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Miguel SEGUÍ

Stamp forger of Barcelona (Spain)

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Miguel Segui was a stamp forger of Barcelona (Spain), who produced forgeries of Spain and its colonies in 1905. More about this person can be found in the book 'Philatelic Forgers, their Lives and Works' by V.E.Tyler. His forgeries are quite deceptive. Most of his forgeries are uncancelled and are known under the name 'Barcelona forgeries'. He also made forgeries of Cuba, Fernando Po, The Philippines and Porto Rico.

Examples of what I presume are Segui forgeries of Spain:

Segui forgery! Segui forgery!Segui forgery! Segui forgery!


Wrong colour!

Segui forgery! Segui forgery!

Segui forgery!

Forgeries with cancel 'TOLOSA 24 MAR 68 SAN SEBASTIAN' or uncancelled. In my view, in the 19 c, the 'U' of 'CUARTOS' is leaning too much forwards. These are presumably Segui forgeries.

I've seen these forgeries with the cancel cancel 'TOLOSA 24 MAR 68 SAN SEBASTIAN' as well.


The Philippines:

Segui forgeries?

Fernando Poo:


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