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WURTTEMBERG Miscellaneous (Germany)

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Postal Stationery

1862 Value, inscription 'WURTTEMBERG' in an octogonal

3 k red
(Ein Kreuzer and Drei Kreuzer, overprinted 'POST-COUVERT')

Envelopes (with overprint in different colours)
  1 k green
  3 k red
  4 k yellow
  6 k blue
  7 k green
  9 k brown
  12 k violet
  14 k violet

1875 Value, inscription 'K.WURTT. POST', value in Pfennig

  5 p lilac
  5 p green (1890)
  10 p red
  15 p yellow
  20 p blue

1874 Parcel card, as postage stamp, but with corners shaved off, inscription 'Post-Packetadresse':

The only value issued was 18 k green. It exists with four different red overprints to be used for official purposes: 'Noth-Post-Packetadresse', 'Dienstl. Post-Packetadresse', 'Post-Dienst-Sache' or 'Dienst-sache.' (see picture above).

Telegraph stamps

(Reduced sizes)

Telegraph stamps exist for Wurttemberg, they have the inscription 'TELEGRAPH' and the value in black in the center and at the bottom of the stamp for the pfennig stamps. They were issued in 1875. I've seen the following values 5 p grey, 10 p blue, 20 p brown, 25 p violet, 40 p brown, 50 p red, 80 p green and 80 p blue (rare). A very rare 35 p green also exists (I have not seen it, it was withdrawn in 1878). Furthermore I have seen some 'Mark' values with a blue value inscription: 1 M green, 2 M orange, 4 M light blue and 10 M brown.
The most usual cancel is an elliptic cancel with the town name on top and 'TELEGRAPH' below (see images above).

Railway Stamps


50 p lilac

(Reduced views)

(Reduced views)

Other values might exist. I have seen the following values, 5 p red, 10 p red, 20 p blue, 25 p orange, 30 p green, 40 p orange, 50 p lilac, 60 p blue, 70 p brown, 90 p brown. The value seems to have been printed seperately in a slightly different color. In slightly different design 1 M grey, 2 M yellow, 4 M brown and 5 M green.
I have also seen the overprint 'Express' on the values: 5 p red, 30 p green, 40 p orange, 50 p lilac, 60 p blue, 70 p brown, 90 p brown, 1 M grey, 2 M yellow, 4 M orange and 5 M green. The 'Express' overprint seems to have been printed together with the value inscription (the colour shade is exactly the same).

(40 p with typical cancel)

Besides this 'half-circular' cancel, I have also seen square cancels with inscription in a straight line, such as 'FRACHTGUT', or even circular cancels, resembling ordinary town with date cancels.


Other design:


In the above 'WURRT EISENBAHN GESELLSCHAFT' design I have seen the values: 25 p yellow (brown inscription), 30 p green, 40 p red, 50 p violet, 60 p blue, 70 p brown (inscription different shade of brown) and 100 p grey.

Stamp for returned letters


(Reduced size)


Later issues (just after 1945)

Just after the end of World War II, stamps were issued in the French occupied zone of Germany, some examples for Wurttemberg:

(Reduced sizes)

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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