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BRUNSWICK Forgeries of the 1852-64 issue, part 2

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Brunswick, forgeries of the 1852-64 issue, part 1

Forgery with strange "G" in "BRAUNSCHWEIG" and the "2"s different from the genuine stamps. The bottom label is touching the bottom frame at the right hand side. I've also seen it with a cancel consisting of parallel lines. Next to it a 2 Sgr black on blue and a 1 Sgr red forgery made by the same forger. The 2 g has a curved scratch going through the "U" of "BRAUNSCHWEIG" down to the "Z" of "ZWEI". I've seen the 2 g forgery with a "CORREOS" cancel.

The "1"s in the above 1 sgr forgeries don't have a long upper serif as in the genuine stamps. Also the bottom label is much flatter at the left hand bottom side. The inscriptions are badly done.

Bottom left label is very pointy and almost touches bottom frameline
Bottom left label is very pointy and almost touches bottom frameline. I've also seen this forgery on brownish paper.

The 1/3 sgr was never issued on yellow paper!
1/3 Sgr forgery on yellow, green or lilac paper (it also exists on white paper); the left "1" of "1/3" has a too long left foot. The "B" of "BRAUNSCHWEIG" touches the upper label. There is too much shading on the belly of the horse. There is also too much shading on the left bottom part of the label with "VIER SILBR. PF". There is a dot behind "VIER".

Forgery described in Billig's Handbook of Forgeries. The "1/4" has a horizontal stroke instead of a slanting one.

Behrmann forgeries:

Engraved forgeries of the 2 Sgr blue stamp made by Behrmann (3rd forgery of the 2 Sgr value in Album Weeds). The "2" is curved at the bottom. The "S" of "SILB" appears to be inverted. Also a Behrmann forgery of the 3 Sgr value ("3"s too tall; most likely the second forgery of the 3 Sgr value mentioned in Album Weeds)

Perhaps another Behrmann forgery of the 1 Sgr red stamp.

Probably a forgery
Forgeries of the 1/3 value, also some 1 Silb.Gr. forgeries made by the same forger..

Forgeries of the 3 Silb.Gr. value

The head of the horse is almost touching the ellipse in this forgery of the 1/3 Sgr. The "G" of "BRAUNSCHWEIG" is rather strange. Here it appears with a bogus parallel lines cancel, but I have also seen it without cancel.

Forgeries of the 3 Sgr, the cancel appears to have been printed with the stamp.

Forgeries of the 3 Sgr red, the "3" are too narrow. The upper label almost touches the left hand frameline.

Sheetlet of forgeries with some of them a "HELMSTEDT 29/8" forged cancel. I've seen this cancel on other suspicious stamps (on letter).

Very primitive forgeries with a 5-lines cancel.

Other forgeries

Other forgeries exist, examples:


Forgeries on pieces of a letter.

Forgery, made from a photograph. Note the typical 'photographic dots' (can be seen in the enlarged image).

Forgeries of stamps (one 1 sgr rose with an additional bisected 1 sgr rose) on letters can be found at: http://members.tripod.com/claghorn1p/Brunswick/index.htm of Bill Claghorn; (Winter forgery?). Quote from this website: "these covers first had the cover front with pen writing duplicated. The stamp was then placed manually and hand cancels applied. Therefore the handwriting is identical between examples but the stamp placement and markings vary."

I myself have seen the following envelope with 4 forged stamps on it (with one tete-beche!):

I have also seen the same letter(!) with identical handwriting, but with the stamps and cancels placed in a slightly different position. Could these be productions of Peter Winter? And again the same letter but with four 1 sgr red stamps (one inverted again), but now with cancel 'BRAUNSCHWEIG' in a semi-circle:

I"ve also the same letter with a block of four 1 Sgr black on yellow forgeries with a "9" numeral cancel adressed to the same person. The same block of four forgeries also exists on letters addressed to 'Joh.Rev. Freij' in Basel. I've also the same letter with a block of four 1 sgr black on yellow stamps (this time with a numeral "9" black cancel).

(Another Winter forgery)

The above forged letter has been forged by Peter Winter. Everything is forged, the letter, the stamps and the cancels. The letter is adressed to 'Messieurs Pansan et Montgolfier'. It has a "PEINE 26 SEPT." cancel in blue. The same forged letter has also been used with stamps of Bremen and Wurttemberg.

(Probably a Winter forgery, similar to the ones above)

I've also seen two 1sgr red Winter forgeries (one bisected) on an envelope addressed to someone in Eichthal.

Forgeries with both front legs together:

This 'tete-beche' forgery of the 1 sgr black on yellow has the front legs of the horse together

Sperati forgeries:

Front and backside of a Sperati forgery of the 2 Sgr blue, reduced size

Sperati forgeries of the 2 g bleu and 3 g red stamps

Front and backside of a Sperati 2 g forgery.

Some 'proofs' printed in black with additional violet inscription 'REPRODUCTION INTERDITE' and the signature of Jean de Sperati

The distinghuishing characteristics of the above Sperati forgeries are:
2 Sgr: the background lines in the central ellipse are broken in many places. There is a dot just below the frame in the lower left corner.
3 Sgr: The top left frame line is damaged. The upper right frame also has several defects.
The cancels used by Sperati are:
"BRAUNSCHWEIG 12/2" in a halfcircle
"BRAUNSCHWEIG 15/5" in a halfcircle
"BRAUNSCHWEIG 23/7" in a halfcircle
"BRAUNSCHWEIG 5/11" in a halfcircle
"WOLFENBUTTEL 16/3" in a halfcircle
"WOLFENBUTTEL 6/7 11 1/2 - 12" in a double circle

The following stamp has a strange "PF", repaired?

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