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LUBECK Forgeries of the 1859 issue

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Forgeries and reprints of the 1859 issue:



Rare official reprints on unwatermarked paper exist.

Modern reprints:

I have seen several modern reprints of these stamps.

1) First of all a reprint made in 1959; a horizontal strip of all five values in pasted on a miniature sheet with inscription '100 JAHRE LUBECKER BRIEFMARKEN 1859 1959 ZU GUNSTEN DES WIEDERAUFBAUES DER LUBECKER TURME WERT 10 DM' (100 years of Lubeck stamps 1859 1959, profit goes to the rebuilding of the Lubeck towers, value 10 DM).

2) Secondly a reprint made in 1961 exists, all five values on a commemorative miniature sheet with inscription 'NEUDRUCK DER ERSTEN LUBECKER BRIEFMARKEN VON DEM ORIGINAL - URSTEIN IM OFFSETVERFAHREN 1961 MIT GENEHMIGUNG DES SENATS DER HANSESTADT LUBECK ZU GUNSTEN DES WIEDERAUFBAUES DER LUBECKER TURME' (reprint of the first stamps of Lubeck from the original plates in offset 1961, with permission of the senate of the city of Lubeck, to rebuilt the Lubeck towers'. On the backside of this sheet '1961' is repeated many times in tiny letters at the places where the stamps are printed.

3) Some mini sheet containing four stamps were issued in 1978. I have seen all values. They are printed by the firm of Gehringer in Kaiserslautern (Germany). They have the inscription 'Neudruck 1978' at the bottom of the sheet. Examples:



Forged cancels, example:

The above stamp is genuine, however, the cancel is forged. Especially the 1/2 s lilac, 1 s yellow, 2 s brown, 2 1/2 s red and 4 s green are worth many times more with cancel than without. Therefore be aware of forged cancels on these stamps!

Besides forged cancels, many forgeries of the stamps themselves exist from the first issue of Lubeck, I'll try to give some information here about how to recognize them (found in Album Weeds and Bill Claghorn's forgeries site), but I must admit that I have had difficulties distinguishing between the genuine and the forged stamps. Each value of the genuine stamps is made from a seperate die (so all stamps show small differences).

1/2 Sch lilac:

secret dot 1, genuine stamp secret dot 2, genuine stamp 1/2 s lilac, I think this one is genuine
(Genuine, I presume)

Forgery! Forgery! Image obtained thanks to Bill Claghorn, dot behind 'SCHILLING'

In the genuine stamp there is a small dot just above the line between the lower ornaments (first secret mark) at the bottom of the stamp (second secret mark). Secondly there is a small dot in the ribbon at the left. There is only one dot between the eagles heads and not many as in some forgeries. There is no dot after 'SCHILLING'. The eagle's right beak does not touch the wing. The eagle doesn't touch the label anywhere.

1 Sch yellow

lines cancel, forgery?
lines cancel, forgery?

As in the 1/2 Sch there is a secret mark at the ornament at the bottom, there is a small dot just BELOW this ornament. The first dot in the upper row has an extra dot just above it. There is only one dot between the heads of the eagle. There is a large dot behind 'SCHILLING' and another one behind 'POSTMARKE'. Examples of forgeries:

Forgery, with overprint 'FALSCH!' (=forged in german).
Fohl forgery

Could this be a Fournier forgery? Large inscription 'POSTMARKE'

(Two forgeries made by the same forger? The '1's are different)

2 Sch brown

two small dots below the ornament, genuine stamp Extra dot above the second dot of the first row, genuine

The secret marks are now: two small dots below the line at the bottom of the stamp and 1 small dot above the second dot of the first row of dots just below the word 'LUBECK'.


Album Weeds describes already 4 forgeries of the 2 s (early 19th century). The above forgery is the first one described in Album Weeds. There are many differences with the genuine stamps, the most noticeable are: The dots above the 'U' of 'LUBECK' are not symmetrically placed, the dots in the background pattern are different (for example in the genuine stamp, a dot is placed in the outline of the forked end of the 'SCHILLING' label), the knees of the eagle are higher than the bottom point of the shield (they should be on the same level), the feathers of the wings of the eagle are touching the knees, the left lower '2' is different, there are three dots below the horizontal line as secret marks, etc. etc.

(Left forgery with very large inscription 'POSTMARKE' and right: no dots behind 'SCHILLING' and 'POSTMARKE')

(Other forgeries)

2 1/2 Sch red

Forgery! this stamp has a dot behind 'POSTMARKE' Fournier forgery?
(Forgeries, the first stamp has a dot behind 'POSTMARKE')

As in the 2 Sch brown, there are two dots below the line in the bottom of the stamp, but there is one additional dot just above this small line. There is also an extra dot just above the middle of the second and third dot just below the word 'LUBECK'. There are no stop behind any of the words.

(A forgery with dot behind 'SCHILLING' and 'POSTMARKE')

(Other forgeries, all Fournier forgeries?)

In this Fournier forgery of the 2 1/2 s (also described as the 4th forgery of the 2 1/2 s in Album Weeds), the tail of the eagle touches the bottom. The inscription 'POSTMARKE' is too broad. A very faded dot can be found behind this word. There are more large feathers (9) than in the genuine stamps on both sides. The dots in the top rows are very irregularly placed.

4 Sch green

(4 dots below small line; large dot before 'L' and small dot below line below 'B')

There are now four dots just below the small line between the ornaments in the bottom of the stamp. An additional dot exists just below the line below the 'B' of 'LUBECK'. There are two dots between the two heads of the eagle. A large stop can be found just before the 'L' of 'LUBECK'. The right wing of the eagle should have 9 large feathers. Examples of forgeries:

Forgery! No stop before 'L' of 'LUBECK' and only 8 feathers!
(Forgery, I think this is a Engelhardt Fohl forgery, a picture of this forgery can also be seen in 'Philatelic forgers, their lives and works' by Varro E. Tyler)

(Forgery with 'POSTMARKE' very large)

(Other forgery)

Image obtained thanks to Bill Claghorn Image obtained thanks to Bill Claghorn
(Forgeries, images obtained from http://www.geocities.com/claghorn1p/Lubeck/lub05x.htm)

The first forgery of the two pictures above has the 'P' of 'POSTMARKE' too far to the right (this forgery has also been described in 'The Spud Papers'). In the second image, the word 'POSTMARKE' is written too big.

(Other forgeries)

The forger Peter Winter made forgeries of several of these stamps, even misprints and proofs, example:

(Winter forgeries: 2 s normal stamp and 2 s 'misprint' printed together, I've also seen it with cancel 'LUEBECK 13 8 ?')

I have also seen the following Winter forgeries of Lubeck:
1/2 s lilac (cancelled)
2 s brown (uncancelled and cancelled)
2 1/2 s red (uncancelled and cancelled)
4 s green (uncancelled and cancelled)
and the following 'proofs': 1/2 s brown, 1 s brown, 1 s lilac, 2 s orange, 2 1/2 s brown and 2 1/2 s green.

(Probably other Winter forgeries on pieces of envelopes)

(Winter forgery)

Fournier forgeries:

Could this be a Fournier forgery?

The above forgeries could be the forgeries offered by Fournier . Fournier offers them for 1.50 Swiss Francs (all 5 values) in his 1914 pricelist. The cancels given in 'The Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries' are:
1) 'LUEBECK 10/9' in a double circle
2) 'LUEBECK 28/11 8-???' in a double circle (I can't distinghuish the bottom part very clearly)
3) 'LUBECK BAHNHOF' in two lines (as shown above on the 1 s stamp)
4) 'LUBECK 6 10 8-9A' in a double circle

By the way, I think Fournier offered the forgeries of the forger Engelhardt Fohl, since their forgeries appear to be similar.


Sperati forgery of the 2 1/2 Sch misprint

There exists an erroneous impression of the first issue: 2 1/2 Schilling brown ('Zwei ein halb'), it appears twice in a sheet of 200 stamps of the 2 Sch value. This error has been forged by Sperati:

Sperati forgery, image obtained from: http://www.seymourfamily.com/rfrajola/Sperati/sgermany.htm

It seems extremely difficult to distinguish this forgery from a genuine misprint.


A set of forgeries, apparently made by the same forger:


Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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