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Issue of 1862


1863 Ship, perforated, in corners "1863"

XXIV c green XXIV c green, type 1 XLVIII c red

  VI (6) c blue
  XXIV (24) cents green
  XLVIII (48) cents red

Oficial stamps, overprinted "OFFICIAL" (1875)

  XXIV c green

Some of these stamps were surcharged with bars in 1878 (see there). These stamps are perforated 10 to 15.

Value of the stamps

vc = very common
c  = common
*  = not so common
** = uncommon
*** = very uncommon
R   = rare
RR  = very rare
RRR = extremely rare
Value Unused Used Remarks
6 c RR RR  
24 c RR R  
48 c RR RR  

Official stamp

24 c RRR RR  

A reprint (made by Waterlow) with "Reproduction only No Postal of Philatelic value" at the back. It was produced somewhere in the 1950's together with the book "A Century of Stamp production" by Waterlow & Sons.

Forgeries, examples:

Could be a forgery. The patterns in the corners are not 100% identical to the genuine stamps.

VI c blue, forgery!
No clouds in the sky! The corner ornaments are much less elaborate than in the genuine stamps. I've seen it cancelled with a cancel constisting of concentric circles. Next to it a III c red bogus value, made by the same forger.

Forgery of the 6 c value with horizontal lines between the bottom, top, left and right hand side of the circle and the text and frame respectively. Also the corner ornaments are different from a genuine stamp.

Forgery, reduced size
I've seen the 6 c value with a circular cancel with unreadable name and date. The last stamp has a French "APRES LE DEPART" cancel. The ornament above "CENTS" is wrong.

There should be a dot just above the "U" and the "Q" of the word "PETIMUSQUE", as a part of the corner ornaments. The above forgery doesn't have this. There must also be a dot after "GUIANA" and "CENTS". The "S" of "PETMISQUE" is below the "I" of "GUIANA" in the genuine stamps. In the above forgeries it is not. The bottom inscription of the 24 c is "24 CENTS" instead of "XXIV CENTS".

Mystery stamps, imperforate VI c in blue and even in red? It seems that these 'products' have been made by the same forger. I've seen the blue forgery with perforation. The '8' and '6' are very badly done.

Forgery with smaller lower part of ship and 'Spanish Spider' cancel. Next to it, the same forgery with a New South Wales cancel. And another with a Papal States cancel.....

Deceptive forgery with no dot behind "GUIANA" and a very faint dot behind "CENTS".

Issues of 1876-1920

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