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BAVARIA 1849 issue (Germany)

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Currency: 60 Kreuzer = 1 Gulden, after 1875 100 Pfennig = 1 Mark

1849 Number in rectangle, Imperforated, value in 'KREUZER', inscription 'BAYERN'

1 k black Certifiied genuineImage reproduced with permission from: http://www.sandafayre.com

1 k yellow 1 k red 3 k red 3 k blue 6 k brown 6 k blue 9 k brown 9 kr green 12 k red "Typical Cancellation Millwheel" 12 kr green 18 k yellow, no silk thread, forgery? 18 kr red

  1 k black (the so-called 'Schwarze Einser'
  1 k yellow
  1 k red
  3 k blue
  3 k red
  6 k brown
  6 k blue
  9 k green
  9 k brown
  12 k red
  12 k green
  18 k yellow
  18 k red

Note the silk thread!

For the specialist: these stamps (exept the 1 kr black) have silk threads. Note that the 1 k black has a slightly different design.

Value of the stamps

vc = very common
c  = common
*  = not so common
** = uncommon
*** = very uncommon
R   = rare
RR  = very rare
RRR = extremely rare
1 k blackRRRRRR 
1 k yellow***** 
1 k red**** 
3 k blue**c 
3 k red***c 
6 k brown**cTwo types
6 k blue**** 
9 k green**** 
9 k brown***** 
12 k redRR 
12 k green****** 
18 k yellowRR 
18 k redRR 

Typical cancels:

Open Millwheel cancel 18 k yellow "Typical Cancellation Closed Millwheel"
('Mühlrad' or millwheel cancel, two types)

There are two types of the 'Millwheel' cancel, the open millwheel ('Offener Mühlrad') or the closed millwheel ('Geschlossener Mühlrad').

Some numbers and their corresponding towns for the Closed Millwheel cancels:
18: Augsburg
20: Bamberg
91: Freising
111: Gollheim (Pfalz)
217: München
243: Nürnberg
396: Wurzburg

Forgeries, examples:

Forgery! A forgery with a circle around th '1'!

(I have also seen this forgery uncancelled)

(Two forgeries with the same cancel, probably made by the same forger)

I suspect the following stamps to be Fournier forgeries:

Fournier forgery?

Fournier forgery? Front and backside

The cancel on the one of the 12 k and the 18 k is 'PASSAU VII 19 4' in a half-circle as in the Fournier album of philatelic forgeries. The cancel on two of the 12 k forgeries is '269' millwheel (also in this album). He also seems to have used the cancel 'PASSAU 7A 8 5' in a half-circle and several other millwheel cancels. I cannot discover a silkthread on the above forgeries. He offered 6 values (among them the above stamps and a 1 kr black) for 6 Swiss Francs in his 1914 Pricelist. Another 1 kr was offered as 'choix extra' for 5 Swiss Francs.

(Genuine 18 kr stamp?)

According to 'The Forged Stamps of all Countries' by J.Dorn the upper left half of the '8' of the central '18' should be like in the picture above. But be careful, I have seen recent a Peter Winter forgery with this right upper left half!

The forger Peter Winter also made forgeries of the 1 k stamp, examples:

blurred impression
(Peter Winter forgeries)

(Peter Winter forgeries, reduced sizes)

(Tete-beche with 'Zwischensteg' or empty space between the two stamps)

I have seen these Peter Winter forgeries with printed normally and with blurred print (see picture above). I have seen them often with the '107' wheel-cancel. I've also seen some Winter forgeries of the 1 k black value with a wheel-cancel '49'. These forgeries were made in the 1980's, they don't look very 'old'.

(A pair of Peter Winter forgeries of the 18 k red stamps)

Forgeries on cover:

(Reduced size)

A similar letter with four 18 kr forgeries and the same cancel 'DEGGENDORF 23 5' and numeral cancel '49' can be found at Bill Claghorn's website: http://members.tripod.com/claghorn1p/Bavaria/Front1.htm. Everything seems to be forged, even the letter itself. This is probably a product of Peter Winter as well.

(This forgery has an extra outer outline, it seems to have written 'replik' on the backside)

Sperati forgeries:

(Front and backside of Sperati's reproduction 'C')

Sperati made three different forgeries of the 1 k stamp (reproduction 'A', 'B' and 'C'); I do not know the distinghuishing characteristics for these forgeries.

('Faksimile 1991' tete beche stamps, reduced sizes)

A block of four 4 k blue reprints, from the 'original stones' made in 1961

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Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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Preview of Stamps Catalogue CD : VOLUME 1