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SWITZERLAND Menke-Huber Postcards with 'replicas'

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The firm Menke-Huber in Zurich issued some postcards with replicas of the first stamps of Switzerland (about 1910). I've seen an advertisement card with the address Menke-Huber Briefmarkenbörse Bahnhofstrasse 77 Zürich, in which it is stated that this firm buys and sells stamps of all countries and also precious stones and pearls. The firm Henry Heller also issued the same cards. Examples of such cards:

A Menke-Huber postcard with a replica of a Basel stamp with image of the dragon-arms of Basel.

A Menke-Huber postcard with replicas of Geneva, Zurich, Vaud and Basel; 'Die letzte Post vom St.Gotthard' (the last post of St.Gotthard).

The same card but now from the firm Henry Heller.

A Menke-Huber postcard with replicas of Geneva and arms of this city.

A Menke-Huber postcard with replicas of Geneva, Zurich and Switzerland with a flower design.

A Menke-Huber postcard with replicas of Vaud and Neuchatel with the arms of Vaud

Cuts of such Menke-Huber postcards:

Cut from the card with red flowers, part of a red flower is still visible on the right hand side.

And another cut from a Menke-Huber postcard. There is a small dot behind the "C" in this forgery.

Cuts from such a Menke-Huber postcard, in the 5 Rp, the red flowers can still be seen on the right hand side.

Menke-Huber postcard with Swiss Telegraph stamps.

More postcards with images of stamps were issued by Menke-Huber, among them a card with sitting Helvetia stamps/ postage due stamps:

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