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FRANCE; Postage due stamps for the French colonies Colonies, Primitive Forgery Type 1

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1884 As postage due stamps of France (so-called Duval type), but imperforate, genuine stamps:

20 c green
Presumably genuine stamps



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Fournier forgeries:

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Primitive forgery Type 1:

Bogus block of four 3 c and 5 c stamps with forged "DIEGO SUAREZ", "TAHITI", "BENIN" and "OBOCK" overprints. The basic stamps are also forged. The 5 c and 1 c forgeries next to it are likely made by the same forger. The printing is quite blur for all these forgeries. Also a pair of two stamps, one 40 c with a "TAHITI" overprint and a 5 F printed on top of each other.

There might be two types of each of these forgeries. In my view, these forgeries have the following disinguishing characteristics (besides from being printed very badly):
1 c: In the 1 c forgery, the upper part is badly done; especially above the "H" of "CHIFFRE".
3 c: First type: break in the line below the "3".
4 c: The top right part of the "4" has an extension in the genuine stamp, this is missing in this forgery.
5 c: There appear to be at least two types of the 5 c, in one of the 5 c types there are some smudges below "PERC" and the central bar of the first "E" of "CENTIMES" is missing, which also appear in the left stamp of the block of four.
15 c: In one of the types there is a hole in the inner frame below the "I" of "CHIFFRE". The accent on the "A" is missing. There is a scratch in the white space on top of the bottom right "RF".
20 c: A vertical black line appears in the white line above the "X" of "TAXE" (but not always?). The bottom left part is very smudged.

This forgery type often appears with the blue "ANJOUAN COL FRANC." cancel. It looks, as if these 1 c, 2 c, 3 c and 4 c stamps were printed together?

I presume this 60 c forgery with "DIEGO SUAREZ" overprint also belongs to the same set

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