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FRANCE (+ colonies); Postage due stamps, Primitive Forgery Type 2

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1884 Postage due stamps of France and colonies (so-called Duval type), genuine stamps:

20 c green
Presumably genuine stamps


Primitive forgery type 2:

In my view, in all of these forgeries, the "C" of "PERCEVOIR" is too narrow. Also there appears always to be a break in the outer right frameline, just below the upper right corner. Although they appear with forged cancels that can also be found in the Fournier Album, these forgeries might be of Italian origins (for example the forger Venturini is known to have made forgeries of these stamps). It might have been that these two forgers exchanged forgeries and forged cancel devices. Indeed, V.E.Tyler in "Philatelic Forgers, their Lives and Works' mentions that Venturini offers his printing plates for 20 Marks each.

A 1 F forgery with the top left part of the "1" tapered off. Also the "A" is not positioned under the "A" of "FRANC" in the same way as in the genuine stamps. Also some very dubious "TAHITI" overprints, I think both the stamps and the overprints are forged. In the 1 c, the top left part of the "1" is too short. In my opinion, the 4 c always has a scratch through the "E" of "TAXE". In the 5 c and 15 c values, the top of the "5" is bent over too much to the left and in the 15 c there is a smudge in the white line below the "R" of "CHIFFRE". In the 60 c, the top of the "6" is too close to the label above it. Also a 1 F and 1 c forgery with the forged cancel "SAINT LOUIS 12 SEPT 92 SENEGAL", "DAKAR 11 JUIL 92 SENEGAL" and "LIBREVILLE 13 NOV 92 GABON-CONGO" as can also be found in the Fournier Album.

These forgeries all have a forged "PAPEETE 13 AOUT 9? TAITI", which also appears in the Fournier Album.

Here with "BENIN" overprint.

"SENEGAL 2 SEPT 92 ST LOUIS" on forged 5 c stamp.

Image found on http://sbuchfr.free.fr/faux_taxe_col_gen.htm. It is said there that the "0" of the right hand stamp was replaced by a "15", but it appears to be from the above forgery set instead. The cancel "HANOI 3E/27 FEVR 88 TONKIN" can be found in the Fournier Album.

A perforated 1 F brown forgery of this type.

I think this 20 c forgery is from the same set. It has the bottom left of the "2" more rounded than a genuine stamp. The second stamp might have the above shown "HANOI" cancel?

40 c with "1893 TAHITI" overprint.

Most likely a 5 F forgery from the same set. The accent on the "A" is rather high and small. Also the same forgery with forged "BASSE TERRE 1E|21 JUIN 92 GUADELOUPE" cancel (as can be found in the Fournier album).

The 15 c value of this forgery set with a forged "CONAKRY 7 SEPT 92 RIVIERES DU SUD" cancel from French Guinea as can be found in the Fournier Album.

A 1 c forged stamp (the top left part of the "1" is too short) with a forged Fournier cancel "MYTHO 2E 16 AOUT 92 COCHINCINE". Also a 20 c forgery with a forged blue "HANOI 3E/27 FEVR 88 TONKIN" cancel.

"NAM-DINH TONKON 1 OCT. 92" Fournier forged cancel on a forged 60 c postage due stamp of the French Colonies. Also a forged 60 c with a "BASSE TERRE GUADELOUPE" cancel.

10 c forgery with forged "ST.PIERRE 1E|11 JUIN 92 MARTINIQUE" cancel as can be found in the Fournier Album.

5 c forgery with forged "ST.LOUIS A DAKAR 4 JUIN 92 SENEGAL" cancel that can be found in the Fournier Album. And a 5 c forgery with a forged "NOUVELLE CALEDONIE NOUMEA" cancel.

40 c forgery

These forgeries with no overprint or cancel.

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