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Peter WINTER forgeries of other countries than Germany

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The forger Peter Winter (Germany) made forgeries of many classic and rare stamp of several countries in the 1980's. They sometimes have the word 'replik' written on the backside (but not always).

(Example of the 'replik' overprint on the backside of a Winter forgery

Note on all Winter forgeries:They are printed on modern paper (the paper doesn't 'look' old).

Peter Winter forgeries of Great Britain and colonies

(Winter forgery of the 5 Pounds telegraph stamp)

Peter Winter also made forgeries of the postage stamps 1 Pound brown, 1 Pound green and 5 Pounds orange, with the image of Queen Victoria.

(British Guiana 1856 4 c black on blue)

(Two Winter British Guiana forgeries on a letter, reduced size)

Note that the above letter is adressed to: 'The Lord Bishop of Guiana Georgetown'.

(Winter forgeries with 'A B G C 4 DE 7 1854' cancel)

(Bermuda 1848 Perot issue)

(Bermuda 1848 Perot issue, both values, reduced sizes)

(Inverted 4 a stamp of India)

(The Lady Mc Leod stamp, Trinidad)

Peter Winter forgeries of Western Australia, the whole letter and the stamps are forged!

(Inverted center forgery of the 4 p Swan of Western Australia)

(Two Mauritius forgeries on a forged letter)

(Another Mauritius forgery, note that the letter is the same as in the previous forgery, except for the position of the stamps and cancels)

Other Mauritius forgeries:

Peter Winter also made a forgery of the 2 p value of the 1859 Mauritius issue (with Greec motifs left and right), sorry no picture available yet.


I've also seen a 4 a 1854 forgery with inverted center. Sorry, no picture available yet.

Peter Winter forgeries of France


have also seen tete-beche forgeries of the 10c red(!), 15 c orange!), 40 c orange and 40 c red(!) of the 1849 issue of France:

(Peter Winter tete-beche forgeries)

Winter also sold his forgeries loose:

(A 10 c orange (!) and a 15 c red(!) Winter forgery, I have also seen a 10 c red)

This forgery of a 1 Fr stamp has the cancel 'LE LAC-OR.....', (the rest becomes very blotchy and I cannot deceipher it), I have also seen a bloc of four forgeries, where 1 stamp was printed tete-beche with exactly the same cancel.

(Other Winter products block of 4 stamps with one inverted stamp, note the 'BEAUNE 3 5 18??' cancel which seems to have been used often by Winter)

The 5 F Napoleon III forgery; I've only seen it with the cancel 'VERSAILLES 2E/28 AVRIL. 71'

(The 5 F red exhibition sheet forgery, the word 'FAUX' is printed in the lower left corner)

(1917 War orphans issue 5 F + 1 F, inscription 'FAUX' at the left bottom)

Winter forgeries of the United States

(5$ 1893 forgery)

Other Peter Winter forgeries

(Hawaii 1851 2 c missionary forgery)

'5' on 13 c red, forgery!
(Forgeries of the Hawaii 1853 issue)

(Hawaii 1859 numerals forgeries)

I've been told that the abve 1 c forgery closely resembles the Sperati forgeries.

A newly discovered 'rarity' of British Guiana

Peter Winter claimed to have found a second example of the unique(!) 1 c black on red British Guiana 1856 stamp. But after a lot of commotion it was finally declared an altered example of a damaged 4 c stamp after examination by the Royal Philatelic Society of London.

(The second copy of this stamp turned out to be a forgery)

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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