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Peter WINTER forgeries of France

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Peter Winter forgeries of France


have also seen tete-beche forgeries of the 10c red(!), 15 c orange!), 40 c orange and 40 c red(!) of the 1849 issue of France:

(Peter Winter tete-beche forgeries)

Winter also sold his forgeries loose:

(A 10 c orange (!) and a 15 c red(!) Winter forgery, I have also seen a 10 c red)

This forgery of a 1 Fr stamp has the cancel 'LE LAC-OR.....', (the rest becomes very blotchy and I cannot deceipher it), I have also seen a bloc of four forgeries, where 1 stamp was printed tete-beche with exactly the same cancel.

(Other Winter products block of 4 stamps with one inverted stamp, note the 'BEAUNE 3 5 18??' cancel which seems to have been used often by Winter)

The 5 F Napoleon III forgery; I've only seen it with the cancel 'VERSAILLES 2E/28 AVRIL. 71'

(The 5 F red exhibition sheet forgery, the word 'FAUX' is printed in the lower left corner)

(1917 War orphans issue 5 F + 1 F, inscription 'FAUX' at the left bottom)

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