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GERMAN STATES Uniform color scheme of 1861

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Baden - Bavaria - Brunswick - Hanover - Mecklenburg-Strelitz - Oldenburg - Prussia - Saxony - Schleswig-Holstein - Thurn and Taxis - Wurttemberg

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The Prussian Postal Administration proposed in 1861 to use a uniform color scheme for the stamps used in the German Austrian Postal Union. Despite the different currencies, it would be immediatly clear if the right stamp was used on a letter. The colors used were red, blue and brown. Some examples of these stamps:

Examples for Baden

3 k red 6 k blue 9 k brown
3 k red 6 k blue
Examples for Bavaria.

The 1 g, 2 g and 3 g of Brunswick of 1865 were produced in the proposed colors red, blue and brown.

Examples from Hannover

2 Sgr blue 3 s brown
Mecklenburg Strelitz

2 g blue, 3 g brown

2 sg blue
3 k red 6 k blue

1 ngr red

2 s blue 4 s brown
Schleswig Holstein

2 s blue 3 s brown
6 k blue, rouletted
Thurn and Taxis

6 k blue
7 k blue

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