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SWITZERLAND Cantonal-issues, Basel (Basle)

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Note that all these stamps have been forged in large quantities and that genuine copies are very rare! Some of the stamps shown here could be forgeries!

Literature: 'Forgeries of the "Cantonal" Stamps of Switzerland' by A de Reuterskiold (1907), I have not seen this book myself.

1845 Basle Dove issue ('Basler Taube' in German), the dove is embossed

Auctioned at www.swissphila.ch Genuine stamp? Image reproduced with permission from: http://www.sandafayre.com Image reproduced with permission from: http://www.sandafayre.com

  2 1/2 Rp black, blue and red

One stamp was enough to post a letter locally, for letters at a longer distance (but still close to Basel), two stamps were needed. This stamp was no longer valid for use after 30 September 1854, 41480 stamps were printed.

Non issued stamp
(Non issued stamp in black, green and red)

A stamp in black, green and red was prepared, but rejected by the Basel authorities (generally referred to as proof, see picture above).

Value of the stamps

vc = very common
c  = common
*  = not so common
** = uncommon
*** = very uncommon
R   = rare
RR  = very rare
RRR = extremely rare
2 1/2 r black, blue and red RRRRRR 
2 1/2 r black, green and red RRR-essay




(most common Basel cancel, I think this cancel is always used in red)

Certified genuine! Genuine
(Franco cancel in black, hardly readable, exists in red also)

(Grill cancel)

Also the cancel 'LPBH' in a rectangle (red) exists (this cancel is very rare).


(Primitive forgery, the dove is not embossed!)

(A forgery with no impressed dove, with red 'Facsimile' overprint)

(With overprint 'FACSIMILE')

Recent forgery, look at the bright paper!
(Recent forgery, note the modern white paper!)

This forgery is a recent one, the paper is too bright for a stamp of this age.

Forgery Forgery!

The stamps should have a dot behind 'Rp' (the first picture doesn't, or at least I can't see it). Furthermore there should be a '-' before and behind 'POST' (they all don't have this). Also note the different letters, for example the 'O' of 'POST' is too round. All the genuine stamps were printed quite close to each other (3/4 mm, see genuine examples above), so the wide margins we can find in some of the above stamps betray them as forgeries as well! Also note that in all the above forgeries, there is a dot behind the 'L' of 'BASEL', there is no such dot in the genuine stamps. The bar in 1/2 is almost horizontally in the above forgeries, in the genuine stamps it is slanting downwards. The figure '2 1/2' should not touch the lines of the border.


The above forgeries have the 'S' of 'POST' different from the genuine stamps. Also the dot behind 'Rp' is placed too high. The 'L' of 'BASEL' should slant backwards (it is horizontal in the above forgeries). The crossbar of the 'A' of 'STADT' should be slanting (it is straight in the above forgeries). In the genuine stamps, there is always a black dot connecting the two lines surrounding the shield (the dot can be found at the left hand side of the 'SE' of 'BASEL'). The second stamp bears a red cancel 'DISTRIB' (the rest is unreadable).

In the above forgery the letters are different (for example the 'O' of 'POST' is too fat). I have also seen this forgery with a red cancel.


The easiest way to recognize the above forgery is the arms of Basel in the upper central part, the curved top of the arms is too far from the upper border of the stamp. Also there is no '-' behind 'POST' and the letters are different (for example the 'O' of 'POST' is too fat. There is a dot behind the 'L' of 'BASEL'. The 'B' and 'A' of 'BASEL' seem to be joined at the bottom. I have also seen this forgery uncancelled.

Fournier forgery:

I think the above stamp is a Fournier forgery. The stamp is cancelled 'BASEL - OLTEN Z 5 XII 21 66', exactly the same as can be found in the 'The Fournier album of philatelic forgeries'. The design is very much the same as in the genuine stamps, as far as I can judge.

(Rather deceptive forgery, the large '2' of '2 1/2' is too fat)

(Other forgery)

Peter Winter forgeries:

(Peter Winter forgery)

(Winter forgery with inverted embossing)

The above forgeries are made by Peter Winter (about 1980?). The cancel on the double stamp (second image) doesn't look like any I have seen before. I have also seen an uncancelled Peter Winter forgery and one with the embossed dove inverted (even on letter).

Forgery of the essay
(Probably Peter Winter forgeries of the stamp and the essay)

(Winter forgery, cancel: 'BASEL 30 OCT. 1848 NACH-MITTAG', I've seen other forgeries on pieces of a letter with exactly the same cancel adressed to 'Herrn Paul Bloesch & Cie Biel', also stamps with excessive margins on small pieces of paper with the same cancel)

Other forgeries:

This forgery is slightly larger than the actual stamp, it furthermore has the dove printed in black lines (I don't think it is embossed, though I'm not sure).

Even the proofs have been forged, examples:

(Forgery of the proof with cancel!)

(The 'O' of 'POST' seems too large in this forgery, the 'A' and 'D' of 'STADT' are joined at the bottom)

The uncancelled second forgery above was recently (2004) sold on Ebay for more than 300 Euros!

Note the small upper part of the arms
(This forgery of the stamp and the proof has too much blue/green background shading in the curly ornaments besides the arms of Basel, genuine stamps have white space here)

(In this forgery the lower part of the tail of the dove is pointing towards the 'T' of 'POST' instead of the 'B' of 'BASEL')

(Another forgery)

Other stamps that I have serious doubts about:

Cancel 'GENEVA 22 SEPT 4?'

I also have my doubts about the next one:

Could be genuine?
(genuine? or forgery? The 'R' of 'Rp' has a wide foot)

The next block seems to be some kind of photographic reproduction:

The non-issued stamps often have the colour green chemically altered to blue (and then sold as genuine stamps!).

A nice website on Basel stamps can be found on http://www.baslertaube.ch/tauben.htm, with many pictures (over 75 pictures of Basel doves!). Also visit http://www.ghonegger.ch/ (with many beautiful pictures of the rarities of Switzerland).

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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Preview of Stamps Catalogue CD : VOLUME 2