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CANADA 1851-1867

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New Brunswick - Nova Scotia 1851 issues - Nova Scotia 1860 issues - British Columbia and Vancouver Island - Newfoundland - Prince Edward Islands
Frodel forgeries - R.C. Bach (Canadian stamp dealer and forger) - J.A.Nutter (Montreal stamp dealer and forger) - Craig and Melvin (Canadian stamp dealers/forgers) - Henry Hechler (stamp dealer)

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1851, Various designs, value in "PENCE"

6 p black 7 1/2 c = 6 p stg green Image obtained from a Shreves auction Certified genuine Uncancelled 12 p stamp sold by an auction of Spink in London

  1/2 p red (queen Victoria)
  3 p red (beaver)
  6 p black (prince Albert)
  7 1/2 Cy (=6 d Stg) green (Queen Victoria)
  10 Cy (=8 d Stg) blue (Jacques Cartier)
  12 p black (Queen Victoria)

Perforated (1858)

  1/2 p red
  3 p red
  6 p black

The 7 1/2 Cy and 12 p black are also known as 'Chalon head' after the designer. The perforated stamps have perforation 12.

Value of the stamps

vc = very common
c  = common
*  = not so common
** = uncommon
*** = very uncommon
R   = rare
RR  = very rare
RRR = extremely rare
Value Unused Used Remarks
1/2 p RR RR  
3 p RR *** Exists bisected
6 p RRR RR Exists bisected
7 1/2 Cy RRR RRR  
10 Cy RRR RRR  
12 p RRR RRR The 12 p stamp was printed in a quantity of 51,000 stamps (255 sheets of 200 stamps each). However, only 1450 stamps were actually sold and the remainders were destroyed. I've seen some proofs with a vertical red 'SPECIMEN' overprint (and also one with this overprint removed!).
1/2 p RRR RR Exists bisected
3 p RR R  
6 p RRR RRR  

Stamps with vertical "SPECIMEN" overprint.



(Ring cancels with no number in the center, so-called 'target cancel')

A "1857" numeral cancel of Streetsville Ontario.

A Toronto barcancel.

Four-ring cancels

Four-ring cancel '27' belonging to the post office of Ottawa

Other four-ring cancels with their corresponding numbers and towns:
1: Barry
2: Belleville
3: Berlin
4: Bowmanville
5: Brantford (I've seen this cancel in blue)
7: Collingwood
8: Chatham
10: Cobourg
11: Cornwall
12: Dundas
13: Galt
14: Goderich
15: Guelph
17: Ingersol
18: Kingston
19: London
20: Melbourne
21: Montreal
22: Napanee
23: Niagara
24: Oakville
25: Oshawa
26: Owen
27: Ottawa
28: Paris
29: Perth
30: Peterboro
31: Picton
32: Port Dover
34: Sarnia
35: Prescott
36: Preston
37: Quebec
38: St. Catharines
39: St. John
40: St.Thomas
41: Sandwich
42: Sherbrooke
43: Simcoe
44: Smith's Falls
45: Stanstead
47: Three-Rivers
49: Whitby (I've seen this cancel in blue)
50: Windsor
51: Brockville
52: Clifton
516: Montreal
627: Ottawa



Primitive forgeries

Two forgeries of the 12 p stamp, one with red "FAC SIMILE" overprint. The cancel (7 concentric rings) is placed in almost the same position in these two forgeries.

Another rather crude forgery of the 12 p value

Forgery with badly done upper right '3' and sun too prominent

The 12 p proof is known with the word 'SPECIMEN' removed, rebacked with faked laid paper and a forged cancellation added (Canadian Philatelist Vol. 9, No.4 Jul.-Aug. 1958, p. 6).

Oneglia/Panelli forgeries:

An Oneglia forgery made around 1890. In my opinion the openings in the "D" and "P" of "CANADA POSTAGE" are too big in these forgeries. I've also seen this forgery with perforation (next image). According to the journal BNA Topics (May, 1972 page 116), in an article called 'The Panellis' by E.A.Smythies, this cancel (circular 25 mm diameter with 13 or 14 horizontal lines) is bogus.

Forgery of the 6 p stamp made by the forger Oneglia.

I've been told that Panelli made a forgery of the 3 p beaver imperforate stamp, the 10 p stamp and the 12 p stamp. These forgeries are engraved, I have no further information. The expression on the face of the 12 p forgery is quite different (she looks angry) from the genuine stamp. As far as I can see, there are no leave patterns in the corners as in the genuine stamps. In the copy I've seen the same circular cancel with lines as shown above was used on this 12 p forgery. There is an article in the FFE Journal (#11) on these Oneglia forgeries.

Panelli (Oneglia) forgery of the 3 p value (first stamp reduced size)

Panelli (Oneglia) forgery of the 10 p stamp. The letters "cy" behind the "10" at the bottom at both sides are placed too high.

Oneglia forgeries of the 6 p and 12 p value.

The forger Peter Winter made forgeries of the 12 p imperforate stamp. I have seen a forged envelope with two of such stamps adressed to: 'D. Edwin D. Newton at the Hospital Richmond Va' with a cancel 'MONTREAL MR 16 1852'. Winter made forgeries on both white and yellow paper. I've also seen blocks of four of these forgeries. Also a sheet with two blocks of four forgeries each, printed tete-beche at some distance from each other. In all these Winter forgeries, the outer frameline always shows the same breaks at the same places.

Peter Winter forgery of the 12 p value (left image kindly send to me by Ken Pugh). Note the lines outside the frame on the upper left and bottom right part of the stamp.

12 p black on yellow paper Winter forgery on piece (image kindly set at my disposal by Ken Pugh)

Another rather dangerous engraved forgery of the 10 c value.

Another 'Reproduction'

Reprint made for the first annual edition of the Canada specialized postage stamp catalogue 1973.

Forged perforations:

On http://www.postalstamps.ca/Articles/The-Perforated-Pence-Stamps.html we can read concerning forged perforations that they were made by Benjamin and Sarpy:
In commenting on the above it will save undue confusion if we state that the copy of the perforated 6d on laid paper to which Mr. King refers was proved to be a forgery as shown by the following extract from the American Journal of Philately for 1891:—
There is no longer any mystery in regard to the origin of that great rarity! the perforated 6 pence on laid paper, these stamps having been perforated for four or five years in the shop of Messrs. Benjamin, Sarpy & Co., Cullum street, London, who openly boast of having manufactured and sold those in the collection of the late Hon. T. K. Tapling and other prominent collectors.
This text can also be found in 'The Stamps of Canada' by Bertram William Henry Poole (2008).


1859 Value in "Cents"

  1 c red (Victoria)
  2 c red (Victoria)
  5 c red (beaver)
  10 (X) c brown (prince Albert)
  12 1/2 c (6 d Stg) green (Victoria)
  17 c (8 d Stg) blue (Jacques Cartier)

These stamps are perforated 12.

Value of the stamps

vc = very common
c  = common
*  = not so common
** = uncommon
*** = very uncommon
R   = rare
RR  = very rare
RRR = extremely rare
Value Unused Used Remarks
1 c *** *  
2 c R *** Exists bisected
5 c *** * Exists bisected
10 c R ***  
12 1/2 c *** ***  
17 c R ***  

An imperforate proof of the 17 c value and an imperforate 10 c proof with red "SPECIMEN" overprint.


(Four-ring cancel, for a list see the previous series)

(Red mute cancels consisting of parallel bars)


(Engraved forgery, a product of Oneglia, previously also attributed to Panelli)

Be careful with bisected stamps, they have been forged on cover (for example by the forger Raoul de Thuin; see 'The Yucatan Affair, The work of Raoul Ch. de Thuin, Philatelic Counterfeiter', published by The American Philatelic Society).

Engraved forgeries of the 5 c, 10 c, 12 1/2 c and 17 c stamps, made by Oneglia.

A Sperati blackprint of the 17 c value.

Essay of a stamp of Canada of around 1850, no country inscription; Roman soldier with hat. The inscription is 'POSTAGE SIX PENCE'. I've also seen this essay in blue.


For issues of Canada issued after 1867, click here.


Henry Hechler, a stamp dealer in Halifax, who produced fake official envelopes and bisects.
Frodel forgeries
R.C. Bach (Canadian stamp dealer and forger)
J.A.Nutter (Montreal stamp dealer and forger)
Craig and Melvin (Canadian stamp dealers/forgers)

Ken Pugh has made a set of books on the forgeries of Canada. According to him the following releases exist:

Release 1 - Sperati forgeries of Canada, Vancouver Island, Newfoundland
Release 2 - Bisect fakes of deThuin and others (in prep)
Release 3 - Fake western Canada cancels
Release 4 - Canadian provinces - genuine issues
Release 5 - Fake OHMS perfins and overprints
Release 6 - Fake used souvenir sheets
Release 7 - Prince Edward Island - forgeries and fakes (in prep)
Release 8 - Canadian postal counterfeits 1953-2003  (in prep)
Release 8a - Canadian Booklet postal counterfeits
Release 9 - Fake Ottawa and BC crown cancels (in prep)

I would like to thank Ken here for sending me some of his images of the forgeries of Canada and its provinces.


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