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J.H.Behrmann was a stamp forger or forgery distributor of Hamburg (Germany). I don't have much information about him and I'm not even 100% sure that the next forgeries are actually his......

The book 'Roman States Forgeries The issue of 1852' by F.J.Levitsky also mentions several Behrmann forgeries of the Roman States.

The following text can be found at: http://www.fipliterature.org/translations/pt043.PDF
For example, one very well respected firm in Hamburg, that of J. H. Behrmann sent bulk imitations of even the simplest stamps, such as those of Hamburg itself, Tuscany, Hanover, etc. out into the world.

First forgery of Album Weeds

Last image obtained from http://www.gsu.edu/~libpjr/stamps.html. Possibly a Fournier product cancelled with a pattern of lines with a very thick line in the center. Other sources say that these forgeries were made by J.H.Behrmann (a stamp forger of the 1860-1870's from Hamburg). Next to it two similar forgeries from Grenada, Natal and Queensland.

Engraved forgeries of the 2 Sgr blue stamp made by Behrmann (3rd forgery of the 2 Sgr value in Album Weeds). The "2" is curved at the bottom. The "S" of "SILB" appears to be inverted. Also a Behrmann forgery of the 3 Sgr value ("3"s too tall; most likely the second forgery of the 3 Sgr value mentioned in Album Weeds)

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