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FRENCH COLONIES Tablet issue (1893)

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The Tablet issue was issued for the following French Colonies: Anjouan (Sultanat d'Anjouan), Benin (Golfe de Bénin or Bénin), Dahomey, Diego Suarez, French Congo (Congo Français), French Guinea (Guinée Française), French Guyana (Guyane), French India (Établissements de l'Inde), French Indo-China (Indo-Chine), French Oceanic Settlements (Établissements de l'Océanie), French Sudan (Soudan Français), Gabon, Great Comoro (Grande Comore), Guadeloupe, Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire), Martinique, Mayotte, Moheli (Mohéli), New Caledonia (Nouvelle Caledonie), Nossi-Be, (Nossi-Bé), Obock, Reunion (Réunion), Senegal (Sénégal), Senegambia and Niger (Sénégambie et Niger), St Marie de Madagascar, St Pierre and Miquelon.

The following values were issued (not all values were issued for each colony):

5 c green 5 c green 10 c red 15 c blue 20 c red on green 25 c black 25 c blue 30 c brown 35 c black on yellow 40 c orange 75 c violet on orange 1 F green 2 F violet on red and 5 F lilac

  1 c black on blue 
  2 c brown on yellowish 
  4 c brown 
  5 c green (2 different shades) 
  10 c black 
  10 c red 
  15 c blue 
  15 c grey 
  20 c red on yellow 
  25 c black 
  25 c blue 
  30 c brown 
  35 c black
  40 c orange
  45 c black 
  50 c red 
  50 c brown on blue 
  75 c lilac 
  1 F green 
  2 F violet on red 
  5 F lilac 

Many of these stamps exist with an overprint '05' or '10' in black or red (made in 1912).

'05' on 15 c grey '05' on 25 c black '10' on 45 c black

These surcharges exist with a variety: more space between '0' and '5' or '1' and '0':

'05' on 15 c blue
Left normal stamp, right variety with more space between '0' and '5'.

'10' on 45 c black
(Left: normal; right: more space between '1' and '0' variety)

Several errors also exist, such as double and inverted surcharges:

(Double surcharged '10' and inverted 'widely spaced 05')

Forgeries of the Tablet issue

Fournier forgeries

I know that the forger Fournier attempted to forge these stamps. He made forgeries in large numbers of all French colonies (all values of all colonies it seems).

Fournier forgeries of these stamps (obtained from Benoit Chandanson's website):

(Fournier forgery left, genuine stamp right)

They can be recognized by the often bad perforation, the colour is also different from the genuine stamps. Furthermore the following 3 characteristics can be observed:

Characteristics 1), 2) and 3) (upper images: forgeries, lower images, genuine)

1) The fingers of the hand in the upper central part are badly visible

2) The upper horizontal bar of the 'F' and 'E' of 'FRANCAISE' are shorter in the Fournier forgeries. The 'R' is also different.

3) The fingers of the hand in the upper left corner part are also badly visible.

4) The bottom left fruit is attached to the horn.

(Perforation in the corners of a forged Martinique stamp)

5) The perforation is not perfect in the corners.

Fournier forgeries, examples:

Fournier forgery! Fournier forgery? Fournier forgery! Forgery!

(Reduced size)

Overprinted stamps were also forged by Fournier (on forged stamps):

Fournier forgery Fournier forgery Fournier forgery!

(Forgeries of the parcel stamps of St.Pierre and Miquelon)

Some of the cancels used by Fournier (taken from a Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries):

(Reduced sizes)

Other forgeries

A new badge of forgeries seems to have been introduced into the market recently. As in the Fournier forgeries, the corners perforations are not perfect, the colours too brigth and the printing process is different from the genuine stamps (source: http://www.colfra.com/centre.php?page=article&contenu=actualite, in French). Pictures of these recent forgeries can also be found on this website.

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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Preview of Stamps Catalogue CD : VOLUME 1