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Philippines 1854-1870

1871 Woman, as Spanish stamps, but inscription 'CORREOS'

10 c green 20 c brown

  5 c blue
  10 c green
  20 c brown
  40 c red

Similar stamps with inscription 'CORREOS 1870' were issued for the Spanish Antilles and 'COMUNICACIONES' for Spain. Some imperforate proofs were made on white cardboard in several colours (I have never seen these).

Segui made forgeries of these stamps (5, 10 and 40 c only? see for more details http://nigelgooding.co.uk/Spanish/Amadeo/1871.htm).

Segui forgeries?
(I think these stamps are Segui forgeries)

The first 'O' of 'CORREOS' is more elliptic in these Segui forgeries. Imperforate forgeries were also made by Segui (see pictures above). The star on the crown is not 'nicely' done.

Distinghuishing characteristics for these Segui forgeries can be found on http://nigelgooding.co.uk/Spanish/Amadeo/1871.htm

1872 King Amadeus, inscription 'FILIPINAS'

16 c blue

  12 c red
  16 c blue
  25 c grey
  62 c violet
  1 p 25 c brown

There exists a 12 c blue and 62 c red, they are probably non issued stamps or colour trials, but are sometimes referred to as errors. They exist with the following overprint 'MINISTERIO DE ULTRAMAR', 'MUESTRAS' (=specimen in Spanish). For more information see: http://nigelgooding.co.uk/Spanish/Amadeo/1873.htm.

Segui forgery:

A Segui forgery of the 12 centimos de peseta in blue exist. I quote the distinghuishing characteristics from this website:

Typographed on medium greyish paper. Major Characteristics:

  Right foot on second "R" in "CORROES" too far to the right 
  Lack of shading between corner of eye and eyebrow 
  Horizontal line of background touch the frame lines at left and right 
  Face shade lines all of same width 
  Mustache on right formed by wide white band

I have not seen this forgery myself.

Sperati forgery:

The 16 c blue was forged by Sperati. A detailed description can be found ont this website: http://nigelgooding.co.uk/Spanish/Amadeo/amadeo.htm I quote from this site the distinghuishing characteristics:

There is a weakness in the backgrond caused by a broken horizontal frame line
 to the right of the beard and opposite the final "A" of "PESETA".
In the second "R" of "CORREOS" there are three white spots in the head and one
 in the tail and in the "S" there are three white spots in the belly.
In the "P" of "FILIPINAS" there is a white spot at the top of the loop and 
 another where the loop joins the upright, there is a white spot in the head of
 the "A" and a white spot in the bottomr right of the "S" in which there are 
 two indentations at foot. 
There are flaws in the lower frame line below the second "I" of "FILIPINAS", 
 the third "I" and the "N".

I have not seen this forgery myself.

1874 Woman 'Peace'

62 c red

  12 c lilac
  25 c blue
  62 c red
  1 P 25 brown

1876 King Alfonso XII

2 c red and 25 c black 2 c blue, typical cancel 50 m lilac 100 m red

  2 c blue (1877)
  2 c red
  6 c orange (1877)
  10 c blue (1877)
  12 c violet
  20 c brown (1877)
  25 c green
  0,0625 m grey (1878)
  25 m black (1878)
  25 m green (1879)
  50 m lilac (1878)
  100 m green (1879)
  100 m red (1878)
  125 m blue (1878)
  200 m red (1878)
  250 m olive (1878)

Overprinted 'HABILITADO 12 Cs Pta' in a rectangle

'HABILITADO 12 Cs Pta' on 2 c red

  12 c on 2 c red
  12 c on 25 m black



  '2 c de peso' on 25 m green
  '8 c de peso' on 100 m red

Forgeries, example:

I have been told that the above stamp is a forgery, I have no further information.

1880 King Alfonso XII, new design

  50 m olive
  1 c green
  2 c red
  2 1/2 c brown
  2 4/8 c blue
  5 c grey
  6 c brown
  6 2/8 p green
  8 c brown
  10 c lilac
  10 c green
  12 4/8 c red
  20 c olive
  25 c brown

Newspaper stamps, inscription 'FILIPas IMPRESOS' (1886)

  1 m red
  2 m blue
  5 m brown
  1/8 c green

Telegraph stamps, inscription 'TELEGRAFOS' (1880-1888)

Telegraph stamp, postally used

  1 c olive
  2 c red
  2 4/8 c brown
  5 c blue
  10 c green
  10 c lilac
  10 c brown
  20 c lilac
  25 c grey
  25 c olive
  1 p brown
  1 p red
  2 p green
  2 p olive
  2 p red
  5 p grey
  5 p green
  10 p red
  10 p blue
  10 p brown

Overprinted 'HABILITADO PARA CORREOS 1897 5 CENTS' (1897) in red

  5 c on 5 c grey

Other telegraph stamp:

An overprint 'HABILITADO TELEGRAMAS SUBMARINOS' (what is this?):

For issues of 1882 to 1900 click here.

Copyright by Evert Klaseboer

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