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Often seen forged 'VF' cancel

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A forged cancel consisting of a single circle "VF" in the center, a large dot at the bottom and an unreadable text in the outer part can be found on many forgeries of many different countries. It is not clear who applied this cancel. The article on http://www.bondskeuringsdienst.nl/VFstempel.pdf by Hans J.A.Vinkenborg attibutes it to the forger Spiro. The forgeries of Brazil with this cancel are generally attributed to the forger Zechmeyer. Could "VF" stand for "Venturini Florence" or even "Usigli Florence"?

Many of the basic forgeries appear to be Spiro forgeries though. I've seen many 'normal' Spiro forgeries in sheets of 25 stamps. However, I have never seen sheets or even multiples with this VF cancel.

New South Wales



New Brunswick


British Honduras

With "VF" cancel as can be found on many other forgeries of other countries.

Virgin Islands

Barbados and St.Lucia


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