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Peter WINTER forgeries of Germany

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The forger Peter Winter (Germany) made forgeries of many classic and rare stamp of several countries in the 1980's. They sometimes have the word 'replik' written on the backside (but not always). He not only sold them 'loose' but also on cover. He seems to have used some photographs of the British Library in London to make some of his forgeries (source: http://www.sheryll.net/Forgeries/Germany/Forgeries_article_Germany.htm). A catalog exists of the 'House of Stamps', offering his 'stamps', see: http://www.seymourfamily.com/billclaghorn/HouseOfStamps/index.htm. Recently, these forgeries are offered in large numbers on internet auctions for low prices.

(Example of the 'replik' overprint on the backside of a Winter forgery

Note on all Winter forgeries:They are printed on modern paper (the paper doesn't 'look' old). This is the main distinghuishing characteristic.

Peter Winter forgeries of Germany

(Peter Winter forgeries of the eagle issue of 1889)

He has also made forgeries of at least the 10 p and 20 p values of the 1889 eagle issue of Germany. As in the Fournier forgeries, the horizontal and vertical perforation does not match. I have also seen imperforate forgeries of the 10 p and 20 p values (I have even seen a complete sheet of 5 rows of 9 imperforate 20 p stamps and a similar sheet with 10 p perforate stamps). He seems to have used these stamps mainly to create the rare provisional overprints (see above) used in China and possibly also some German colonies overprints. He also made some 'misperforations' (I have seen a misperforated 20 p stamp). I've also seen a imperforate 10 p red tete-beche (large space in between) with a 20 p red (wrong colour!).

I have seen Winter forgeries of the 5 M reichspost 1900 issue of Germany. I've only seen them with a cancel of 'Titisee' (but other cancels might exist) or uncancelled.

Airmail stamps of Germany were also forged by him .Both stamps with 'E.E.L.P.' overprint and the one with 'Gelber Hund' have been forged. In all his forgeries that I have seen, the word 'COPY' is printed at the bottom of the stamp. I have also seen a postcard with one of these forgeries:

(Forged postcard adressed to: 'Walter Kunath Leipzig C1 Humboldsstrasse 2a')

The position of the stamp, cancels and adress varies from forgery to forgery.


(Winter forgery of the Bavaria Aero Club stamp)

(Winter forgery of the 'Frei laut Entschadigungs- Conto.' label)

(Forgery of a 'Photo-Papiere Satrap' label attached to a 10 p Germania stamp)

Peter Winter also made forgeries of other advertisement labels, I have seen: 'Aquadent Ferd. Jacob', 'Appetitanregend Lecin' and 'Gewerktschaft Quint' (all attached to a 10 p Germania stamp).

(A forgery of West Saxony, issued just after the end of World War II, Peter Winter also made a forgery of the 6 p black, without Russian inscription)

Please note, that Peter Winter has made many more modern forgeries of Germany (of the period 1920 onwards); among them the Zeppelin stamps, the first issues of West Germany etc. etc.

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