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BAVARIA 1849 issue forgeries of the 1 kr black, part 2

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Currency: 60 Kreuzer = 1 Gulden, after 1875 100 Pfennig = 1 Mark

Certifiied genuine
Certified genuine 1 k black stamps

The rare 1 k black has been the target of most forgers (more than 20 different kinds of forgeries exist), but the 12 k and 18 k values were also forged.


Bavaria 1849 issue, forgeries of the 1 kr black value, part 1


Cuts from Mencke Huber postcards:

Cuts from a Mencke Huber postcard. See also here for more information.

Fournier forgeries:

I suspect the following stamps to be Fournier forgeries:

Fournier forgery?
In my opinion the letters are all too thin in these Fournier(?) forgeries.

Forged Fournier cancels taken from a Fournier Album, reduced sizes

Fournier offered 6 values (among them the above 1 kr black) for 6 Swiss Francs in his 1914 Pricelist. Another 1 kr was offered as 'choix extra' for 5 Swiss Francs. I presume the above stamps must be the cheaper version. I've seen the 'extra choice' with one of the above "PASSAU" cancels:

Presumably an 'extra choice' Fournier forgery with a "PASSAU" cancel.

Forgeries, presumably made by the same forger. This forgery also appears in the Fournier Album. Even yellow 'reprints' seem to exist.

Part of a Fournier Album, two types of forgeries of the 1 k are shown here. The second one is the one with the thin letters.


Peter Winter forgeries:

The forger Peter Winter also made forgeries of the 1 k stamp, examples:

Peter Winter forgeries, type I: "E" of "BAYERN" has a dent in the vertical white part, there is a white scratch in the frameline to the right of the "U" of "KREUZER".

blurred impression
Peter Winter forgeries, type II: white upwards pointing flaw at the right hand bottom side of the "E" of "BAYERN". I've seen a whole sheet of uncancelled forgeries of this type (30 stamps, 6 rows of 5).

This particular Peter Winter forgery has an upward pointing white flaw at the bottom right hand side of the "E" of "BAYERN".

(Peter Winter forgeries, reduced sizes)

Tete-beche with 'Zwischensteg' or empty space between the two stamps (type I forgeries)

I have seen these Peter Winter forgeries with printed normally and with blurred print (see picture above). I have seen them often with the "107" wheel-cancel. I've also seen some Winter forgeries of the 1 k black value with a wheel-cancel "49". These forgeries were made in the 1980's, they don't look very 'old'. Often, they have the word "Replik" printed at the backside.

Forgeries on cover:

(Reduced size)

A similar letter with four 18 kr forgeries and the same cancel "DEGGENDORF 23 5" and numeral cancel "49" can be found at Bill Claghorn's website: http://members.tripod.com/claghorn1p/Bavaria/Front1.htm. Everything seems to be forged, even the letter itself. This is probably a product of Peter Winter as well. I've also seen a forged letter (probably Peter Winter as well) with two 1k black stamps and the cancel "PASSAU 18/9 5 A BAHNHOF".

(This forgery has an extra outer outline, it also seems to have written 'replik' on the backside)

Probably a Peter Winter forged envelope with three 1 k black stamps

Another Peter Winter product with a 'K.BAYER FELDPOST' cancel

Sperati forgeries:

Sperati made three different forgeries of the 1 k stamp (Reproduction 'A', 'B' and 'C'). He also made tete-beche forgeries of Reproduction 'C'.

Sperati's reproduction 'A'

Sperati 'Reproduction A'

Front and backside of a Sperati forgery 'Reproduction A'; there is a white line between "Y" and "E" of "BAYERN". I've also seen Reproduction 'A' with a "PASSAU 20 8 2 F (BAHNHOF)" circular cancel and "382" and "297" millwheel cancels.

Sperati forgery 'Reproduction B', note the "C" of "FRANCO" which has a blotch at the right bottom side. The zoom-in shows this clearly. Also another one with a forged "BAYREUTH X 10 12" cancel. I've also seen it with a "175" and "313" cancel.

Sperati's reproduction "C" with a "102" numeral cancel. I've also seen it with a "226" numeral cancel.

Front and backside of Sperati's reproduction 'C'; in 'Reproduction C', there is a small white line connecting the top of the "B" of "BAYERN" with the white line above it (see also the zoom-in). Reproduction 'C' also exists in grey-black.

Tete-beche 'Reproduction C' (image obtained from a Sotheby auction)

A page from the book of the British Philatelic Association, showing the cancels Sperati used on his forgeries. Besides several millwheel cancels, he also forged some other cancels. I have seen the cancel 'ERLANGEN 10 1' on an envelope with French Ceres Sperati forgeries, which was also illustrated on the Robson Lowe auction catalogue of Sperati forgeries (1972).

Front page of an auction catalogue of Robson Lowe with Sperati forgeries (1972), with an envelope with two French 1 F Ceres stamps, send to Bavaria. It bears three "ORLEANS 2 JANV 1849 (23)" forged cancels. The cancel "ERLANGEN 10 1" is also forged.

I'm not sure what is this, at the back the word "Probedruck" (=proof) is written.

A pair of forgeries with a solid circular central background. Here with a "219" numeral cancel. I've also seen a block of four of these forgeries with a "225" numeral cancel.

Advertisement label from D.Kracklauer Brunnstr.12 in Munich.


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