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Peter WINTER forgeries of German States, part 2: Bavaria

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The forger Peter Winter (Germany) made forgeries of many classic and rare stamp of several countries in the 1980's. They sometimes have the word 'replik' written on the backside (but not always). He not only sold them 'loose' but also on cover. He seems to have used some photographs of the British Library in London to make some of his forgeries (source: http://www.sheryll.net/Forgeries/Germany/Forgeries_article_Germany.htm). A catalog exists of the 'House of Stamps', offering his 'stamps', see: http://www.seymourfamily.com/billclaghorn/HouseOfStamps/index.htm. Recently, these forgeries are offered in large numbers on internet auctions for low prices.

(Example of the 'replik' overprint on the backside of a Winter forgery

Note on all Winter forgeries:They are printed on modern paper (the paper doesn't 'look' old). This is the main distinghuishing characteristic.


Peter Winter also made forgeries of the 1 k stamp 1849 stamps of Bavaria, examples:

blurred impression
(Peter Winter forgeries)

(Peter Winter forgeries, reduced sizes)

I have seen these Peter Winter forgeries with printed normally and with blurred print (see picture above). I have seen them often with the '107' wheel-cancel. I've also seen some Winter forgeries of the 1 k black value with a wheel-cancel '49'. These forgeries were made in the 1980's, they don't look very 'old'.

(Reduced size)

A similar letter with four 18 kr forgeries and the same cancel 'DEGGENDORF 23 5' and numeral cancel '49' can be found at Bill Claghorn's website: http://members.tripod.com/claghorn1p/Bavaria/Front1.htm. Everything seems to be forged, even the letter itself.

(A pair of Peter Winter forgeries of the 18 k red stamps)

Block of four 18 k stamps with cancel 'PASSAU 18/9 5 A BAHNHOF'

In the 'House of Stamps' catalogue, a row of four 18 k stamps can be found, cancelled with a '356' cancel and a 'Zwischensteg' in the middle. Winter also seems to have made forgeries of the 18 k yellow stamps, though I have not seen them personally.

I have indications that Peter Winter also made several 'proofs' in colors different than the issued colors of the first issues.

The next envelope is completely forged, it is adressed to 'Landwirtschaftliche Verein ???? Sauschwabenheim bei Engelheim' (the text is difficult to read):

Note that this same forged envelope was also used for a Baden Stockach issue (imperforate 3 k stamp).

Other forged envelope:

Zoom in of the above envelope

Probably also Winter forgeries

(Peter Winter forgeries, one with cancel 'FLUGPOST 17 10 12 MUNCHEN')

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