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Germany, Railway Stamps

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Note: on my website many of the pictures can not be seen! They are of course present in the cd's;
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Many railway stamps exist in Germany. I will present the ones I have seen here, undoubtedly others exist. If you have any information concerning these stamps, please contact me!

Grobh Badische Staatseisenb

Stamp with typical cancel
Wurttemberg Staatsbahnen

More railway stamps of Wurttemberg can be found here.

5 p black and red 2 M grey and green
Kgl. Bayer Staatseisenb; Bayer. Staateisenb.(Bavaria)

More railway stamps of Bavaria can be found here.

30 p green

In the above design ('LOKALBAHN A.G. MUNCHEN') I have also seen 5 p red, 40 p orange (red inscription) and 50 p lilac (violet inscription).



In the above 'JAGSTTAL BAHN' design , I've also seen a 30 p green and a 60 p grey (with blue inscription).



In the above 'WURRT EISENBAHN GESELLSCHAFT' design I have seen the values: 25 p yellow (brown inscription), 30 p green, 40 p red, 70 p brown (inscription different shade of brown). More railway stamps of Wurttemberg can be found here.

Kgl Preuss Staatseisenbahnen

60 p blue Overprinted 'Privatbahn'
Preusz Hess Staatseisenbahnen

Railway stamps with inscription 'PREUSZ HESS STAATSEISENBAHNEN', I have seen the values: 30 p green, 40 p orange, 60 p blue, 2 M green, 3 M blue (value black) and 5 M yellow (value black). Futhermore I have seen the 40 p orange with overprint 'Privatbahn' (=private railway). I've also seen a 25 p green with slanting overprint 'Expreßgut'.

('Schleswiger Kreisbahn')

In the above 'Schleswiger Kreisbahn' design I have seen (all with overprint 'Expreßgut' and value and text in black): 10 p red, 20 p green and 30 p lilac.

(Oldenburgische Staats- Eisenbahnen)



('FILDERBAHN', image of a train climbing a mountain)

Alsener Kreisbahnen, I've also seen a 20 p blue and another design

Kgl. Sachsische Staatseisenb

Kgl. Sachsische Staatseisenb, reduced size

(Reduced sizes)

Braunschweig Landes Eisenb; GroBh Mecklenb Friedrich Franz Eisenbahn

I've also seen a 30 p green and black
(Reduced sizes)

(Ziesarer Kleinbahn 20 p green Expreßgut, reduced size)

Lubeck-Buchener Eisenb. Gesellsch; Coln-Bonner Kreisbahnen

(Reduced sizes)

Stendal-Tangerm. Eisenb. Gesellsch; Prignitzer Eisenbahn; Bentheimer Kreisbahn

(Reduces sizes)

Wittenberge-Perleberger Eisenbahn; Ruppiner Eisenbahn; Reichseisenb. in ElsaB Lothringen

(Reduced sizes)

'Schleswig Angler Eisenbahn'. Exists in 10 pf red, 20 pf blue, 50 pf brown, 80 pf green, 1 mk blue, 3 Mk orange on blue and 5 Mk green on red. I have also seen another design.

I have furthermore seen: 'Suddeutsche Eisenb. Gesellsch.', Kleinbahn Kiel-Segeberg, Kleinbahn Kiel-Schonberg, Kiel-Schonberger Eisenbahn, Kreisbahn Eckernford-Kapp, Liegnitz-Rawitzer Eisenbahn and Ratzeburger Kleinbahn.

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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Preview of Stamps Catalogue CD : VOLUME 1