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FRANCE; Postage due stamps for the French colonies Colonies, more Forgeries

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1884 As postage due stamps of France (so-called Duval type), but imperforate, genuine stamps:

20 c green
Presumably genuine stamps



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French colonies, postage due stamps, forgery type 8 "Geestemunde"

A 50 c postage due stamp of France used in Pau (France) with its perforation cut off pretending to be a rarer French colonies stamp.

The stamp forger Venturini is known to have made forgeries of the French postage due stamps (and also the French colonies), see "Philatelic forgers, their lives and works" by V.E.Tyler.

Very dubious 5 F stamps, most likely forgeries. The curly ornament to the left of "C" of "CHIFFRE" is not very symmetric. Also the lettering appears thinner than in the genuine stamps. There appears to be a tiny dot in the right bottom margin next to the "RF" (as also indicated in the Serrane guide)

Fournier forgeries:

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Other forgeries:

In these forgeries, the curly ornaments at both sides of the word "CHIFFRE" are very badly done. I've also seen them perforated (but with the wrong perforation).

I've been told that the next stamps are also forgeries, I have no further information:

Three forgeries(?) with obvious forged "Mail" cancels?

30 c forgery (it has an accent on the "A"!) with forged "KAYES 15 MARS 95 SOUDAN FRANCAIS" cancel. The 30 c is the only value in the set of French Colonies postage due stamps that does not have an accent on the "A". It does not appear to be exactly the same as the 30 c black Fournier forgery. There is an extension to the upper right corner.

A forgery of the 2 F black. The "2" has a too long bottom left part and the words "FRANCS A PERCEVOIR" are too big. I presume the 1 F stamp has been made by the same forger. In my view, the leaf pattern under the second "R" of "PERCEVOIR" is wrong.

A 60 c with "60" too close to the left border and "CENTIMES A PERCEVOIR" too large.

A 1 F brown forgery with the "A" not placed in the same spot with respect to the "A" of "FRANC" when compared to a genuine stamp, the printing is quite bad. A presumably forged "TAMANARIVE 19 FEVR 96 MADAGASCAR" cancel is applied to it. Next to it an equally blur 5 F forgery with the same cancel. Note the large upper part of the second "R" of "PERCEVOIR" in both forgeries.

A forgery with an "?? 2? JANV 90 EGYPTE" cancel, possibly of the same origins as the above Tamanarive cancelled forgeries.

Another forged stamp with a forged "ST-PIERRE M-on" overprint, the "1" is totally different from a genuine stamp, the second "R" of "PERCEVOIR" is placed too far to the left. Next to it some Tahiti forgeries, made by the same forger.

Primitive forgeries (these might actually be primitive forgery type 1):

A whole sheet of the same primitive forgeries, but printed from a worn plate. All values are printed in this sheet.

The same forgery sheet as shown above, with the bottom stamps missing.


Another set of primitive forgeries:

Very badly done 1 F and 2 F forgeries, some of the framelines on top and bottom have disappeared. The 2 F has a scratch above the "A" of "TAXE". The 5 F is done much better, but has a white dot on top of the "C" of "CHIFFRE" and a break in the lower frameline below "RF" and there is a spot of color in the white line to the right of the "ST" of the left "POSTES".

Highly dubious block of four 2 F French Colonies due stamps.

Very primitive 5 F forgery

A very badly done 20 c forgery with a forged "BENIN" overprint.

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