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SWITZERLAND Cantonal-issues: Geneva (Genève); forgeries

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Many forgeries exist of the stamps of Geneva, in the early 20th century already 15 forgeries of the double stamp and 34(!) forgeries existed imitating the larger stamps and the envelope (according to Album Weeds), they even exist printed on genuine paper obtained from the envelopes.

Forgeries of the double stamp:

(Forgeries with overprint 'FACSIMILE', from the same forger?)

(Forgery with the left and right side identical; in the genuine stamp left and right are slightly different)

A rather convincing forgery of the left half of the double stamp:

And some other forgeries:

A Göckel - Champion forgery with two red rozettes, reduced size

The above Göckel - Champion is photo-lithographed on too thick paper. The size of the stamp is too small compared to a genuine stamp. I have no further information concerning this forgery.

Example a Sperati (a famous forger of the 20th century) forgery:

(Sperati forgeries on letter, reduced size)

Sperati forgeries
(Sperati forgeries on letter)

(Front and backside of a Sperati reproduction)

Sperati also made forgeries of the large eagle issue (and possibly of the other issues). I do not have any information on the distinguishing characteristics of these forgeries.

Peter Winter also made forgeries (about 1980), example of such forgeries on a letter:

(Peter Winter forgery on letter, reduced size)

Peter Winter also offered forgeries of stamps off letter, examples (note the very peculiar cancel on the second stamp):

(Peter Winter forgeries)

I think the following items are forgeries as well:

Probably a forgery.
(Reduced size)


Forgeries of the single stamps:


Forgery forgery!

(Inscription 'Poste de Geneve' very small, inscription 'INS')

(These forgeries are similar in the design, note the strange claw of the eagle)

Forgery, overprinted 'FACSIMILE'
(With 'FACSIMILE' overprint)

Reduced size, forgery!

Probably a forgery

Third forgery of Album Weeds:

This forgery has inscription 'INS' instead of 'IHS'. There is no accent on the second 'e' of 'Geneve' and no dot behind this word. The rays that should exist around the letters 'INS' are reduced to very short dashes. I have seen this forgery (green colour) cancelled with some black blotches.

Fourth forgery of Album Weeds:


This forgery has inscription 'INS' instead of 'IHS'. It also has 'FIST' instead of 'POST' in its inscription. The rays around 'INS' are quite small compared to a genuine stamp. The scroll with 'FIST' almost touches the left hand inner frame line. There seem to be several types of this forgery (described as forgery five and six in Album Weeds): in forgery five the rays are longer than in this forgery. In forgery six 'INS' has been changed to 'IHS' and the rays are also longer.

Seventh forgery of Album Weeds:

The above forgery has the inscription 'INS' instead of 'IHS'. The text 'Poste de Geneve' is smaller than 'TENEBRAS' (it should be the other way around). The rays around 'INS' are reduced to very short dashes. There is no dot behind 'Cantonal'. I don't think the above cancel was ever used on any genuine Geneva stamp.

Eight forgery of Album Weeds:

In this forgery the word 'de' is exactly in the middle between 'Poste' and 'Geneve' (it should be closer to 'Geneve'). This forgery exists in the wrong colour (green instead of black on green).

Green colour has faded?

Fourteenth Forgery of Album Weeds

Overprinted 'FACSIMILE'

The above forgery could very well be the fourteenth forgery described in Album Weeds; it is supposed to imitate the small eagle stamp. There is no dot anywhere behind the words or value. The scroll at the right approaches the letter 'C' too much. This forgery is said to originate from a forger from Geneva and is usually overprinted with 'FACSIMILE' in violet.

Two forgeries with almost the same cancel:

Typical cancel

(Block of 4 forged green stamps)

The green envelope stamps cannot exist in blocks (since it was only issued on envelopes!). Therefore the above block of 4 stamps must be forgeries.

(Black on green and green stamp, apparently made by the same forger)

Peter Winter also made forgeries (about 1980), examples:

Some photographic forgeries:

From a distance these photographic forgeries look quite reasonable, but a zoom-in reveals the newspaper photo-alike dots:

(Zoom-in revealing the newspaper photo-alike dots)

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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