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BRUNSWICK, Miscellaneous

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Postal Stationery

185? Horse, inscription "POST-SCHEIN"

Reduced size 1/2 GGR

5 Pfg red and 6 Pfg orange

On full stationary.


1852 In the same design as the postage stamps of 1865 but larger:

Without inscription BRAUNSCHWEIG, blue inscription "POST-COUVERT"' on the left

  1 Ein Silber Groschen yellow
  2 Zwei Silber Groschen blue
  3 Drei Silber Groschen red


1865 As the postage stamps of 1865, blue inscription "POST-COUVERT" on the right:

  1 Gr. red
  2 Gr. blue
  3 Gr. brown

I have seen some 'Post - Anweisung's in similar designs:

I have seen 1 g red on red (bis 25 T inscription in black at the right) and 2 g blue on blue (bis 50 T inscription in black at the right)


Envelopes surcharged "St. P. Fr." (meaning 'Stadt Post Freimarke')

Cuts from such envelopes


Postal stationary of Hanover, also with a jumping horse.

Local issues, 1923

1923 Local issues during the inflation period, inscription "Gebuhr bezahlt, Taxe percue Braunschweig"

I have seen the following values: 5000 M black on grey, 15000 M black on green, 30000 M black on blue, 75000 M black on violet 150000 M black on yellow. I don't know if these stamps have ever been put into use.

Reprints of unissued stamps

These reprints were produced privately (see Ohrt's reprint book). These reprints exist in many colors.

Some reprints of unissued stamp designs (reduced size). I've also seen this design in blue (2 gr as well):

Reprint of an essay in blue

Other reprints. I've been told these were made in 1898. These are actually cuts from a larger sheets with various reprints made by Laßmann-Braunschweig, Reinheimer and H.Krötzsch (at least these names appear in the sheet). These are probably Hugo Krötzsch from Leipzig and A.Reinheimer of Frankfurt (both famous expertisers). There are three 1/3 Silb gr (one is shown above), three rectangular unissued designs (1x 1 gr and 2x 2 gr), two unissued elliptic designs (one shown above and another flatter 3 gr design), and finally the 1865 elliptic stamp design (2x 1gr, 4x 2 gr with one 2 gr stamp having an octagonal additional frame).

Fiscal stamps

Overprinted with 'Reichspfennig' and overwritten with 'Goldpfennig'

Inscription 'BRAUNSCHWEIGER GERICHTSKOSTENMARKE': The first fiscal stamps in this design were issued in 1871: 2 1/2 g, 3 1/2 g, 5 g, 10 g and 15 g (all in two shades of blue). In 1875 the currency was changed and the following values were issued: 25 p, 37 p and 50 p (grey with value in blue). The stamps above were issued during the inflation period and just after (manually overprinted with new value).


(issued before 1875)
"BRAUNSCHWEIGER STEMPEL" block of four 2 1/2 g and 15 g grey and red. Note the typical "Vernichtet" (=destroyed) cancel

Inscription "BRAUNSCHWEIGER STEMPEL": In the above design exist: 2 1/2 g, 3 1/3 g, 5 g, 10 g and 15 g (all grey with value in red), they were issued in 1871. In 1875 the following values were added (change to 'pfennig'): 10 p, 20 p, 25 p, 37 p and 50 p (also grey with value in red).
A set in different colours exist (different fiscal purpose): 2 1/2 g, 3 2/3 g (the Forbin guide says 3 1/3 g, this is probably a mistake), 5 g, 10 g and 15 g (all blue with value in dark blue, issued 1871). They were replaced by 25 p, 37 p and 50 p (all grey and blue).

2 1/2 g blue fiscal stamp "BRAUNSCHWEIGER STEMPEL"


In the large design exist: 1 T, 2 T, 5 T and 10 T(haler), in grey and blue (issued 1871). In 1875 they were replaced with the values 1 M, 1.50 M, 3 M, 5 M, 15 M and 30 M (also in grey and blue).
Stamps in other colours also exist: 1 T, 2 T, 5 T and 10 T in grey and red. And in 1875, they were gradually replaced with the values 1 M, 1.50 M, 2 M, 2.50 M, 3 M, 5 M, 7.50 M, 10 M, 15 M, 20 M, 25 M , 30 M, 40 M, 50 M, 75 M, 100 M, 300 M, 500 M and 1000 M (all in grey and red).
All the above stamps exist in tete-beche.

Railway stamps

(Reduced size)

The above 50 p lilac with inscription "Braunschweig Landes Eisenb.", ('50 Pfennig' in black overprinted) and a 3 Mk brown and black are the only railway stamps I have seen sofar in this design. Probably others exist. They must be quite rare.

I've also seen similar railway stamps (Eisenbahn Marken) with inscription "Braunschweig Schöning Eis." in the values: 5 p red, 30 p green (three types, '30' different'), 40 p red (two types '40' different), 50 p lilac, 60 p blue, 70 p brown, 80 p yellow, 90 p brown and 1 M grey. The value is always in black.

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Local stamps (19th century)

Some local stamps were issued in Braunschweig from 1886 to 1895, example:

Misprint: "PFFNNIG" instead of "PFENNIG":

(Reduced size)

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