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BAVARIA 1849 issue forgeries (except 1 kr black)

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Currency: 60 Kreuzer = 1 Gulden, after 1875 100 Pfennig = 1 Mark

Certified genuine by Peter Sem Genuine
Genuine 12 k and 18 k stamps. The bottom of the "U" of "KREUZER" should be flat in both the 12 and 18 kr.



Left a forgery of the 18 k value with a 'lines' cancel which I have never seen on a genuine stamp; also the "1" and the "8" in the corners are too far away from each other in my view. Next to it a 18 k yellow stamp, probably made by the same forger. Also a 12 k green and 12 k red with the same line-cancel. In the above 12 k forgeries, there is a scratch across the upper right value label.

Two forgeries with the same cancel, both probably made by the same forger. The bottom of the "U" of "KREUZER" is too rounded in both forgeries. The "K" and "R" of this word are too far apart.

I suspect the following stamps to be Fournier forgeries:

Fournier forgery? Front and backside
The "U" of "KREUZER" is too rounded. Fournier forgeries exists with silk thread painted on it, pasted on it or without silk thread.

18 k Fournier forgery with "FAUX" overprint.

Forged Fournier cancels taken from a Fournier Album, reduced sizes

Part of a Fournier Album with forgeries from Bavaria.

Highly suspicious item, most likely a Fournier forgery as well.

The cancel on the one of the 12 k and the 18 k is "PASSAU VII 19 4" in a half-circle as in the Fournier album of philatelic forgeries. The cancel on two of the 12 k forgeries is '269' millwheel (also in this album). He also seems to have used the cancel "PASSAU 7A 8 5" in a half-circle and several other millwheel cancels. I cannot discover a silkthread on most of the above forgeries. He offered 6 values (among them the above stamps and a 1 kr black) for 6 Swiss Francs in his 1914 Pricelist. Another 1 kr was offered as 'choix extra' for 5 Swiss Francs.
According to me, the 12 k Fournier forgery has the bottom right part of the upper right corner '12' too long.

(Genuine 18 kr stamp?)

According to 'The Forged Stamps of all Countries' by J.Dorn the upper left half of the "8" of the central "18" should be like in the picture above. But be careful, I have seen recent a Peter Winter forgery with a correct upper left half!

Forgery of the 18 k yellow, with "BAYERN" too broad.

Another forgery of the 18 k value.

Forgery with a bogus dots cancel.

Cuts from a Mencke Huber card (see next image) In the forgery of the 18 k, the words "BAYERN" and "FRANCO" are too broad and the ornaments different (especially inside the "8").

These are probably also cuts from some kind of souvenir card, note the gray areas in the 3 k and 9 k values. Also the design is not exactly similar to the genuine stamps and the cancels are 'strange'.

Forgery of the 12 k red, the bottom left of the "Z" of "KREUZER" almost touches the "U".

The top of the large "1" is too close to the circle and the "C" of "FRANCO" is too open in this forgery.

Some other forgeries.

The Serrane guide also mentions Nuremberg forgeries of the 12 k and 18 k values and card cut-outs from an exhibition in Munich in 1914 for the same values. I have no further information.

The forger Peter Winter also made forgeries of the 18 k red stamp. These forgeries were made in the 1980's, they don't look very 'old'.

A pair of Peter Winter forgeries of the 18 k red stamps. I've seen four of such forgeries with a 'zwischensteg' and cancel "POSTABLAGE OBERNBREIT.".

Block of four 18 k stamps with cancel "PASSAU 18/9 5 A BAHNHOF". I've also seen these forgeries pasted on letters (with the same cancel); also with 'zwischensteg'. I've also seen a block of four of these forgeries with the cancel "POSTABLAGE OBERNBREIT.". Also another block with the numeral cancel "49". Also another block with "BOELLHEIM 27/?".

Another forged Peter Winter product, the letter, stamps and cancels are all forged.

Forgeries on cover:

(Reduced size)

A similar letter with four 18 kr forgeries and the same cancel "DEGGENDORF 23 5" and numeral cancel "49" can be found at Bill Claghorn's website: http://members.tripod.com/claghorn1p/Bavaria/Front1.htm. Everything seems to be forged, even the letter itself. This is probably a product of Peter Winter as well.


A block of four 4 k blue reprints, from the 'original stones' made in 1960. According to the booklet by the German Philatelic Society, 4000 of such sheetlets were printed.

Zoom-in of this reprint, the words 'Neudruck 1960' are printed in red at the backside.

Photographic reproduction made in 1961, with "Reproduktion" printed at the back. The dots of the photograph are clearly visible when zoomed in. The 1 k black was also made in a similar fashion (see there). Below the stamp at the back the text "15.Bundestag 62.Philatelistentag Nurnberg 1961" is printed.

A reprint with the original stone made for the IBRA'99 in 1999.

Another 'reprint' of the 18 k made in 1972 for 'Isaria' in Wolfratshausen, (sorry for the small image)

In 1987 another minisheet was issued to commemorate the birthday of Peter Haseney, the designer of the first stamp of Bavaria. It has the 1 k black, 3 k blue and 6 k brown facsimiles printed on it. The text at the bottom of each stamp is 'Facsimile'(?). The text on the minisheet is '175. Geburtstag von Peter Haseney, dem Schopfer der ersten deutschen Briefmarke'. The minisheet was printed by Gehringer.

Again another reprint exists of the 3 k blue stamp (one stamp on a minisheet) for the IBRA 99 exhibition. On the back of this reprints is written "Neudruck vom Originaldruckstößel IBRA 99".

A forgery of the 1 k red with dots in the numeral instead of a pattern of lines.

Some kind of advertisement label in the design of the 9 k green with inscription "MUENCHEN WAEHLT DR DR DR KELLER"

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