisting of 48 stamps (6 rows of 8 stamps); however, the genuine sheets contained only 20 stamps!


Oswald Schroeder forgeries:

I've been told that these two stamps are Oswald Schroeder forgeries.

These Schroeder forgeries are also sometimes called Fohl forgeries, since they were printed by Schroeder but ordered by Engelhardt Fohl from Dresden from 1877 to 1880. Oswald Schroeder (Schröder) was part of the A.Neumann and Schröder printing firm of Leipzig. In German they are called Schrödersche Lichtdruckfälschung. The site https://www.stampsx.com/ratgeber/ratgeber-sachsen.php, says that these forgeries were printed in pairs (as shown above?). This results in two types of Schroeder forgeries. In the upper forgery, there are two tiny breaks in the inner frameline to the left of the final "E" of "PFENNIGE". In the bottom forgery, this line does not connect to the upper right rosette.
V.E.Tyler in Philatelic Forgers, their lives and works, says that the Schroeder forgery was printed in sheets of 17 (with two tete-beche stamps). This information might be incorrect?


Other forgeries:

(Two forgeries on a letter)

Forgeries similar to the upper forgery in the above image.

The above forgeries appear to have been cut from the following 'reprint' sheet:

Note that each stamp has its own characteristics, missing framelines, smudges etc.

The upper left forgery of the above sheet, pasted on a letter and cancelled with a fantasy cancel. And another one, taken from position 15 of the above sheet (3rd stamp in the last column); note the missing left hand framelines.

Another forgery most likely from the same source.


Panelli/Oneglia(?) forgeries:

Forgeries with first "S" of "SACHSEN" different and "C" of "FRANCO" slanting. The "G" of "PFENNIGE" is also different. Also note the very thick upper right line in the upper right corner design. It might have been made by Panelli or Oneglia, since it is often offered in batches of Panelli/Oneglia forgeries offered on Ebay from Italy (2009). The patterns inside the large "3" are not the same as in genuine stamps.

(Other deceptive forgery)

In my view, the serifs on the letters of "DREI" are too small in these forgeries (last images, reduced sizes).

A photographic reproduction of 4 stamps

Modern reprint block of four stamps, note the very badly done "C" in "SACHSEN".


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